What non-combat THING do you want to see added so badly it hurts?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Epic High Five, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Epic High Five

    Two words:



    Also I think smoke rockets for ESFs would be fun.
  2. TheFamilyGhost

    Advanced Resource Paradigms
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  3. Sen7rygun

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  4. treeHamster

    I would like weather that was MANDATORY and couldn't simply be turned off.

    More water obstacles! (maybe then the devs would actually give the Magrider the ability to go over it without esploding)
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  5. Predator01cz

    Exterior seats on MBTs (but HA couldn't use rocket launchers and engies repair tools, for I can already see the forum cries)

    Galaxy ability to carry armor (giving up peasant space, but could still carry fully loaded Sundies)
    kinda like the carryalls from Dune2000

    Darker nights + slots for searchlights on armor secondaries, lib secondary and galaxy secondary/tertiary/quaternary
    Just imagine those godly light cones of death coming from the night sky.
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  6. whitupiggu

    An option to turn off bloom.
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  7. Flapatax

    I would say this if I didn't think the game would collapse on itself and form a black hole.

    I suppose command drawing on maps. That or emblems on my armor.
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  8. Paperlamp

    I'd like to see medics/engis/MAXes in need of repair and dead friendlies on the map regardless of what class I am. Would help to know what my faction is lacking at the moment.
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  9. SinerAthin


    Fierce, howling and blinding blizzards that would cover Esamir's surface!

    Violent dust storms that could sweep across Indar's northern desert at any moment, usually disappearing as quick as they arrived.

    Rain! Mist!

    Imagine how awesome it would be to fight on Hossin, with rain pouring down and a thick mist haunting the swamp! Or lead a tank column on a bold flanking maneuver through a raging sandstorm against an entrenched enemy!
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  10. Takoita

    Speaking of MAXes, travel mode.
    Galaxy vehicle transport.
    No-teleporter, no-jumppad base layout.
    Being able to switch vehicle loadouts at certain facilities.
    Proper chat between platoon leads across continents.

    A whole lotta things, really.
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  11. Poorform

    +1 for Weather

    Would also love to see random events, like a meteor shower in the sky.
  12. Pikachu

    Properly shared XP in vehicles.
    Continent lock / lattice.
    Snowfall on Esamir. Slow like in minecraft but less dense.
    Vehicles not taking damage when flipped and ability to flip flash and harasser.
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  13. MasonSTL

    NPCs in the warpgate for emersion. Some working on tanks, some around tables planning, some shooting targets, ect.
  14. Epic High Five

    Wow, weather is a lot more popular than I thought. I hadn't even thought about it lol

    I love the idea of kills/xp being shared fully in vehicles and seeing the Galaxy ascend to it's rightful place as King of the Skies and Our Hearts would also be excellent.
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  15. Teegeeack

    Bigger breasts on female characters.
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  16. Epic High Five

    But then how will you draw your bow to slay your enemies forthwith?
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  17. Squibo



    VS equipment sponsored by BadDragon
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  18. Cab00se187

    >To be able to see pilots in their vehicles(That have windows)
    >Inside view of sunder/galaxy seats(not gunner seats)
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  19. Ryme







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  20. treeHamster