What scares me about Striker Buff

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    Then why don't we delete RLs and delegate AV to tanks and Liberators?
    If you want to kill a MAX, drop C4, use AI mines, or conventional bullets.... I heard the TR has a love for MORE bullets.
  2. ATRA_Wampa-One


    What do you mean "doing"?

    That's exactly what they did to ZOE.
  3. Leer

    I think we are saying almost the same thing. The worst item in game has been left to sit while weapons that didn't work all that well (but they did work) get attention first.
  4. Whatupwidat

    Nerfs can be buffed - they're not forever :p
  5. a-koo-chee-moya

    Yes, but the problem is SOE's tendency to overnerf things. ZOE hasn't been even useful in any situation for at least 6 months now, so with that as a precedent.....
  6. cruczi

    No... Every faction is happily running their Underbosses and Commies, so no faction in particular is in a hurry to get their ES pistols fixed. Meanwhile, NC and VS are happily using their Phoenixes and Lancers in roles that dumbfires and lockons don't fill, and TR are anxiously waiting to be also given something unique and something that WORKS.

    Correct, AMP it's just a downgraded Repeater. Mag-Scatter is outclassed by Desperado and Underboss at least. Spiker is just a downgraded burst fire Beamer with uber situational pseudo-OHK charge function. The thing with all these pistols is that pistols themselves don't fill any role besides being sidearms, backup weapons, things you use when your primary is reloading or if you happen to be a long range sniper or Stalker. The ES pistols don't fill any role that other pistols don't already fill, they just push the niche of a sidearm into an even narrower area. That's a problem for all three factions.

    Don't you think that question is even a little bit ridiculous? Striker had been an downgraded Annihilator for a loooong while before anyone did anything about it, much longer than the Spiker has been a nerfed Beamer. If anything, the question should be turned around, we should ask: Why is it that already a couple months into having the Spiker, there's talk of buffing it, when TR had to wait a year and a half for the Striker to be given a role outside of being direct downgrade to Annihilator?
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  7. Zotamedu

    There was no mystery about the Striker. People had evaluated it on the test server. Then it went live and everybody said the exact same thing again, only many more said the same thing since many more people tested it. There was nothing unknown or mysterious about the Striker. It was flat out bad. It was a straight downgrade from everything. It had no niche. It had nothing it was good at. It shouldn't have reached live in that state at all. The information from the test server should have been more than enough to say that it would be bad.
  8. cruczi

    Meanwhile, TR got nothing. AMP is a 1000 cert weapon that fills the exact same role as what you get for free, and it's worse at it. And NC got another shotgun (Woohoo!) I guess some call that a victory, but personally I'm getting a little bit bored of stuffing shotguns in every possible category. At least VS got something unique, even if it sucks too.

    I'll trade you the Spiker for the amp. You can keep that useless POS. It's so bad that the uniquesness doesn't matter beacuse how bad it is.
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    It's so situational that it doesn't even fill the role of a side-arm, or an ambush weapon.
    It's really bad at both.

    Yeah except the part where the Striker hit almost twice as hard as the Annihilator.
    What it meant was that the TR with strikers could doom (or force an exit from the area) an ESF with just two people, while NC and VS would need 3.

    Was the striker annoying to use? Oh definitely. Was it -bad-? No.

    There was also the horrible time when the Strike alone changed the way fights played out in ways no other weapon has even come close to replicate. Only comparable one is the old ZOE, although that's an ability and not a weapon per se.

    You're right in that there's talk as far as buffing the Spiker goes, but so far 'action' is strangely absent.
  11. Saber15

    The Striker revamp was an objectively worse version of the Lancer, and if you listen to the VS they'll tell you how they have it oh so hard with the Lancer. :rolleyes:

    They didn't need time to observe the Striker in practice, because they knew it was crap, the TR knew it was crap, everyone knew it was crap. It was on PTS for several weeks and even against stationary targets it was utter garbage (slower TTK against a flash than the Beamer).

    As for the "objectively worse":
    Lancer projectiles move ~5-6x faster
    Do more damage
    More rockets per mag
    More accurate
    Faster fire rate (IIRC)
    Hit out to vehicle render range
  12. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Maybe the AMP is useless because the Repeater is amazingly good, and giving anyone an ES sidearm that could top it would be OP?

    Be thankful you actually have a good ES sidearm, or at least some variety in your ES sidearm selection.
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  13. cruczi

    Well, that's a bit of a problem because VS getting AMP would tread on TR's empire trait niche. You don't have anything like the Repeater, so obviously you'd value having a weapon that's a worse Repeater. The point of comparison with each of the added pistols is the rest of the faction's pistol selection. It doesn't matter what weapons VS have when asking whether the AMP was a good addition to TR arsenal.
  14. GrandpaFlipfox

    I'm happy to say that it's been longer than that.:p This is the one and only case where I was totally okay with letting revenge and spite dictate game balance. VS can have a usable ES ability on the anniversary of the great ZOE nerf. Which is in December I think.

    Honestly though I'm long over the ZOE hate but one year of nothing for six months of arguably the most OP thing ever put into the game just feels right. Plus the Aegis shield has been broken for months and it never got that sprint function it was supposed to get. Not to mention lockdown was only ever good for burster and fracture maxes so of course those got nerfed because SOE noticed that people were actually using lockdown.
  15. Flag

    Same thing happened with the Spiker.
    Didn't seem to matter.

    Now the Striker does more AI (for whatever reason) damage, and it has the 20 meter home radius on air meaning that even a "miss" can do damage.
  16. cruczi

    FWIW I play all factions, essentially all ES sidearms are "my faction's sidearms". ;) But yes, I am thankful that TR sidearms are pretty good. VS needs better sidearms more than TR does.
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  17. cruczi

    Right. I'm not 100% on the dates when Striker got nerfed from its very original state, but regardless, Striker had been pointless for far longer than Spiker has been pointless. Does it matter if the weapon is completely crap or just slightly worse than another weapon? In both cases, there's no reason to use it. The argument that Spiker's fix is late because Striker was fixed in only one week is silly, because it took >1 year to fix Striker, and no one's even mentioned any fixes for AMP or Mag-Scatter.

    Was anyone happy with it? No.
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  18. Yeahy

    All factions still have decimator.
  19. cruczi

    I beg your pardon but what the donkey does that have to do with anything
  20. Yeahy

    Donkey? What?