What should Planetside 3 be like?

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  1. Fishpoke

    I'm working on my own version of Planetside that kinda goes more back to the roots and adds in that missing RPG feel that the first game had while still incorporating all the cool changes from the second game. Idk. Bored. *shrug*

    [Planetside 3]
    120 Battle Ranks
    25 Command Ranks

    CHARACTER PROGRESSION: 1 Certification point awarded per battle rank / 1 cert per command rank (earned while in a squad / platoon, leadership not required for progression, however leading will increase command rank xp earned)
    120 points / 6 sub tiers; Light Assault / Heavy Assault / Engineer / Medic / Infilitrator / MAX

    (LIGHT ASSAULT) - Points spent in light assault grant the player 1% increased movement speed per point spent (20 points max)

    -Rocket Rifle (3) Tier 1
    *Flak Ammunition
    *Heat Seeking Missiles

    -SMG (3) Tier 1
    *Underbarrel G-Launcher (Frag / Plasma / Jammer)

    -Shotgun (3) Tier 1
    *Slug Ammunition
    *Explosive Rounds

    -Grenade Launcher (3) Tier 2
    *Smoke Grenades
    *Jammer Grenades

    -Crossbow (3) Tier 2
    *Explosive Bolt
    *Jamming Bolt

    -Jump Jets (3) Tier 2
    *Drifter (short height, medium distance)
    *Rocket (No height, long distance, fast)
    *Scout (maxiumum height, minimal distance)

    -Light Step (no longer triggers enemy deployables) (1) Tier 3

    -Rocket Man (killing enemy players increases jumpjet fuel regeneration temporarily & increases movement speed of player & nearby allies by 7% for 6 seconds; 5 stacks maximum) (1) Tier 3

    (HEAVY ASSAULT) - Points spent in heavy assault grant the player 1% increased Rate of Fire per point spent (20 points max)

    -LMG (3) Tier 1
    *Extended Magazine
    *Forward Grip

    -Decimator (3) Tier 1
    *Reduced reload time
    *Increased range

    -Semi-Auto Rifle (3) Tier 1
    *Extended Maganize
    *Armor Piercing Rounds

    -Auto Targeting Launcher (3) Tier 2
    *Extended Range
    *Twin Barrels

    -Grenades (3) Tier 2
    *Smoke Grenade

    -Personal Shield (3) Tier 2
    *Mesh Shield
    *Resist Shield
    *Adrenaline Shield

    -Juggernaught (killing an enemy player restores shield charge and increases damage done by the player and nearby allies by 5% for 6 seconds; 5 stacks maximum) (1) Tier 3

    -Ammo Resupply Pack (provides ammo to player and nearby allies) (1) Tier 3

    (ENGINEER) - Points spent in Engineer grant the player increased repair rate by 2% per point spent

    -Repair Tool (3) Tier 1
    *Increased Range
    *Repair over Time instant ability

    -Combat Deployable (3) Tier 1
    *Mines (AV & AI)
    *C4 & Claymore

    -Mana Turret (3) Tier 1
    *AV Variant
    *AA Variant

    -Sticky Grenades (3) Tier 2
    *AV Grenade
    *Jammer Grenade

    -Shield Generator (3) Tier 2
    *Radar Jammer (stealth)
    *Pain Field effect added (hurts enemies inside shield)

    -Spitfire Turret (3) Tier 2
    *AA Variant
    *AV Variant

    -Attrition (killing an enemy player will restore engineer & nearby allies (all repairables included) for 10% of their armor (5% for vehicles); 5 stacks maximum (1) Tier 3

    -Engineer now passively repairs nearby friendly units for 2% of their armor / HP (vehicles) every 5 seconds (works in combat) (1) Tier 3

    (MEDIC) - Points spent in medic will grant the player 20% increased shield / HP regen rates & allows for regeneration to occur during combat according to amount of points spent (20 points = 100% unhindered regen)

