What scares me about Striker Buff

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  1. cruczi


    I'm asking what it has to do with anything that all factions have access to decimator. I just inserted a random word in place of ****.
  2. Yeahy

    Oh, I see.
    I think I put the wrong quote in.
  3. minhalexus

    Chill, the Striker 2.0 should have been released in this state, the 2.1 state.

    This buff was something that was due, not faction bias. The version 2.0 was really really bad.
  4. Keiichi58

    To be honest, the argument over the striker is the fact the weapon is not what it is suppose to be.

    Both the Phoenix and the Lancer are similar to the original Planetside 1 weapons. The Phoenix is only slightly different where you can, if you are lucky, shoot down the round and you can't dumbfire it (Which the Original, first run Phoenix, was not dumbfireable). The Lancer has a charge mechanic, the original one didn't would only fire 3 shots and had a delay between triggering it and firing, and only changing to firing 6 shots, also still having a slight delay between triggering and then firing.

    What a lot of you yahoos keep forgetting is that the Striker was, for all intents and purposes, was a lockon weapon, was to begin with and should have stayed that way. The original striker from beginning to current of Planetside 1 locked onto air and ground vehicles as well as MAX armors. Pre-October 2nd change, it was where it should have been for the most part. The current incarnation does not really keep with the original form of the Striker. The Coyote method doesn't work for a ground based engagement short of a 'inclose' fight. This basically means the TR went from being medium range engagement to short. You effectively gave the TR infantry a poor man's Pounder with only twice the magazine with half the damage and the least amount of ammo capacity with the of chance of hitting an aircraft like you were firing a buster with a very small clip. This is, effectively, the kind of weapon the striker is.

    The Niche of the Striker is now basically, 'why bother' or a weak attempt at an infantry 'burster' weapon. It's basically, the Rocklet Rifle from Planetside 1, just now the Rocklets have 'flak' ability and you can only carry 4 reloads + x additional munition slots if you go that route.

    I have yet to test the changes, but again, you can't overbuff something where it is still a glorified rocklet rifle.
  5. Tatwi

    OP, you'd have to be the game's biggest idiot to not be able to tell that the other rocket launchers do a better job in every situation than the Striker. The changes were so poorly implemented that not only did the Striker not have a roll, it couldn't really be used for anything at all.

    Striker was broken. People aren't idiots. There is a forum. People made posts on the forum about the Striker being broken. Total rocket magic I know...
  6. Yeahy

    1. Its been what? 3 days? 4? You'll find a use for it soon.
    2. Higby/some other dev said that their new policy is to release underwhelming weapons THEN slowly buff them up according to what they see. That is the issue OP is addressing.
  7. Tatwi

    Frankly, it was better off the way it was before the Oct. 2nd patch.
    Frankly it was better off in its pre-Oct 2nd patch version. It's not a "new weapon" - I bought it over a year ago and now it's nothing at all like what I paid for AND it's utterly useless (hence the bunched undies).

    One should not have to look really, really, really hard to FIND a use for a weapon. That's like giving a cave man a car without wheels and expecting him to figure out he needs to make some stone wheels for it before he can drive it. Using the car as a toilet, because it's completely useless as a car, isn't really a great design paradigm.
  8. FocusLight

    Considering the fact that the Striker has been grarbage for a good long while and has been in the game for well over a year, and the spiker was released with the other 2 ES sidearms at most 1.5 months ago, it seems SOE is offering attention to the oldest squeaky wheel first.

    I would not be too surprised if they try to do something with ZOE anytime soon, though that's another topic, I think.
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  9. SharkliteTR

    Personally I find the current "new" incarnation of the striker to be the biggest pile of wank I've ever had the misfortune to have paid for.

    Yes, you couldn't lock on to MAX units, and the missiles were a bit short-bus sometimes, plus no dumbfire.

    But you had range. Ground-pushing, area-denying RANGE. You know, like other ESAV has?

    Right now you can't hit the broadside of a f**king Galaxy unless it's quite literally, stationary. And lol at hitting ground vehicles beyond point blank- at least a nix can wire-it to the distance, and the lancer is pretty sh*t hot on the projectile speed.

