What SMG's will be.

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  1. gunshooter

    -Lowest hipfire COF
    -Highest/relatively high rate of fire
    -Either equal damage (143) to most high ROF weapons, or slightly lower damage but with the highest ROF.
    -Worst ADS COF
    -Lowest automatic weapon bullet velocity
    -Most unstable recoil
    -Clip size equal to Carbines/AR's or slightly lower (Possibly 30 round clip for TR)

    Basically, they will be Carbines except with their sliders edged a bit more to the left or right, and you'll be paying $7 for a slight, boring variation on an existing weapon type.

    This thread mostly exists just so I can bump it as an "I told you so." Feel free to not reply if you want!
  2. Thagyr

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  3. Process39

    You're forgetting the possibility that infiltrators will be able to use them...

    we shall see wont we.
  5. gunshooter

    And that will change the fact that they could've given infiltrators Carbines with the same effect?

    Oh, but that wouldn't get them $7 ;)
  6. Process39

    Oh true lol.
  7. icesail

    Nowhere in the Post it states which classes can use them.... Remember when the Decimator was announced as a "common pool weapon available to all empires"? Guess which classes are able to use them? If you said all, like the old decimator in PS1, you are not paying attention.... Only one class.... HA

    In PS 2 Common Pool, every empire weapons only means that they were too lazy to make 3 different models and animations and went the easy route of only having to make one that all 3 empires get to use. Until it is stated that EVERY CLASS has access to it.... I will not get my hopes high And Higby said all empires... not all classes.
  8. Pixelshader

    sounds sweet tbh
  9. Process39

    -------> "Possibility"<------------- It's also been infiltrators that have been begging for SMG's since shotguns were taken from them.
  10. Tobax

    We were told in beta SMG's would be the first new weapon class so this was expected anyway, we were also told at the time that Infil's could use them but that might have changed since then.

    They'll be the worst guns for long range and will just be spray guns at close range, as long as their TTK is no better than existing guns theres really no reason against adding them.
  11. icesail

    We have also b
    We have also been begging for a way to deal with armor.... and I really thought the common pool decimator was going to be something we could choose to buy with resources.....
  12. Process39

    Infiltrators are a class where the random variable of "player awareness" greatly changes how effective they are performing there role and therefore make it a touchy class to balance. So basically they can only give stuff to infiltrators one at a time and SMG's are possibly first on the list. Giving them everything they have been begging for (SMG's, ability to deal with vehicles, and stalker cloak) all at once would not be smart.
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  13. Jadith

    You are probably right, OP. That sounds similar to how SMGs are handled in most FPS. Also, it sounds like a great option for infiltrators, but not much else. All the other classes already have better options, but the infiltrator needs a go to, short range, caught in a corner. hold-out option, and an SMG sounds perfect.
  14. Goden

    I expect a $7-$8 weapon which is made up by taking model parts from other guns and smooshing them together, giving them barely different stats, and calling it a day.
  15. Dubious

    Hopefully I can replace pistol with SMG :p
  16. icesail

    True, but I am sure we would rather have a working cloak first, some sort of AV second and smg third... since off all the things we are unable to do now, the smg is not going to solve any of them.. and we already can shoot someone in the face/back of head, even if slowly.
  17. gunshooter

    Yeah that's pretty much what I said in the OP, just more detailed.
  18. Malsvir Vishe

    If Infiltrators get to fool around with an SMG, then they'll finally be able to do their job as an INFILTRATOR very effectively. Scout rifles aren't very good up close, ya know.
  19. Isila

    Or you could just spend certs on them, as you can with everything else in this game, and stop being an ******* about a company trying to make some money off of their product by offering you the choice to shortcut it if you're lazy. You already get the game for free when you'd be paying $60 just to play another game of its type.
  20. gunshooter

    It's ok that the game is a low-effort cash grab because it's f2p.