    -Medgun (3) Tier 1
    *Increased Range
    *Instant Heal over time functionality (right click)

    -Medkit (3) Tier 1
    *Restores increased HP over time
    *Reduces damage taken by 10% for 10 seconds

    -Barrier Shield (3) Tier 1
    *Increased Size (coverage)
    *Regenerates shields of medic and nearby allies
    *Increased durability

    -Dart Gun (3) Tier 2
    *Applies AOE effect to dart healing
    *Poison Dart Ammo

    -Syringe (3) Tier 2
    *Increases player damage by 20% for 15 seconds
    *Increase players damage resistance by 20% for 15 seconds
    *Increaes players accuracy by 20% for 15 seconds

    -Paddles (3) Tier 2
    *Revive is now instant, removes cooldown
    *Revived players are temporarily invulnerable after being revived

    -Good Doctor (killing an enemy player restores 25% Shield / HP to the medic & nearby allies instantly and an additional 10% of 6 seconds; 5 stacks maximum (1) Tier 3

    -Apothecary (medic may now fire syringes from the dart gun & applies as an AOE effect additionally) (1) Tier 3

    (INFILTRATOR) - Points spent in Infiltrator increase player weapon accuracy by 1% per point spent

    -Bolt Driver (3) Tier 1
    *Spotter Scope
    *Increased Ammo Speed

    -Semi Auto Sniper (3) Tier 1
    *Foward Grip (reduced sway)
    *Long Barrel (extended range)

    -Spotting Tool (3) Tier 1
    *AoE spotting
    *Permanent Tracking Dart

    -Cloaking Device (3) Tier 2
    *Hunter Cloak (temporary cloak / primary wep)
    *Stalker Cloak (permanent cloak / no primary)
    *Nano Cloak (partial cloak + reduced damage)

    -Hacking Specialist (3) Tier 2
    *May now hack vehicles / turrets / terminals & increases hacking speed
    *May now hack occupied vehicles, ejecting occupants and giving control to the hacker, may also hack enemy deployables (IE: spitfire turrets)

    -Radar Device (3) Tier 2
    *Increases radius of detection
    *Creates a small radar jamming field around device, preventing detection

    -Assassin (knife kills instantly from behind) (Footstep noise reduced) (melee range increased) (1) Tier 3

    -Predator (killing an enemy restores cloaking device energy and temporarily increases accuracy of nearby allies by 10% for 6 seconds; 5 stack maximum) (1) Tier 3

    (MAX) - Points spent in MAX grant the player increased damage resistance by 1.5% per point spent

    -AI Weapons (3) Tier 1
    *Explosive Rounds
    *Slavo Secondary Fire

    -AV Weapons (3) Tier 1
    *Heat Seeking
    *Increased Projectile Speed

    -AA Weapons (3) Tier 1
    *Extended Magazine Size
    *Increased range

    -MAX Charge (3) Tier 2 - charges enemies over a short distance causing damage and concussive effects
    *Adds concussive effect to enemies affected by MAX charge
    *Increases charge duration

    -MAX Shield (3) Tier 2
    *Resist Shield (reduces damage taken rather than blocking it outright)
    *Damage taken restores shield recharge

    -MAX Melee (3) Tier 2
    *Adds circular AOE melee attack, lasts 4 seconds, weapons disabled during attack
    *Increases Melee Range
    *Increases movement speed after melee kill 30% for 6 seconds

    -Maximum Impact (no longer suffers fall damage,falling from height impacts deal AOE damage to enemy players / vehicles / takes less damage from vehicle collisions) (1) Tier 3

    -Overdrive (Killing an enemy will restore ammo to the current magazine, delaying reload, of the MAX and nearby allies for 50% of magazine capacity; works on vehicles) (1) Tier 3


    (LAND) - Points spent in land will reduce resource cost of land vehicles by 2% per point spent

