What suit cert would you recommend?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Terrahero, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Zaik

    Explosion damage resistance.

    The bullet resistance is too weak and the regen is pretty lolworthy.

    Surviving more rockets and grenades is the way to go.

    If the 80% bit is true, then increasing it to 85% reduces the damage you take from 20% to 15%, a 25% decrease.

    That's something worth looking into actually. Might make the armors situational depending on whether you're AV or AI, though I still say rockets and grenades are enemy #1.

    How exactly do you know? I'm fairly positive my MAX takes a ****ton more bullets than my HA to kill. I have the same number of bubbles on the bottom right though, just all are green instead of some being blue. Something isn't adding up.
  2. ghnurbles

    Regen is definitely worthwhile. I had it fully certed in the beta and it was worth every penny.
  3. JackOfClubs

    I can tell you in the beta maxed out KA did nothing, I'm assuming because the MAXs base bullet resistance is insignificant or nonexistent. However it might've been a glitch and simply not equipped properly. But to be frank I'm not willing to blow 2250 certs to test something as flimsy as that. >_>

    And the difference is higher base health. The bars represent a larger value on a MAX than an HA. This is most noticeable in-game by way of explosives. The base MAX doesn't resist them at all and direct rocket hits don't instantly kill them, it takes two.

    How much health does an HA have, and how much if any bullet resistance? In the name of science I must know.

    EDIT: Also any explosive damage modifiers on either of them.
  4. BadLlama

    ^^ All the classes, including HA have the same base health and shield (MAX are different) HAs only have more effective health because of their shield.

    Get flak armor. I have just finished it out on my MAX and have Flak V, cert says reduces damage from explosions by 25% but the armor mod when you equip it says it reduces them by 27% so its somewhere between there. I have tested it out and it does indeed reduce damage from explosions and that damage reduction is very noticeable.
  5. Dhabu

    I've found regen very useful in small-scale fights (ie you're solo defending a Bio lab from 1-5 people who keep respawning at an external point). It's not great, but it's less terrible than the other options. The nice part is, even 1 point into this will start it working, however slowly.

    If I knew I had a friendly engi around, or in a large-scale battle where there'll be some by statistics, then I'd go into kinetic even if it is bad, but for now I have better things to spend my certs on.
  6. Zaik

    There were a lot of changes during those 4 days between end of beta and release that never got documented officially, if it did happen(like I said I don't actually know, I'm strictly posing a hypothetical change to 80% bullet resistance where 1/2/3/4/5 actually makes perfect sense) it *definitely* happened between the 16th and the 20th. A bunch were listed on Reddit somewhere, I remember reading them but I couldn't tell you were to find them again because I don't really frequent that place.

    That is a good point on the bubbles representing different values on different characters due to explosions. I know that HAs have some bullet and explosion resistance. I couldn't tell you how much. I know that every non-MAX infantry class except infiltrator have identical or close enough values for it that you cannot tell a difference between them. I think Infiltrators have the same health(1000 seems to be some relevant datamined value as default non-MAX health, increased by Nanoweave obviously), but lower bullet resistance. I know all infantry classes have some value of explosion resistance as well, because they used to laugh off A2G rocket pods, and obviously there is Flak Armor for all infantry classes to increase it. I couldn't give you any specific values though, or whether it's specific to certain explosion weapon classes or air/mechanized/infantry explosions. I do think that MAXes are more susceptible to explosions than normal infantry due to being closer to vehicles than infantry(possibly 0% default resistance? You can see this by using an AI and AV weapon on a MAX, the AI makes a red X and the AV makes a red X with a circle around it implying a weak point or bonus damage), but yeah they have much higher health(2-4x?) to absorb it.
  7. Vonluckner

    Regen and Flak armor are both good and both situational. I am getting Flak first, but will be getting Regen later.

    Flak is obviously better for large fights where you're likely to be healed. Regen obviously better for situations where you have to hold areas by yourself.
  8. Cavadus

    No, it's 25% reduction of that remaining 20% so basically that maxed out line will net a 5% reduction on top of the default for 85% reduction.

    In other words, what a colossal waste of cert points.
  9. Eric Smith

    If it's actually 80+5% then no, it's not.

    Lets assume that it take 100 points of damage to kill a MAX (I'm not sure what it actually is, but 100 is a nice round number to work with).

    If a Max's bullet damage is reduced by 80% then you have to deal 500 damage for 100 to get through:
    500 * (100-80=20)% = 100
    If it's reduced by 85% then you have to deal 667 points of damage:
    667 * (100-85=15)% = 100
    So that extra 5% actually raises the damage to kill a Max from 500 to 667 damage, which is actually a rather significant improvement in MAX survivability. OTOH, if they have no built in bullet resistance then 5% is miserably little. It raises the damage from 100 to 105, which is pretty much nothing and would be a HUGE waste of Certs. So, how good it is depends ENTIRELY on whether Maxes have this built in 80% damage reduction or not, and unless they fix the Tooltip or come in and explain what, exactly, the Armor does then it's all conjecture. And I ain't blowin' 2250 Certs on conjecture.
  10. Citizen H

    In theory, if the values of the armors were decent I would equip Kinetic for running around with. When I was damaged I'd return to a spawn room/terminal, equip Nano Regeneration, chill out until healed up and then switch back to Kinetic.

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