What suit mods are you going for?

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Maderas, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Maderas

    Just curious. I know a lot of people liked Symbiotic Healing in beta before it was removed, and there were many debates about the usefulness of Nanoweave Armor with the TTK being as low as it is. I think I might opt for extra ammo or grenades, as those seem the least situational of the options available.
  2. saltin

    Don't discount the capacitor recharge thing,it might be the most important suit for a medic.Since you are priority target in a combat zone your shield is always down/recharging and that suit makes it quicker to get your shield back up.
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  3. PS2 MEDIC

    What kind of debates are there about Nanoweave? Could you make a brief summary of it please? I have been pumping points into it and would like to know what you mean?
  4. Cinc

    If i can ussually kill you in 4 shots, does it really make a diffrence if it suddenly takes 5?

    The debate is largely that an extra second or 2 does very little in this game. In most situations were you'll die, you'll die nanoweave or not. Of course, it can still be better for some playstyles then an extra grenade or something, but you may not want to bet your life on it.
  5. PS2 MEDIC

    So do you think pound for pound that the shield recharging suit is better? What about the flak jacket? Flak jacket seems too specific of a damage type for me.
  6. Zagz

    Shields shields shields... The less you get hurt, the less you'll spend your ability on your own self, the more efficient a medic you will be.
  7. Shahnaz

    Nanoweave is a one-point wonder. 10% more hp for one cert is great, but don't spend more on it.
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  8. Cinc

    Personally, i usually play LA, so i concentrate more on my offensive power then defensive, so im not really an expert on this.

    But id say that the shield recharging one is best if you have a medic nearby, and therefore don't have to worry about you HP much between fights. The flackjacket would also probly be best if your in a large group, that would therefore attract alot of grenade fire. There all very situational, but if you want to be a front-line solo figher, nanoweave is probaly the best.
  9. Littleman

    Nano weave will save you maybe by one shot. While shielding is an after-the-fact defensive measure, your shield does make up a fair bulk of your HP, and keeping that up as often as possible, especially as a medic, is critical. Nanoweave won't save you if your shields are depleted. Shaving off two seconds can be the difference between getting caught naked or prepared.

    Then there's the alternative I'm torn over: the ammo belt, because the TRV is a bullet hose that as far as I'm concerned outright replaces the T1 even in long ranged firefights.
  10. andeh

    In fairness I've not tried the recharge one, but I'm happy with Nano weave. Put it up to Rank 4 at present, will get R5 at some point but it's not a priority right now.

    It stops you getting instagib'd by snipers and also means I can soak up more dmg in a single encounter. The longer I live the longer the squad does. -2s recharge would be nice, but I usually don't have a problem finding cover for my shield to recharge... if you don't live through an encounter long enough to let your shield recharge, -2s to that recharge won't make any difference.

    My theory is recharge would be better suited for classes who do hit & run, guerilla tactics (e.g. LA)
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  11. WildCatNL

    During beta I've tried all suite modification of the medic and I can say they all have their use.

    Advanced Shield Capacitor:
    By default after taking damage it takes 15 seconds before it start to recharge again.
    When fully upgraded, the time will be reduced to 12.5 seconds. (20% reduction)

    Ammunition Belt:
    I’ve really grown attached to this upgrade. When fully upgraded, it will give you 4 extra clips. I’m good at staying alive very long and with the default ammo capacity I end up running in to lack of ammo problems.

    Flak Armor:
    Flak armor is really useful, but many consider it’s use very situational. When fully upgrades it reduces explosive (blast) damage by 25%. It used to only reduce grenade damage or so its description read. But actually it reduces all sorts of Area of Effect blast damage, making it very useful and effective when taking fire from tanks, aircraft or any other kind of blast effect weapons.

    Grenade Bandolier:
    When fully upgrades you can carry a total of 3 grenades (any type) with you.
    I have a bad aim when it comes down to tossing grenades and I threw way more grenades than I actually needed (overkill), so it was hurting my resources income. If you’re a better grenade thrower than I am, this might be something for you.

    The Nanoweave suite modification is often considered to be the most useful. A little bit of extra health, combine with the ability to heal you’re self, pairs very well. It boosts your health with 25% when fully upgraded.
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  12. Ashur

    Nanoweave is amazing for the 1 point investment, that aside I'd say the only one that beats it is a fully certed shield capacitor thing but that's expensive as hell so nanoweave it is.
  13. Azuriel

    Everyone keeps mentioning the ammo belt. Am I just not seeing this in game, or do VS not have it?
  14. Redcleoud

    The grenade one seems useful when you have your revive nades or heal nades. It seems worth it only then. Nano is nice as a 1 point investment esp early, the Shields really need to get high or near max out to notice the difference and what is it 2.5 seconds reduced recharge? That can be a lot! But a few points won't be that worthwhile. Ammo is situational there are times where I am fighting > support healing/reviving and it can be nice.

    I think early on 1-2 points in Nano is cheap and notice it well.
  15. helloworldy

    None. I mostly sit in a warm (often too warm) vehicle. If necessary I just go out with default gear/upgrades.
  16. Ack0n

    I think the Shield Regen is better overall. Shield regen is what really protects you. Once your shield is gone, you will get chewed up very quickly no matter what gun they are using. So the faster your recharge your shield the faster you can get back into battle.

    You always have your HP restoration skill, so that will act as an extra 1 or 2 hits before you die. So its like having both.

    I may have to agree that having an extra grenade can be useful, but that will be situation and based on your playstyle.
  17. iEatGlue

    Bandolier or flak armor. Most of my deaths use to come from grenades until I got Flak Armor 4. Until they do something about the glitching and lagging grenade indicator, flak armor will be my preferred suit mod so those instagibbing, randomly chucked, superball bouncing, non-rendering, iEatGlue-seeking grenades don't always kill me.
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  18. Ozymandias

    Flak Armor for sure.
    Nano Armor - one more bullet to kill..
    Shield Regen - 6 seconds to start recharge instead of 8 after spending a bunch of certs? Meh. I think most people think it makes the shield stronger... It doesn't.

    Flak armor give me a MUCH better chance to survive that tank shell or grenade and revive all the non flak armor people. Hehe
  19. Vreki

    I am currently using Flak armour. The others may help me win a 1v1, but Flak armour can make the all-important difference when most of your squad gets wiped out by explosive spam.
  20. Trysaeder

    Are you sure? I timed it a few times during beta and I got 10 seconds. Regardless, the first 4 levels are very cheap, and give you -2 seconds for shield regeneration, which is great if you're confident at winning firefights.

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