What shotgun should I get?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by lightbit, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. lightbit

    As the title says, which shotgun should I choose? Input such as pros, cons, and advantages over its "competition" would be very helpful. The versatility slugs offer at range and how beneficial they are to each gun would also be great information.

    I was quite close to purchasing the mauler, since its reload speed was very tempting. However, I can't help but think what would the other two shotguns have over this. I would've insta bought the piston if it had a decent reload time.

    I play as the NC but other factions could easily express their opinions here on their shotguns as all three factions' three shotguns are similar anyway. An automatic vs fast reload vs high ammo.

    I know there are several shotgun threads out there but it's becoming even harder for me to decide. Nonetheless, thank you for you time.
  2. Achmed20

    4 or 6 threads beneath yours is the exact same question

    despite that, all shotguns are the same (i may be wrong here), they are just named different.
  3. TheBloodEagle

    I don't know the VS/NC Shoguns but you already have the advantage of no bullet drop and further out damage drop off if VS, NC probably do much more damage per shot.

    But here's a overall for all 3, at least TRs

    1. is automatic with 6 buckshot or slugs
    2. is semi-automatic with 6 buckshots or slugs, has tigher cone of fire for buckshot
    3. is semi-automatic with 8 buckshots or slugs

    So basically, in TRs case, you have to decide, faster firing, tighter cone, or more ammo.

    If you go with the 8 shooter, you don't really have to think about extended mags, if you miss you still have some more rounds before reload, if you get the tighter cone 6 shooter, you have to decide more ammo or laser or grip. If you get the automatic, you won't lose precious time clicking and/or moving the mouse, just straight up bam bam bam bam bam bam but have to make sure your aim is dead on or reload will screw you. Hope that makes sense to ya.
  4. ClickMe

    Get the Sweeper, while Piston offers more versatility due to full-auto (can be fired semi as well though), the extra ammo on sweeper is just too important to pass up.

    With Piston and extended mags you'll get 10/26 ammo pool. This means 3 clips + 6 spare shots. With the Piston, you'll probably end up spending 2-3 shots per target, but sometimes you get into bad situations and have to fire 4 or 6 (say a heavy pops around the corner outside your shotgun optimal). This takes a huge chunk out of your ammo pool. Piston also requires burst/bullet control, you can't afford to go spamming full auto 5 shots at everything you see.

    With the Sweeper and extended mags you get 12/36, this means 4 clips total, and overall 12 more ammo (which equals a level 2 ammo belt suit upgrade compared to Piston). However, with the sweeper extended mags are optional (with the Piston they're not), and you can use a laser sight. Not having full-auto also means you won't cut yourself any slack regarding flanking the enemy/getting close enough etc.

    Mauler is not even an option, it's just a crappier Piston.
  5. Chiss

    I agree with this. I am disappointed that so many people told me to get the Piston... 700 SC and 230 Certs wasted
  6. Failbrick

    I have all 3 and I like them all. I use the piston only if I know I'm going to be right in everyones face, where the automatic fire is useful. Mostly use the mauler for slugs, with a nv scope its a lot of fun. A lot of people hate on the mauler but I prefer the reload speed with slugs. Sweeper is good for all around general use, when I plan to live long enough to use all that ammo.
  7. Ghoest

    Supposedly the Mauler has slightly better COF when aimed and moving - I think this is also the number that determines flinch.

    After extensive Mauler use and a a good deal of Sweepeer use I cant really notice the difference when using slugs - both are horrible once you start taking enemy fire at range.

    I recommend the Sweeper because with slugs it gives you more total capacity, and with pellets you never want to be reloading in the middle of a CQC fight youll die with either gun if you try it.
  8. lightbit

    I've decided on the sweeper. Although the mauler actually has a smaller CoF that I saw in a data spreadsheet, since slugs both affect them in the same way I'll pick up more ammo.
    Thanks a lot guys! Really helpful.