What should the devs scrap from Planetside Arena ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Halkesh, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. Halkesh

    The server will be closed the 10/01/2020.
    So now that the game is doomed, do you feel we must absolutely throw in the trash or the devs may keep some concepts and adapt them for planetside 2 ?
  2. LodeTria

    Void grenade should be salvaged & just replace smoke.

    I think that was the only other unique thing? lol.
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  3. Halkesh

    Flash summoning look like a good idea.
  4. icufos

    Yes, I know they have ported it over to PS2 in a 'limited' manner.
    Think it should be supplied to all factions and the whole concept enhanced.

    To be honest it was the only reason I played PSA. Just a great idea and great fun to use.
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  5. Liewec123

    The weapon cosmetics should come over (if there are any more new ones)

    Also i like the idea of MBTS being 3 man vehicles, driver, main gunner, top gunner,
    Not sure how it'd work for Vanu though,
    it'd be too op if vanu get to drive and shoot while TR and NC need driver/gunner cooperation.

    I think the big artillery should all require a crew to use the weapons,
    that goes for libs too, get rid of noseguns. (and i solo tankbuster lib a lot)

    That's it though, ps2 is far better at everything else.
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  6. ican'taim

    • Void grenade could replace smoke
    • The shield could be an engineer deployable
    • 3 man MBT would be cool
    • Water physics. I've watched a few PSA vids, and I've noticed that there are flowing rivers.
    • Baston fleet carrier
    • CTF code could be reused for the LLU base capture mechanic from PS1
    PSA Amerish.... I'm not too sure, the devs could make more changes to it and call it Solsar.
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  7. Halkesh

    Then what about giving all MBT to all faction ?
    If the magrider is playable for all faction, there will be no problem in regards to the number of seats.

    And devs will be able to rebalance the tanks so they'll be more specialized on one role.
  8. Liewec123

    i don't like the factions getting too similar, its good that they have little bits of flavour,
    all factions having all MBTs would be a step in the wrong direction imho.

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