    -Flash 50 resources (3) Tier 1
    *Cloaking Device; Hunting & Stalker & Nano variants available
    *Magnetic Rims (allows ATV to magnetically couple itself to metal surfaces; may drive up vertical metal walls, may attach to friendly vehicles to include aircraft)
    *Blink (teleport short distance)

    -ANT 75 resources (3) Tier 1
    *EMP Blast
    *Cloaking Device
    *NTU Overcharge (may provide past 100% NTU to base silos, which decays over time, providing temporarily increased efficiency; faster spawn times, lower resource costs, increased turret damage, increased pain field damage, base shield size increased, larger radar detection)

    -Sunderer 150 resources (3) Tier 1
    *Cloaked AMS Bubble
    *Shield AMS Bubble
    *Gate Shield Diffuser

    -Harasser 200 resources (3) Tier 2
    *Ammo Resupply / Vehicle Repair Module
    *Pain Field Module
    *EMP Blast

    -Lightning 300 resources (4) Tier 2
    *Deploy Mode (increases range and reduces reload time drastically)
    *Vehicle Shield
    *Muffler (greatly reduces vehicle & engine noise)
    *Gunner Weapon Systems (adds additional seat / gun)

    -MBT 450 resources (4) Tier 3
    *Repair Module (heals vehicle for 20% of damage taken instantly, additional 10% over 8 seconds; 5 stacks maximum)
    *Extra Barrel (adds addiontional tank cannon to main weapon, doubling shots fired)
    *Turbo Module
    *Grappling Hook (attaches vehicles, Tier 1 undeployed vehicles may be "reeled" back into the MBT works on enemies and squad / platoon members vehicles)

    -BFR 750 resources (5) Tier 4 (Pilot weapons similar to those found in Planetside 1)
    *Jump Jets (allows for massive vertical jumps, deals AOE damage upon landing) (disabled by jamming effects)
    *Shield Module (constantly regenerating shield, regenerates faster out of combat) (jammers stop shield regen)
    *EMP Blast
    *NTU Siphon (drains NTU from nearby neutral / enemy source that can be harnessed into a powerful AOE blast out of a chest cannon)

    (AIR) Points spent in air will reduce resource cost of air vehicles by 2.5% per point spent

    -Scythe 100 resources (3) Tier 1
    (repurposed to light transport, no weapons)
    *Cloaking Devices
    *Radar Jamming
    *MAX Passengers (can transport max units)

    -Mosquito 150 resources (3) Tier 1

    -Reaver 250 resources (3) Tier 2
    *A2G Smoke Screen (grenades)
    *Spotting System
    *Heat Seeking Missiles

    -Galaxy 350 resources (3) Tier 2
    (4 gunners; 2 sides + 1 rear + 1 top)
    *Shield (prevents all damage for 8 seconds, 30 second cooldown)
    *Vehicle Bay (may transport 3 Tier 1 / 2 Tier 2 / 1 Tier 3 vehicles)
    *Drop Shield (units dropped from galaxy received 35% reduced damage for 20 seconds after dropping)

    -Liberator 450 resources (4) Tier 3
    *Radar Jammer
    *Twin Barrel (adds additional barrel to main gunner weapon)

    -Valkyrie 750 resources (4) Tier 4
    (6 gunners; 2 sides, 2 tailgun, 1 top mounted, 1 underbelly)
    *EMP Blast
    *Ammo / Repair Module (resupplies / heals nearby friendly vehicles)

    (STRUCTURES) Points spent in stuctures will reduce resource cost of structures by 1.5% per point spent

    -Generator 250 resources (3) Tier 1
    *Instant Construction
    *Battery Backup (provides power for a short time after power failure)

    -Wall 25 resources (3) Tier 1
    *Reinforcements, adds durability
    *Fast Construction, walls are instant

    -Equipment Terminal 50 resources (3) Tier 1
    *Security (terminals take 50% longer to hack)
    *Solar Powered (no longer requires a generator to operate)

