What non-infiltrators would like to see added to the infiltrator class?

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  1. Moonheart

    My other thread here has turned a bit weirdly, because I poorly wrote my original question.

    The point was not to ask what non-infiltrators would like to see infiltrator do with their current tools, but to ask what they would agree and enjoy to see infiltrators be able to do in the future.
    Therefor, since I can't edit the thread introduction anymore, I'm opening a new thread with a reformulated question.


    To sum up what I have been seing in the previous thread:

    Infiltrators currently all feel that there is very few for them to do to help others due to several factors:
    - Detection: 1 infiltrator on an ammo box is enough to cover the whole battlefield, making all other useless on this role
    - Terminal hacking: 1/2 terminal to hack once per base, if not destroyed.
    - Turret hacking: Absent of most bases, and most often destroyed in the first seconds of a battle by incomming vehicle without any way for the infiltrator to restore them

    This is very few to do for the whole population of infiltrators that would like to feel helpful and just not assassinate random people when opportunities araise.

    Infiltrators have been suggesting things since the release to extend their potential actions, but I think that the main factor to decide what SOE could accept to add to this class is how other people would percieve it: nothing will be given to infiltrator if it only piss off 100% of the other classes. Thus, discussing the matter only in our little class forum is not going to lead anywhere.

    I truly believe Infiltrators could be a greater part of strategies of every squad with some additions, but the additions made must not just be an annoyance to others or trolling factors, but also something the others would enjoy to feel to have on by their side. Darts and vehicle terminal hacking is a nice exemple of GOOD features of the infiltrator, but as I explained, this is just too few to do per base for the whole infiltrator population, so most of us are still doomed to play lonewolfs and troll you all to have things to do.

    So, once again, here is the question: What feature you non-infiltrators would enjoy to see added to the infiltrator class?
    What could a the same time help you, provide work for us all, and suit the "infiltrator" concept?
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  2. Atis

    Stuff useful for team ofc. No more of this lonewolfing "imma invisible and kill ppl" junk.

    More recon tools. Like recon suit with antenna in backpack, all infantry and vehicles in 50m radius are visible at world map for friendlies even if they are at another continent. Deployable remote cameras for platoon members, Flash with jammer to counter enemy's recon stuff. Deployable rotating darklight station with 30m reach, doesnt illuminate friendlies. Laser pointer with 10m reach and overheat mechanics, making enemy's tank glitter and attracting any targeted at it AP shell like coyote rocket to ESF.

    Hacking vehicles hinders their functions for 2 minutes. Should be nice to make hill sitters weak then call friend in AP lightning. Hacked AMS have higher cooldowns, blurred vision from inside or in equip terminal etc.
  3. Alzir

    Most infils don't even use the current tools at their disposable, so no point wasting any dev time in giving them more stuff to not use.
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  4. Moonheart

    Most of them don't use them because they are not well-thought.
    This is not by saying that devs should not give attention to our issue this is going to get any better...
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  5. Alan Kalane

    Real. Friggin. Hacking.
    Like seriously, it's a distant future. You should be able to hack into almost everything.
    It's a good thing SOE is working on the AI now, because it opens a whole lot of new possibilities for the infiltrators.

    Imagine some kind of battle droids in the game. They would only spawn if a facility is under attack. An infiltrator could for example hack the main computer to make the droid malfunction and shoot everything that moves, enemies and allies, and even other droids. That'd be cool.

    Or some kind of a base defense mechanism, like the ability to inject toxic gass through the vents in some buildings via a toggle. The infiltrator could hack into that building's console and prevent the enemy from injecting more gass.

    Etc. Etc.
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  6. breeje

    i just want to sneak kill all the enemy's with my commissioner/x-bow and sometimes with my smg
    maybe this is because there is nothing else to do that really matters for the infiltrator
  7. K2k4

  8. LodeTria

    I think LA's need more teamplay elements than Infiltrators do. Infiltrators have the motion spotter, one of the best abilities in the game for team-play purposes.
  9. WorldOfForms

    We need look no further than PS1 for more things for infiltrators to do. Infiltrators in PS2 are a shallow joke compared to PS1 infiltrators.

    Teamplay things Infils could do in PS1:

    Hack and steal enemy vehicles
    Hack doors and capture points much faster than other infantry (typically)
    Sneak into spawn rooms and hack the terminals
    Sneak into spawn rooms and destroy the spawn tubes
    Sneak into the generator and destroy it, cutting base power and breaking the base's lattice link (you could single-handedly deny an entire empire MBTs, at least temporarily)
    Hack and steal AMS
    Use the T-REK to disrupt enemy vehicles (vehicles slows down and loses steering capability temporarily)
    Install viruses into enemy bases for various effects to hinder defenders
    Fly the Phantasm, a cloaking transport aircraft (could shuttle around 4 other players invisibly, drop them anywhere)
    Heal troops or repair armor (obviously this won't happen in PS2)
    Use a Laze Pointer to lay down waypoints for troop movements, or more importantly, serve as targeting for long range artillery
    Sneak into enemy territory and lay traps (infils could carry mines, C4, motion spotters, spitfire turrets)
    Use the Command Uplink Device to EMP enemy deployables

    There is probably more things I'm not remembering.
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  10. Alzir

    The players are not well thought? I agree.

    The motion spotter is the MOST powerful deployable in the game. It's close to OP.
  11. Stromberg

    tracking darts or laser pointer to paint vehicles would be sth.
  12. STR1D3R109

    I dont know if they will, but hacking enemy spitfires could be pretty sweet.
    Radar jammers could work pretty well too (Maybe even put a map fuzz when your close to it like COD back in the day lol)
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  13. Moonheart

    And it doesn't puzzle you somehow that players don't use that tool much more if it's that powerful?
    Doesn't it ring a bell in your mind saying "there should be a problem with it" ?
  14. Enguzrad

    Engineers are able to safely remove mines, so let infiltrators hack mines. I'm not sure how they would do it, but someone will think up a way.
  15. Areski

    IFF scrambler grenades? Have varying radii based on device. A tank mine could be affected from a good distance (relatively), AI mines less, spitfire turrets if the grenade lands right on. Could have them switch sides or attack everyone.

    It could have interesting effects on IFF shields, too.

    Edit: Or replace the dart gun with IFF scrambler darts.
  16. Alzir

    Sorry what do you mean here?

    There's nothing really to be puzzled about. It has to be max rank to be properly useful, which is an expensive investment, and I'd conservatively estimate that 95% of infils are so useless they don't even use their darts.
  17. Paragon Exile

    The ability to lock and unlock doors.
  18. Moonheart

    Do you realize that people don't become suddently more stupid because they choose a class over another class?
    Yes, us infiltrators have the same average IQ than all other PS2 players.

    It means that if 95% of us don't use those darts, this is because there is a good reason for it.
    This is what you should wonder about.
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  19. Obyx

    The only reason an Infiltrator should not be spamming their Recon Tools is because they're all out of them, and can't find a competent Engineer or a terminal to resupply from. There is nothing wrong with the Recon Tools you have, and in fact they are probably too powerful (especially the dildar). The fact that your average MLG body shot sniper or super secret Stalker Cloak ninja doesn't use them doesn't change this.
  20. Trudriban

    TR infil armor that's actually noticeable and pretty, maybe vehicle hacking