what should the MAX be?

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  1. TR5L4Y3R

    lets talk about the >>>"ROLE"<<< of the MAX in general and not derail this threat into the NC version being underpowered again ..

    also "deleted" does not count .. it´s in .. deal with it ..

    what is the max at the moment?

    - most prominently a indoor light armored vehicle that can be revived as it is also a infantryclass

    - clearly not like the heavy assault which is a nanite free (aside from nades and consumeables) jack of all trades at any time were the MAX is a expensive nanite (and cert) investment that has to dedicate itself to a role (AI, AV, AA) ...

    - it´s primarily used vs infantry even though it has access to AV and AA weapons (you still need 2 to 3 to down a lightning, MBT and lib in a fair ammount of time )

    - it requires engineersupport for keeping it alive soaking up damage in choke or defensive positions as well as keeping it suplied with ammo ..

    what the max should be imo

    - more emphasised on tanking than cleaning up infantry .. so make it a bit more surviveable against lowcaliber automatic weapons and explosions at the expense of slightly less AI capability ?

    - be a squadsupportunit both for infantry and small vehicle columns, not just firesupport so maybe add a shieldgen, radar or ammopack to it .. maybe passive groundvehicle repairpack? of course any of them not AS effective as deticated classvariants .. there should be a reason to have 2 to 4 with your squad ..

    - at least be able to deter vehicles for how immobile the MAX itself is, light armored vehicles should not be able to instaroadkill it ...

    want to add or change something?
    or keep the MAX as it currently is?
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  2. LordKrelas

    I'd like the Squad-Support specialization, outside of being just another gun.
    Saves it from being a Infantry-sized 450-nanite unit, that also has to suffer as an infantry-level unit.
    To add to the list of possible support roles: Maybe the ability to deploy into an Shielded 360-Degree Turret, to help reinforce a position, or a Minor-Overshield Generator (for non-max allies) in proximity, that regenerates after 10-5 seconds after breaking fully.

    Deterrence is always a Mixed-bag, let alone on a slow platform, as it either is unlikely to scare away the opponent, or it's stacked up, killing the opponent - and with AA, this usually means a flip from "Chip damage" to near-instant-death.

    But certainly need to change the unit, at 450 nanites, It's an MBT or Liberator's worth of nanites, and they don't feel it.
    While needing a lot of support, for the 'best' results, their most notable usage to allies, is their sheer firepower, or how they draw fire.
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  3. Liewec123

    the max should be an expensive tanky room breacher that can take alot of punishment.

    it is the slowest unit in the game, the most expensive (ASP now lets you lower MBT/lib/gal cost to 360 if you want.)
    yet also one of only 2 units with a resource cost that are killed with a single c4, the other being the cheap fragile quadbike.
    even the damn buggies now take 2 c4 to destroy and cost less than half of the cost of a max.

    imho they should have Ordinance armour by default,
    the suit slot choices should be between Kinetic and NAR, explosive resistance needs to be made default.
    i don't even mind if they can't be revived to make up for it, there is no reason why maxes are still dead to a single c4 or 2 rockets...

    the max is supposed to be a room breacher, yet its kinda impossible to do that when almost every class can carry c4 and it only takes a single brick hurled across the room to end a max...

    in my eyes the perfect place for max would be doing less damage than standard infantry (but still good damage) but with a lot of suppression/large magazines, and be able to take a LOT of damage.
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  4. TR5L4Y3R

    pretty much ties in with what i said, more surviveability for less AI killpotential ...
    but i also like to see the max being usefull outside, and not have to hide in spawnrooms against vehicles/aircraft most of the time .. ..

    right but there needs to be a ballance to effectiveness between plattforms ... thing is often times a single max can´t do much at all against vehicles .. it gets insta roadkilled by a harrasser or even flash, it get´s knocked the living hell out of it from a mbt and a daltonlib just laughs into its face ... that´s why i said it should be at least able to scare them away cause i feel it isn´t realy able to do even that unless in numbers ..
    again we are speaking about a nigh immobile 450 nanite plattform that gets instakilled by a 50 nanite plattform ...
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  5. TRspy007

    A lot of little kids are going to cry about this, but the MAX was designed to be a force multiplier. It should serve a role as to break choke points, and one MAX should be able to have an effect on the battle flow. This immense power is justified by a huge cost (the same as an MBT) and it used to have a cooldown, which can be implemented again.