    -Pain Field 100 Resources (3) Tier 1
    *Healing module (restores health and shields to friendly infantry within the field)
    *Slows enemy movement within pain field by 50%

    -Spawn Point 150 Resources (3) Tier 1
    *Recall ability (allows user to save this point, allowing recall from other spawn points to this point at anytime)
    *Spawn Speed (faster respawns)

    -NTU Silo 200 resources (3) Tier 1
    *Shield (adds shield that will drain remaing NTU to recharge before being depleted by damage)
    *NTU Efficiency (slows NTU drain rate when resources are spent)

    -Defense Turret 250 resources (3) Tier 2
    *Auto Launcher Turret (AV / AA)
    *Pain Field Turret (pain field with greatly extended range)

    -Vpad / Airpad 300 resources (3) Tier 2
    *Ammo (tower) Resupply / Repair added
    *Cheaper Parts (resources cost of vehicles pulled from terminals reduced 20%)

    -Base Shield 350 resources (3) Tier 3
    *Converts damage absorbed into NTU
    *Resist Shield (now reduces damage taken, rather than blocking, increased shield capacity)

    -Long Range Radar 400 resources (3) Tier 3
    *Radar Jammer
    *Artillery Spotting (will highlight and provide targets for long range artillery units)

    -Flail Long Range Artillery 650 Resources (3) Tier 4
    *Crippling Shots (enemies affected by artillery fire become concussed temporarily)
    *Velocity (increases projectile speed)

    -OS Uplink 750 resources (3) Tier 4
    *Reign (replaces single blast with multiple smaller orbital strikes over the target area)
    *RUN! (reduces firing time by 50%)

    [DEPOT] - Battle experience earned will award Depot Points which may be spent in the depot to buy or augment weapons for infantry, vehicles, and structures. Appearance items may also be purcahsed through the depot, subscribing as a member will greatly increase the rate of Depot Points gained in addition to increased battle experience gain. Any depot purchase will apply to any existing character and future characters across all servers (you can't lose any purchases mades) and common pool purchases are available to characters on any faction, any server. All weapons come with upgrades that may be purchased from the depot to improve their performance. Includes player studio appearance items. Members get 1 free depot purchase per month, any item.

    Infantry - Lasher / Lancer / Pulsar / Beamer / Ghost
    Vehicles - Aphelion / Saron / PPA / BFR Pilot Straight Laser (AI)
    Turrets - (same as vehicles)

    Infantry - MCG / Striker / Cycler / Repeater / 99SV
    Vehicles - Vulcan MCG / Gate Keeper / Banshee / BFR Pilot MCGs (AI)
    Turrets - (same as vehicles)

    Infantry - Jackhammer / Phoenix / Guass Rifle / Magshot / Bolt Driver
    Vehicles - Enforcer / Canister / Mustang AH (shotgun) / BFR Pilot Jackhammers (AI)
    Turrets - (same as vehicles)

    (COMMON POOL) - Any faction may use these
    Infantry - Anihilator / G2A Launcher / G2G Launcher / Automatic Shotgun / Swords / MAX Powerfist
    Vehicles - Halbred / Ranger / Kobalt / Fury / Bulldog / Walker / Marauder / M96 / Proton / Skyguard / Viper
    Optics - 1x / 2x / 3.4x / 4x / 6x / 7x / 8x / 10x / 12x / Night Vision / Threat Detection / Thermal / Darklight / Auto targeting (missile launchers) (all scopes may change between red dot / chaffron / cross / etc)


    -Missile Launchers
    *Heat seeking missiles
    *Faster projectile
    *Faster reload
    *Reduced time to lock on

    -Grenade Launchers
    *Increased clip size
    *Faster Reload
    *Larger Blast Radius
    *Faster Reload

    -Flak Weapons
    *Increased Rate of Fire
    *Increased projectile speed
    *Increased detonation range (explodes further from aircraft)
    *Increased clip size

    -Munitions Weapons (sights acquired on depot under optics)
    *Full Stock
    *Long Barrel
    *Faster reload

