What SMG's will be.

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  1. icesail

    In most F2P games with a cash shop, the items you buy with cash are usually nicer looking then the ones you get "free" in-game. They know that you are more likely to spend more money on an item that looks good, them on an item that looks like crap.
    If you want to get an idea of how a very successful F2P company runs their cash shop take a look at pretty much any game from PWI. Perfect World itself is the golden standard for F2P MMOs, they have been around for a long time, still have a very large population (hundreds of thousands of players if you count the asian servers). Or look at another one of their F2P games Blacklight Retribution and look at their cash shop. Now look at their weapon models, and armor models. They are all modular, so not very resource intensive, now add the skins you can get and you have a pretty nice customizeble weapons that look really really good.

    In F2P games where you generate money by people's willingness to spend money, you really need to make sure your stuff looks good, so they even buy something that is not even an upgrade but it looks much better.
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  3. icesail


    If the model is the correct one, it does look like it will be a infiltrator weapon :)
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  4. BlueyTheWolf

    TR -moderate fire speed *even stats actually show high speed* -low damage -crazy recoil -long reload time -50 rounds

    Vanu -rapid fire -high damage -no recoil -1 second reload time -30 rounds

    Nc -much faster fire than tr *even stats show medium speed* -Super duper damage -little recoil - Faster than TR reload time -40 rounds

    Another day for sucks to be TR
    Its like this entire game anyway

    Spending 100s of certs to get other factions' stock weapons or even less
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  6. Goden

    So yeah, it's made of existing model parts.

    Stay classy SOE.
  7. Dubious

    Dual-Wield SMG?!??
  8. bluEyedillusions

    Don't hold your breath. All logic dictates SMGs will be a primary weapon class.

    The first time I saw you post this, I was sure it was a joke. Now that I see you're serious: no. Just no. Dual wielding was put into COD to appeal to the children who like that sort of game. There's NOTHING smart about dual wielding and I highly doubt you'll see it in Planetside or any other game that takes itself seriously. LEAST of all, with SMGs.
  9. Primalfears

    Lets be honest with are selves you will ether buy it or you won't. Just because you think it's dumb wont mean everyone will. I often use guns most don't just because I feel like it.
  10. VSDerp

    ima buy a smg
  11. Soldiermandude

    They're magazines not clips. It'd be funny to see weapons with clips in this game.
  12. Sabreur

    I have to admit, I'm reaaaaaally hoping that SMGs will turn out to be an Infiltrator weapon.
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  13. Marked4Death

    Pretty much what I expect too, but I suspect they may have pistol damage profiles i.e. low damage & really high fall off.
  14. Arcanum

    An infiltrator only weapon? Unlikely. We already have the 20 round automatic rifles.
  15. Sabreur

    I'm not a huge fan of the current automatic scout rifles. Maybe it's just me, but they feel like somebody tried to cross a long-range rifle with a short-range assault weapon and ended up with something that was kinda lousy at both. I prefer ambush to sniping, so a new dedicated CQC weapon for infiltrators would really make my day.
  16. GImofoJoe

    SMG supposed to be a more effective close quarter weapon than every gun shoulder to shoulder with shotgun, less effective at longer ranges.

    So you should see it will have better hip fire accuracy, reload speed and fire rate than other guns obviously.

    Anyone know when it's coming out?
  17. SeventhFrost

    Excuse me, sir, have you seen the pistols in this game? The vs pistol is worth literally nothing in any given situation. Your faction has had access to a burst smg since the start of the game. I'm hoping you're just trolling or something.

    And regarding your prediction, no.

    TR - You were spot on with the rounds per magazine. It'd seem they're modeling it after Bizon's most famous SMG line. the infamous peepea shooters. They'll, however, most likely, mediocre damage, and mediocre recoil (compared to the other smgs). Also, of course, higher ROF. Hopefully for you, a substancially higher ammo pool, too. (I get the feeling that bandoiler suit slot is going to become a lot more popular to infiltrators soon).

    VS - Probably mid clip size, smaller than most ARs and carbines. Feels reminiscient of the P-90, although that's just me being overly analytical of design. Probably going to have low recoil, medium fire rate, and the lowest damage.

    NC - *hopefully* low ammo in magazine and pool by comparison, extreme recoil, lowest fire rate of smg's, and highest damage.

    *I say hopefully not as a NC infiltrator, but as someone who recognizes that the NC lack in CQC sometimes, and don't want their entire army using SMGs because they're easier.

    That said, as far as hopeful faction predictions go, we must all remember the fact that if they were designed for infiltrators, instead of just being used for infiltrators (something that's more likely than people admit), they're prooooooooobably going to be completely standard across the factions, leaving no faction differences in the infiltrators whatsoever, besides pistols.

    TL;DR: SOE is bad at actually making their faction's traits work, but it doesn't matter because the guns' differences are probably just skins anyway.
  18. Arcanum

    Main problem I have with the pistols is that the default TR one can be unloaded with just 7 mouseclicks. I don't know, seems too big a difference for a thing like default pistols.

    I agree. Problem is, infiltrators can't be too good at CQC, this is why infiltrators can't use shotguns, this is why infiltrators can't use even carbines. This is why it takes 9 bodyshots from the automatic infiltrator rifle(20 rounds) to kill someone. Apparently it's considered unfair.

    So don't expect the SMGs to actually give you too much of an advantage at CQC over the automatic rifle, if it's a primary weapon. I'm sorry.
  19. Soylent

    Make SMGs a secondary weapon (pistol replacement) and I'll be a happy camper :D
  20. Nephera

    I think the SMGs will probably have the least deviation in their COF while moving but a larger than average COF with little appreciable gain from ADS.

    You dont really need a tight COF while in cqc you just need to throw a lot of bullets.