    Jeezus, if the last version was garbage, you'll find me in the dumpster with the cookie monster waiting for a refill.
  10. Foxirus

    What scares me is that they might finally be able to scratch the paint off my tank.
  11. Schwak

    I think the reason we are getting a prompt haste buff on the striker is because it was "usable" before they changed it and they made it completely useless by changing it. At least before it utterly destroyed harassers (that's about it). The spiker was a released weapon, and released weapons don't get changed for a period unless there is nothing else going on in the game. We have had horrible hit detection/lag/memory leak/BUGS BUGS BUGS since the pistol patch. They'll get around to it once the game is playable again (maybe before but it won't be anything but a few number tweaks).
  12. Kociboss

    But nobody is complaining. We're just not buying AMP ;o

    Repeater is good, but tbh - Commie all day long.
  13. Xasapis

    They need to remove the CoF completely from the latest iteration of the Stiker. I don't see why a weapon that has bullet drop, relatively low projectile speed also to have CoF. One of those three needs to go, and since bullet drop won't, it is a toss between removal of CoF and increase in projectile speed. Or both.
  14. Keiichi58

    The reason they put the CoF is so as not to allow the TR to have a weapon that can be 'accurate'. The TR Motiff is 'Peace through superior firepower'... The basic concept of 'firepower' is just sheer volume of fire. The Striker, technically is suppose to be 'better' than a standard launcher like the Fracture, where it focuses more on trying to get as many rounds out as possible.

    Now the problem here is, that if you give something the ability to fire as many rounds possible and be accurate, it is basically making it so the TR can 'spray and pray' without much effort in fire control. The original Planetside basically treated a lot of the TR weapons to focus on either 'fire control' or players picking the right time to use certain weapons. In the case of the Striker, it had the higher DPS because while the missiles did less damage per hit than the Phoenix or Decimator, it also would do more over a period of time because you had more potential rounds hitting in the same period compared to a Phoenix or a Lancer.

    Same was said with the Prowler, but its cannons in PS1 was not as nicely accurate as the Magrider's Railgun or the Vanguard's 150mm gun. TR would constantly complain about how it takes 3 men to do the same power as 2 men in vanguards or Magriders (Note: In Planetside 1, Tanks required a Driver and a Gunner... Only the Magrider had a gun the Driver could use and it was a forward mounted PPA gun. The Prowler had a Main gun gunner and a secondary gunner)

    My only guess is they are still trying to keep with the basic 'motiff', but right now, the Striker isn't what it was back from Planetside 1 was... It was a serious lockon weapon against both air and ground vehicles. Near the end, they made it have a switch to be used as dumbfire, but ideally, it worked better against vehicles than on infantry and was usable against MAX (Lockon wise).

    Of the three AV weapons between the Factions, the Striker was also the most 'mobile' of the three ESAV weapons because there was no 'look down scope' part, TR soldiers could effectively run after vehicles and shoot at them because the lockon attempt was always 'on' (IE, point it towards a vehicle, it will try to lock on, you didn't have to try and look at a scope view' to do it while running).

    If they bother to try and bring it back to the way the original striker was, they would have to allow the weapon to lockon to ground and air but allow them the mobility to do so, without needing to seriously do the LDS and allow the user to switch to dumbfire to hipfire the weapon at targets. The Vehicle damage would need to be put near back to what it was before hand, keeping the infantry damage a little lower so the 'spam' of it wouldn't be abused like the Fracture was. While yes, this means it will be damn annoying like the Annihilator when it came out or when the striker seem like god for the TR, the real problem is, the current rendition of the Striker has just made it be more like a man portable 'fury' or rocklet rifle with the offchance of being a poor man's burster gun.
  15. InoxGecko

    Striker is in a pretty good place as far as i'm concerned, could use a small velocity and accuracy buff, but no more than that, it's still ridiculously easy to miss a vehicle on full auto.

    As far as killing stuff with it, from my experience it's no worse than a Deci or ML-7, requires proper positioning to hit the weak spots of the MBT, because let's face it, hitting a tank from the front will get you nowhere, same goes for the dumb fires or Deci.

    It's not that hard to go around the tank zerg and find a lonely tank, plant a block of C4 on it, boom it, and send a volley or striker rockets into the rear, dead tank. Every. Single. Time. And after it, you still have 1 block of C4 left and plenty more missiles, actually enough to take another vanguard down (provided 100% accuracy into the rear of the tank).