    -Vehicular Explosive Weapons
    *Increased blast radius
    *Increased projectile speed
    *Increased clip size
    *Faster reload
    *Reduced lockon time (if applicable)

    -Vehicular Munitions Weapons
    *Explosive rounds
    *Increased projectile velocity
    *Increased clip size
    *Faster reload
    *Less Recoil

    [IMPLANTS] - New implant awarded every 5 BR, 1 slot opens at BR 5 (first implant awarded) - next slot opens at BR 50 - final implant slot opens at BR 100; 24 implants total (all implants from Planetside 2 have been carried over largely unchanged)

    -Nightmare (now works on quick attack knife kills)
    -Vampire (now works on quick attacks, now heals over time with a smaller instant heal up activation)

    [INVENTORY] - All players manage their equipment through inventory, suggested templates (undeletable) will be provided for them with other slots to save their own loadouts. Lockers have been added to the game allowing for equipment to be pulled during power failures at major bases. Ammunition takes space. Medgun and repair gun use nano-energy which is interchangeable between the devices. All vehicles have some degree of trunk space, larger vehicles may accomodate more. Vehicle ammo is much more cumbersome in size, it may be stored in special lockers found in vehicle bays. Depending on where points have been spent in your character class tree determines what class of armor suits you have available to you. Lighter armor has a smaller inventory size.

    IE: Cloaker armor has the smallest inventory, MAX armor has the most amount of space available.

    The first point spent in each character class tree unlocks the appropiate armor class. Cloaking requires cloaking armor, however driving vehicles with cloaking systems does not require cloaking armor be worn by the driver.

    Munitions ammos (for both vehicles and infantry) come in a standard variety, armor piercing, and soft point. They do not have any requirements to use any variety of ammo. Explosive rounds however must be certified to use where applicable. You may carry different types of ammo and cycle through them as needed.

    Lightning and MBT now come equipped with HEAT ammo standard, and may exchange for HE rounds or AP rounds at any vehicle ammo tower.

    Will post another wall of text tomorrow covering the lattice system and maps and that sort of thing. You will be able to drain bases again and actually travel through warpgates rather than use terminals. Sanctuary & HART have returned. Old spice commercial has not.

    The way the game makes money is shifting back to subscription focus with appearance items and boosts only sold on the Depot (marketplace) rather than the focus being on the marketplace and subscription benefits are secondary. Player studio items are still available as well. Ideally the game should be really fun to play free, but more convenient / much (exponentially) faster for someone paying monthly. Also product placements and subscription perks (like hulu streaming / spotify / amazon prime / etc).
  2. Halkesh

    For PS3, I think devs should start by learning from what they did during PS1 and PS2 :
    -don't waste that much money on a "not actual gameplay" advertise. Just show some gameplay on TV.
    -Make PS3 a pay to play with a attractive (low-price) shop for cosmetic. You can keep earning money while not listening to players. It will also reduce TK.
    -If you are still doing an open world, rethink logistic, vehicle role & objective, airplane role & objective, gameplay.
    -Remove capture console so the gameplay isn't focused on CQC. Improve gameplay and game design so long range combat on open field as infantry is fun to play. (add a lot more hard/soft cover, place to hide, allow explosive to create hole where infantry can hide).
    -improve infantry-vehicle-airplane balance and interaction. (for example, make infantry very vulnerable but allow player to control a 4-5 infantry/crew at the same time or give them an arty support at all time, airplane and vehicle are fast but with poor vision, etc).
    -if you keep the game as an open world, then work to reduce the con of an open world FPS : we need other objective than xp and kdr, capturing / cutting territory should be relevant, create AI-controlled bots for patrolling non-frontline owned territory so it isn't empty and safe for enemy, etc.
    -give a great new player experience via good, complete and non-boring tutorial. (this should be even more important if you plan to do a F2P).
    -if you're planning to have a matchmaking in your game, tighten the noob-veteran skillgap between bodyshot and headshot.

