What pistol should I buy for the NC?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Heywire56, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. Heywire56

    LA8 Rebel or LA3 Desperado? I play Light Assault most of the time and will pair it up with the AC-X11.
  2. MarvinGardens

    I'd go with the LA3 Desperado. Faster firing rate is more fun.
  3. Heywire56

    very well then 1 vote for the desperado
  4. Iridar51

    Rebel has its pros, but unless you have ungodly aim coupled with stable 60 FPS in all battles, you're better off with Desperado.
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  5. SeanFree

    Don't overlook the default Magshot, it's a pretty sweet little pistol with laser sight+suppressor. I used to run Commisioner a lot of the time and while it's good, the spam ability of a Magshot or the Desperado is good in a pinch.
  6. Heywire56

    Alright Iridar thanks for your explanation it made me come to my conclusion.. LA3 Desperado it is
  7. Heywire56

    Yeah I like the Mag shot a lot its really good but I wish to replace it. Also, I hate the Commissioner, if's good and has 600 dmg but if you miss, you'll have hell to pay.
  8. Iridar51

    600? Commissioner does 450 within 8m.
  9. Corezer

    mag shot for a silenced weapon when you can get sneaky. Desparado works too if u have the money.

    Commish is for weapons like GD7F where you spit so much ammo so fast you can sometimes run dry with a guy still alive so you gotta switch and the commish gives you the best shot at outright ending the fight in 1 shot, but the AC-X11 is a very efficient weapon so I wouldn't recommend it for this purpose.
  10. Ribero

    Hopefully that guy will weigh in on this, the one who mentions the pistols in his Sig.

    Klypto, I think it is.

    He seems to know a thing or two about pistols.
  11. Heywire56

    And the Desperado?
  12. Klypto

    If you like the MagShot, the Rebel is a slower firing but much more accurate and harder hitting upgrade.

    Desperado requires high headshot accuracy to be effective, body shots will half the time require more than the magazine (assuming you are human and get the standard range of 20-40% accuracy).
  13. MarvinGardens

    Plus, correct me if I'm wrong, the Commissioner seems to take longer to switch to. So when your primary runs dry and you need to switch to your pistol, you can whip out and fire the Desperado faster than the Commissioner.
  14. Grimtou

    My preference is for the Rebel - the damage is relatively high, but the reload is very quick (especially compared to the revolvers).

    The damage degredation is also not as bad as most pistols, which means it still hits like a truck at moderate ranges - you could easily sub in the Rebel at the optimal ranges for the AC-X11, whereas the desparado will require more hits....
  15. Iridar51

    You can see basic stats like that in the game. Desperado does up to 167 damage, and fires in bursts of 2 rounds.
  16. Yalk

    Hate to be that guy but...

    I picked up the crossbow when it was on super sale, it's ok at picking people off BUT with explosive bolts it acts like a mini recoiless rifle...favorite way to hunt sundies...I don't have it on all my loadouts but it's on my vehicle hunter...

    You can also kill turrets without having to waste a brick
    ...also scare tanks back from the front, giving your side a chance to push up...
    Finish off retreating vehicles
    Finish off wounded C4'd maxes

    It's a decent utility item....situational, but nice to have

    Yeah you lose a real secondary, so running out of ammo on your primary isn't an option...but if your primary goal is killing the sundy then it's fine...

    I like the Rebel and default otherwise
  17. Vikingo

    Seriously, it is hard to recommend what pistol to buy since everyone has different preferences. If you buy the Desperado there will be times you wish you had the Rebel and vice versa.

    But since you post this in the LA sub-forum and LAs often find themselves in CQC then I would recommend the Desperado.
    Panic spraying with it makes it very inaccurate and empties the clip to fast though IMO.
  18. Bankrotas

    Depends on your primary. GD-7F would go well with Rebel as better finisher, while Desperado is better sidearm for Razor GD-23 end of carbine spectrum. Or if you don't like compensating for primary weapon flaws, switch those two around.
  19. Sagabyte

    Whichever gun compliments your primary.

    If you have an SMG, you might want a strong sidearm to offset the low damage on the SMG (Rebel, Commissioner, X-Bow). If you have a sniper rifle / long range weapon with a slow RoF, get something fast firing (Underboss, Desperado, Mag-Shot).

    If you like the magshot, stick with it. It's a great gun.
  20. DHT#

    I really like the Desperado. It's much faster than the magshot (which is reliable, although not stellar by any means), and it holds it's accuracy well. The rebel didn't feel incredibly different than the magshot.

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