    So as far as I'm concerned, we are pretty close to where the striker should be.
    Could use a:
    Speed buff to 200-220m/s
    Accuracy buff, reduce it (0,15-0,2) because right now it's still more viable to hit the trigger 5 times instead of full auto and hoping you land a few shots, thus making full auto useless unless you are a few meters from your target.
  16. Ztiller

    The Striker have the second highest RL velocity in the game, so one of them have already went.
  17. Xasapis

    From personal experience, it's not fast enough. Or perhaps I don't understand what the new identity of Striker is supposed to be. I'm assuming that it is going to be a side grade.
    • It's not a lock on, check (so doesn't conflict with Annihilator and ES lock ons)
    • Is it not (?) supposed to be short range, sort of check (so not to conflict with the two dumpfires). At least it doesn't conflict with the ability of the dumpfires to front load all their damage.
    • What's left is long(ish) range, which is not really functional due to auto fire CoF (still too large) and slow(ish) velocity that makes it prohibitive to dumpfire hit moving vehicles at range, even slow ones (like Phoenix and Lancer can).
  18. iller

    This might have been true when people were directly comparing the day1-state of Ravens vs. Fractures. (and whatever it was the VS got.... Votex wasn't it??). Ravens got a mostly free pass that week. ...hell the Trap & Vandal are still getting free passes b/c they're "anti-fun" scout rifles when all the n00bs wanted more "1hit stuff a mile away" AWP's to sit and camp with. They're simply not something that could easily become Meta on their own by reducing risk vs reward to a the Sci-fi equivalent of couch-fishing .

    Said free pass weapons are actually quite the underdogs, But none of those examples looked as incredibly weak as the new striker does either. And I don't mean the raw damage, but the DPS itself. It's so weak that even an entire squad stacking them would be less effective than a couple people on fury Flashes or god help me for even mentioning it:... a squad of explosive bolt infiltrators...
  19. Xasapis

    Some clarifications from Bennett:

    I spent a lot of time with it tonight, and it's greatly improved and has some much more clear cut tradeoffs.

    The auto-fire and CoF bloom make it behave similar to a Saron. You tap-fire with a short delay for accurate shots at a cost of dps, or at close ranges you can mag-dump for optimal DPS. I like this, as it added a much needed skill component to the weapon.

    The lock range makes hitting aircraft reasonable now and while it still requires leading it feels about right to me in terms of velocity / lock range and fire rate. Again, more skill to the operator, something the striker completely lacked previously.

    The increase to the fire rate really helped negate some of the downsides of the weapon while also upping dps. It also allows you to better correct for the drop and speed of the target so your 3-5th shots are more reliable.

    I haven't really run the numbers on whether it is a significant dps increase to warrant the exposure time and need to land more shots compared to a dumbfire, but it feels like it's in the right ballpark now.

    Against longer range air/ground targets you want to use the SKEP, Grounder, or Annihilator if you dont' mind not having dumbfire. The Striker doesn't encroach on any of those weapons.

    Close range it doesn't outshine the dumbfires since they still have the better alpha and infantry-gibbing capabilities, but still puts pressure on tanks/max.

    Carrying a striker is a decent all-purpose weapon, as you can use it on ground targets, air targets, and MAX. It's not the best against MAX and it doesn't have alpha strike of a dumbfire, but I think if more TR carried them you'd see it a lot more effective in all of its roles.

    It has tradeoffs, something it is good at (it is hands down the best non-burster weapon for close range air deterrence), and is a pretty good standard-issue weapon TR could run around with and not be a bad choice except in more niche situations (pure indoor fight, long-range air/tanks).

    Feels pretty good. If anything I would say another mag's worth of ammo by default and maybe a slightly faster reload time or equip time. Pretty happy how it is shaping up. Solid, useful, not OP, meaningful tradeoffs, and skill growth opportunity.

    Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/...give_striker_ground_lock_on/cl4laan?context=1
  20. Goretzu

    The problem with the Striker is that it very quickly goes from being Striker 2.0 (actually decent performing ESRL, but nothing special) to the Striker 1.0 (horribly overpowered and game changing).

    In neither case was it a "niche weapon". The Striker 1.0 was the best all around RL in the game, by far, the Striker 2.0 was a good all around RL that was just a bit sup-bar to the Anni in a lot (but not all) ways.

    Where as both the Lancer and Pheonix are relatively niche, but neither perform exceptionally well in AV, AA or AI.

    Lancer = AV good, AA poor, AI poor.
    Pheonix = AV decent, AA poor, AI decent (for a RL).
    Striker 2.0 = AV decent, AA Good to V Good, AI poor.

    No matter what you'd think they'd have taken buffing the Striker 3.0 slowly (rather than 3 at a time), but we'll have to see how it performs now.