    Sorry for the wall of text, I'm posting from my smartphone.
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  3. Diilicious

    as long as theres no VS im sure it will be gr8
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  4. Metalsheep

    Just give us the Planetside 1 Remaster that we wanted in the first place.
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  5. Gustavo M

    Just remove cloakers (lol, clientside), make snipers 2 shot KO instead of one, rework the HA shield to "regenerate bullets" inside the mag instead of (effectively) doubling the HA HP ("infinite bullets", as long as the shield is active), remove MAX's. Leave vehicles as it is. Aaaand add planetside 1 graphics into the mix. Recycle the Planetside 1 features (even implants), bases, and such. Slap a few cosmetics, xp boosts... aaaaand call it Planetside 3.
  6. FateJH

    PlanetSide 3 should be like all of the air in an untied balloon animal.
  7. frozen north

    Ok, so I have had a similar thought, of what should a planetside 3 look like.

    Now, I have decided to avoid thinking about balance in a new game, and I also decided to ignore any class/ vehicle revamps, since I know its a massive can of worms for me to post like that.

    Instead, my ideas have been focused mostly on the more back end stuff.

    The simplified version of what I want to see that doesn't involve balance directly is this:

    - A new game engine. Ideally, one that helps stream line connections, and to reduce massive ping issues. This also allows for a graphics overhaul, while also allowing the game to take advantage of the last five years of hardware development in computers.

    - Facility overhauls. Basically, set it up such that as many facilities are different as can be reasonably managed. Also include features like intractable aspects of bases ( such as hossin's light bridges) into many different facilities. Make it so that, at minimum, every tech plant, amp station, and bio lab for a given continent has a different lay out. Lastly, consider expanding the game to include more urbanized areas, as they would present a huge change in combat ( I don't mean just one facility either. I mean a string of facilities, or even a total continent, dominated by urban design).

    - Lore integration. Story related alerts is an obvious start, but I have another idea in mind. Planetsides combat and the reputation of each faction is often tied to the players within each faction. As such, do continual story development that relies on player actions, player submitted tips/ quotes for loading screens, etc. Make the game feel like an interactive, and player driven story experience.

    - Player retention. Look. Some of us have been playing this game for five years. A partial account/content transfer would work wonders for helping players get into the new experience. At minimum, a better and easier time for new players ( such as having more content be easily unlockable) would significantly help.

    - Weather. Ok, so this is a personal request, but I would love to see the addition of dynamic weather. Blizzards on esamir, sand storms on indar, heavy rain and fog on hossin and amerish. Heck, clouds, which aircraft can use to block line of sight with AA and missiles. In particular, I want the weather to be random, and have an impact on gameplay. Severe weather should make it such that players need to adapt to the situation.
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  8. Nobalification

    for PS3, it should be good to have VS or TR trailer :) NC got theirs in PS2.
  9. ExarRazor

    the only acceptable outcome for a possible planetside 3 is planetside 1 continent/base/vehicle design, planetside 2 graphics (or better) and shooting mechanics
  10. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Discuss all you want, I'm all about a creative and construction constructive conversation, but please don't read into any of the rumors or tweets that have been spinning up about "PlanetSide 3." If we had something to announce, we would've announced it. :rolleyes:
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  11. HippoCryties

    Is it possible in the future?
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  12. HippoCryties

    The problem with weather is that something like a snow storm would affect FPS unfortunately. Unless the game engine can handle it well. For example Warface has the Crytek engine which integrates weather really nicely into the game without a FPS drops
  13. SnipeGrzywa

    1000% no. The only way this would be possible would be to have "matches" that allow for the terrain to reset. Planetside is about the long battles and constant war across the continents. Do not get rid of that.
  14. frozen north