    Currently the MAX is nothing near what it should be. MAXes can either choose to die to C4, nades and rockets or small arms fire based on the armor they choose. I'm a LA main, and I'm complaining about how weak MAXes are. MAXes have been nerfed to the ground, they are way too easy to destroy. Everyone knows that spending nanites on a MAX is a waste, or else everyone would pull a MAX given the chance.

    MAXes are in a state where pulling one without support (at least 1-2 engineers and a medic) is just suicide. A MAX only takes half a second more to die than standard infantry unless they are under constant repairs, and still that's not even always the case. The result is that only people who lead outfits/squads can boss other people into supporting them as they pull a MAX. They're not crazy either, most don't push unless it's a MAX crash, so these MAXes just sit there guarding doorways and chokepoints, doing the exact opposite of what they're supposed to do. These MAXes are usually very difficult to kill since they duck out of danger and have half a platoon behind them. They are the reason people go around saying MAXes are OP, or are discouraged from playing this seemingly stale style of play.

    MAXes need to be reworked completely. Keep nanite auto repair, boost it a bit, but merge nanoeve and ordnance into one armor. Bump the default resistance of the MAX to 50% explosives and 80% smalls arms. Now the MAX is a powerful tool by default, and has a closer damage resistance profile to an MBT than before. The other armor can boost damage resistance to air and ground heavy weapons by 60%. The MAX is only slightly more mobile than a tank or ESF, and they can't outrun them. So there's no reason to make MAXes so inferior to vehicles if based on it's price range.

    Now that default resistances have been set, it's time for abilities. Reinstate the charge ability, and also a sort of adrenaline shield with it. Basically, the MAX get to sprint really fast for no longer than 5 seconds, and immediately after the sprinting stops, a shield is activated. This shield would only add resistance to small arms, by 10%. This makes the MAX 90% resistant to small arms fire. Now, it sounds OP, but it's justified by the cost of the MAX and the fact that everyone focuses on shooting MAXes since they're a bigger target and give more xp when killed. Remember that they are still pretty vulnerable to explosives.

    The shield would only recharge after a quick succession of kills (10 kills) or considerable amounts of movement. (To encourage advancing, breaking choke points instead of farming choke points). EMPs kill the shield. The shield gives surrounding friendly troops additional 200 shield (so about 1 more bullet) if they are 5 meters close to the MAX. This encourages troops to follow the MAX when it attempts to break a stalemate, even if the guy is just a solo player.

    People say that you need to play MAXes "smart" if you want to get a kill streak. That should not be the case. A noob who sees that there's this powerful looking MONSTER for 450 nanites that could give them the opportunity to get a few kills should not have to learn the hard way that MAXes are ****. MAXes should be OP against infantry, because that's exactly what they are, MAXED out infantry. They're OP versions of infantry. They still need to rely on their team in order to survive for long, but they can take the initiative without being afraid they're just throwing away their nanites.

    Sure people can take advantage of these seemingly OP boosts to the MAX, but they're not impossible to kill, they're just a challenge. I should be able to shoot a MAX more than 5 times without it dying. Currently, they're ridiculous.

    Idk either lower the costs to 50 nanites or just free, or make the MAX the tank it should be, adding a cooldown if that helps.
    We get free MAXes during the maximum pressure event. Honestly tell me if you've seen a difference in people spawning MAXes? No one cares, MAXes are slow, and they die to fast anyways, no one wants them even when they're free. That's saying something.
  6. Trigga

    Iron Man says its a suit of armour, War Machine agrees.

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