What non-combat THING do you want to see added so badly it hurts?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Epic High Five, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. CWorth

    Weather would certainly be a top pick for me.
  2. Flukeman62

    i want to be able to play a tiny tiny violin every time i get a hate /tell.
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  3. Hibiki54

    Sanctuary and the HART.
  4. Squibo

  5. Daieron

    I want the Rec rooms and kitchens back from PS1.
  6. darthraven118

    weather, water, towns and such (aka civilian structures), sewers, animals, deeper voices for both male and female.
  7. Pixelshader

    caves and tunnels designed primarily as a scythe obstacle course
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  8. Manloriel

  9. Mustarde

    I like your idea from another thread.

    Instead of a suppressor for the revolvers, an enloudener.
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  10. Boastnbrag

    Invisibility cloak over (edit DEPLOYED) sunderers like in ps1
    Vehicle Hacking
    Warp gates you can warp vehicles to other continents like ps1
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  11. m44v

    Some way to change vehicle loadouts.
  12. Turkeys!

    Ability to salvage vehicle wrecks when they implement that ANT stuff and the resource overhaul.
  13. KnightCole

    Id love to see a Space port facility with one of those super cruiser things parked in it.

    Then, there is an A point on the Bridge, a B point at Weapons control, a C point in the cargo Bay

    At the Space port we have a D point in the Control Tower, an E point at the Air craft Hangars and an F point at the Flak gun area.

    Then we could finally put those big *** guns in the tech plants to use. Putting like 3 of them around the base for the defenders use.

    And a Train would be cool, Train station battle, Nanite trains?
  14. TacticalButterknife

    Being able to yell some form of battlecry of taunt, which will be faction specific of course. Imagine an infantry charge of 100+ men all yelling "For the Republic!"
  15. MarvinGardens

    ESF's should be able to release colored smoke and write words in the sky!

    "Mommy mommy! Why is there a giant ***** in the skies of Auraxis!"
  16. MurderBunneh

    Voice packs. Radial voice macro menu that doesn't get you killed trying to use it.
  17. Pikachu

    And we'd say "For the Emperor!".
  18. WyrdHarper

    Also a correctly functioning crouch camera would be great. (Not just for combat; it loses me lots of hide and go seek tournaments)
  19. Spude

    Continent locking.

    Its been too long since there were LOT of players on amerish / esamir. Id love to experience the huge fights on amerish :<
  20. vsae

    Continent Locking
    Intercontinental Lattice
    Weapon design/sounds overhaul
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