    Fair enough.
  15. Halkesh

    It could be done without sacrificing open world by reset the map once it's lattice-secured, or the laggy way could be to add NAR to every building and ground.
    But I'm honestly thinking open world shouldn't be a part of PS3 if devs want to make a gameplay similar to PS2 : currently, what's the point of a 4km x 4km continent if logistic don't exist or is made obsolete by redeployside and when the ONLY objective of the game are capture console in a 4m x 4m room ?
    If you want PS3 to be an open world, then devs MUST work a lot more on it, especially on the level design part. Otherwise, open fields combat will be a failure like in PS2.
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  16. Demigan

    While having specializations by not giving everything to a player may sound good, it's not going to be a very good design. We already see how people gravitate towards single-unit playstyles like the HA. Right now these players still have an incentive to sometimes quickly pick another class or vehicle to achieve their goals. But if you are pretty much stuck with your chosen certs for that day (assuming you can redistribute them once each day if you want), you'll see much less versatility as everyone gravitates to the most useful class/vehicle and stays there.

    Another problem of the proposed cert system is the power difference between a veteran and a newbie. Not only does the Newbie still need to learn the game, but the veteran will be having all kinds of advantages such as a higher ROF, more damage, better vehicles etc. This is going to scare new players away and destroy retention.

    What PS3 should really have is this:
    • All weapons and vehicles will be at maximum power even vanilla
      • Any cert you put into them will change value's. This is similar to how Infantry weapons are all (intended to be) sidegrades. The basic starting weapon is the most medium in terms of range, damage, damage degradation, fire rate, projectile velocity etc. A vehicle chosing Racer would gain max speed but lose something else like slower turn ratio's, this allows players to specialize without giving them more power.
    • As far as possible, every single vehicle will be able to perform AA, AI and AV.
      • Every unit would preferably have a unique way to perform such a role. As examples, the Valkyrie could perform an attack helicopter role, the ESF a fighter-bomber, the Liberator a normal bomber, the Galaxy a Spectre Gunship. Some cross-roles wouldn't be a problem. Such as a Valkyrie Gunship that performs a light gunship role next to the Galaxy Gunship.
    • Every single weapon system will have a secondary task it can perform.
      • The Kobalt for example could perform a light AA role next to it's normal AI role. This way, every weapon will not immediately be useless once the unit they should counter is gone.
    • No deterrent weapons.
      • Deterrents are a flawed idea. If successful, an entire unit type it counters is incapable of joining the battle. If unsuccessful the deterrent doesn't protect. If the deterrent isn't in use, the unit type it counters has free reign to kill things.
      • In case of aircraft, G2A weapons need to be par of the course for them to deal with, just like dealing with AV is par of the course for vehicles to deal with and AI par of the course for infantry to deal with.
    • Balanced infantry vs vehicle vs aircraft game.
      • At no point should any unit be virtually defenseless. At the very least you should have a method to make yourself hard to hit, obscure yourself, shield yourself, nerf the opponents ability to engage or be capable of damaging the enemy enough for a kill.
    • Base's gain a layered defense.
      • The goal is to give players more satisfaction during a base capture for progress they made to avoid the feeling that "stalemates" (IE a balanced fight) is a bad thing to be at.
      • You do get the option to go straight for the capture points but you'll face a lot of problems. Shutting the defenses off for easier access and holding would get you the base. The defenders in the meantime try to reactivate/keep the defenses up and running.
    • More capture mechanics. king-of-the-hill on points is a good objective, but doesn't offer much variation.
      • PS2/3 could host several unique styles of CTF that most other games wouldn't be able to offer.
      • PS2/3 has the option for assault mechanics, VIP, transport etc.
      • The exact capture mechanic can be swapped out each time the continent gets locked.
      • In some cases, like Alerts or an overpop, the capture mechanic can change on the spot.
      • Objectives include vehicular and aircraft-based objectives.
    • Small objectives that scale with numbers and give classes a chance to shine.
      • The game already has deployables, but could use Calldowns. Calldowns are larger than deployables and need to be brought in from Orbit with a Drop-pod. Calldowns serve an important function on the battlefield.
      • An example would be an AMS calldown. Once it lands and deploys, players can spawn there. Such a Calldown would be best dealt with by an Infiltrator or LA. The goal is to give all classes about equal use in the game.
  17. Zilatrox

