What suit cert would you recommend?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Terrahero, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Terrahero

    I've only been playing for a few days and i'm wondering what cert is probbly going to help me the most with the MAX. Normally i try to figure out stuff on my own, but these certs are really expensive so its a big investment for me.
    It's a very difficult choice because i'm not sure if any of them are worth it at all. 150certs for 1% dmg reduction from gunfire doesnt sound really good, i dont think that will give me a lot more survivability. And the regen seems rather weak aswell, altough perhaps usefull because for some reason there is never an Engineer when you need him. Or the flak-armor perhaps.

    Why is this so difficult? On my other classes i just went ahead and picked up +10% health for 1 cert point, now i'm torn between -1% dmg from rifles, -5% dmg from explosives or +0.4% regen. Costing as much as 150cert points.
  2. JackOfClubs

    Regen is the only remotely useful one.

    EDIT: But they all suck.
  3. Deschain

    ^ This.

    Extra magazines and ammo stash added to playing smart over rules any of the suit mods, as the man says they are rubbish.
  4. Cryptek

    regen is hands down the best, you'd be surprised how much survivability it actually adds
  5. Terrahero

    Thanks, kind of depressing, but thanks.

    Think i'll hold on to my certs a little longer till i get a ton or something. The cert to effectiveness just doesnt seem right at all, guess im banking on the idea they will do something in the future.
    I guess i can imagine that it adds survivability to get some rege, but only out of combat so to speak. Great if there isnt an Engineer nearby, but not sure if its worth 150certs.
  6. Krona

    Can you even equip them yet? I have been hesitant to cert any since the bug existed for months in beta all the way up to the end.
  7. Darzok

    I would say none are worth using in any way.

    Regen is worthless due to the fact you will be stood around waiting forever to heal up enough.
  8. gilrad

    Regen is probably better than running back to a safe spot and spamming v+3 for ten minutes until an engineer who doesn't have tunnel vision stops and fills the half or three quarters health you're missing after every major encounter.
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  9. Blackfire1

    They all suck.

    But the REgen sucks slightly less.
    I'd rather have lock down, shields, and jumpjets.
    Hell shoulder weapons would be cool too.
  10. Binkus

    the cost to benefit of the armour on cert points when i was looking at it made me want rage a 1% damage reduction for 150 certs?

    this is wrong the points are wrong on this surely

    can anyone confirm that it is infact 1% and not 10?
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  11. Kail

    In a large fight I tend to use Flak. Small fights I go for Regen.
  12. Frotang

    Yeah regen is only thing worthwhile but. But if I would have saved those 150 certs id have extended mags right now which I feel will help my scatmax immensely.
  13. Ripshaft

    If you're looking to spec into maxes I'd get all of them. They give alot of situational power, I'd be using flak if i dont have cover and am doing aa, regen on light defence and slow siege, and kinetic on interior assault.
  14. Sogui

    Why are people trashing flak armor? Explosives are a MAJOR cause of death for the MAX, I've perished far too many times because I got worn down by grenade spam or splash from rocket pods/dalton/tank shells.
  15. Deschain

    Just started adding flak armour, currently at 15% and i still can't see any buff to my resistances.
  16. Hoki

    1% health per second is actually amazing. Consider you defend a position from 1 or 2 people and they know you're there, you kill them both and they get you down 50%.
    Charge away and hide for 1 minute and you're back to full health.

    This isn't theorycrafting btw i've done stuff like this with only 0.5% regen. It also works inside of a sunderer. :)
  17. Jonny

    Does it still light you up like a christmas tree and make a constant loud repair noise?

    I still think the maximum regen should be at least 2%, and the other certs are terrible. Ill consider going for the regen if it isn't a constant annoyance with light/sound considering how long it will take to regen your health.
  18. Draegnar

    somebody over on the theorycrafter pointed out that the base resistance to bullets on the max is 80%, so you actually reduce damage by 5/10/15/20/25 for the small arms certs. I suspect the explosive one works in the same way but don't know for certain.

    Regen is crucial if your side refuses to repair, all those engineers just dropping turrets right? If they are properly supporting you i'd take the others every time.
  19. Jonny

    And there lies the problem, lack of clear information about most of everything in the game. I'd love to know more. Does that mean the top cert gives you 105% small arms resistance...?
  20. Braken

    I'm sorry, but MAXs have NO bullet resistance, just more health than the other infantry types...

    If they did have bullet resistance, then they wouldn't die so damn fast to small arms fire.

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