    You are an idiot. 2 shot ok? Snipers are mean to be 1 shot if headshot. Remove cloaks? Jesus Christ may as well remove heavies since they are harder to kill.
  18. Demigan

    Although I dont approve of his idea to remove cloakers his idea to make snipers a 2 hit kill isnt a sin. Snipers arent "meant to be 1 shot if headshot", they are a design feature that you can modify to get the desired effect.

    PS2 has relatively long TTK's, having a weapon that can OHK doesnt fit entirely in that concept unless it either takes time or is incredibly difficult. The most complained about situations in the game are those that you couldnt prevent or react to. The OHK of a sniper is made more aggrevating because it is given to a class that can stealth itself making it practically impossible to know if, when or where you might get shot at.

    A solution is to change what happens when someone is OHK'd. For example instead of a headshot doing a OHK it could do other things, like put them to almost zero health and causing a concussion effect on the target giving them a small window to try and do something. For the sniper it could be made easier to fire in quick succession, muzzle velocity could be increased, magazine size altered, the moving COF made smaller, it could have a suppressive effect on enemy players when a sniper bullet narrowly passes them by or hits them (vision goes a bit blurry, character makes a small involuntary movement to a random direction etc). The goal isnt to make a sniper that does the same thing every sniper has done since the head hitbox was invented, the goal is to make a sniper that is both fun to use and fun to fight against.
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  19. Den

    A very simple want on the infantryside: No "Classes".
    I'd rather a freeform loadout system with limitations based on the Exosuits of the original game.
    Reinforced Exosuit with an inherently stronger Shield health, two Primary Weapon and two Secondary Weapon slots.
    Agile Exosuit has the jetpack, only one primary but two secondaries.
    Infiltration Suit. Cloak and the choice between one Primary or two secondaries.
    All three can choose whichever Weapon, Tools and Utility you want with a few restrictions based on the Suit.

    Alternatively, the way Planetside Arena did it: three "classes" only really being differentiated by Abilities. Everybody has jetpacks and can pick almost any weapon for their class. With the knowledge that everybody is able to fly, base design could be made way more extreme to accommodate the vastly higher range of mobility.

    And since people are talking one shot kills - Hot take: No headshot multipliers at all. No reduced damage to the legs. Damage as a flat number across the body (like the first game).
    The way PS2 is designed, indoor fighting is terrible - people strafing their crosshair at head level because of how potent headshots are, making crouch-spamming and erratic strafing so meta in all of these base interiors with perfectly level floors. Nobody outdoors is allowed to stand still for even a second, constantly dancing in place just to ensure none of the several snipers on every mountaintop in the middle of nowhere instantly kills them from 300m away. With damage more leveled out due to no headshots, the 167-100 damage range most automatic guns have could be expanded a bit to about 250-100, allowing for slightly more variety in power and speed. With everyone able to simply aim at center of mass, you could make soldiers faster, more agile. Most soldiers wearing jetpacks would aid in that.

    With no headshots, shotguns and snipers would need at least two body shots minimum, but this could actually open things up. You could also expand their variety as opposed to the current bunch of redundant bolt and scout rifles.
    Bolt actions could have something other than 400 damage at long range. Their rechamber times could spread out beyond 1.1 to 1.5 seconds, with much faster bolts for up close and total powerhouse bolt action rifles could be super Archer equivalents, putting a dent in tanks and ensuring a two shot kill on full-health infantry no matter the range.
    With no machinegun riddling a shotgunner's face will bullets before he can get his second shot off, blasting them with two shells from a pump action would be equal rather than an all or nothing situation.
  20. Twin Suns

    As a console peasant. DBG's junk products won't be on my PS5.