What next weapon should I unlock? (VS)

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  1. Tovarisch Maxim

    Now, later on I would plan on getting a new weapon unlock.

    I thought about the VX6-7 due to It's increased fire rate, and therefore more DPS, but the problem is, I think it would suffer in longer range due to the increased recoil.

    I then thought about the Pulsar C, because It's literally a hard hitting truck, as described by Planetside 2 youtubers, and I think I don't see this weapon as having any drawbacks.

    I'm asking this, because I'm looking to replace my Solstice SF with a more efficient weapon with better outstanding capabilities to be able being more versatile in the battlefield.

    So which first weapon choice purchase is better - VX6-7 or Pulsar C?

    And in case you are wondering, yes I'm primary an Light assault/Engineer user.
  2. DarkStarAnubis

    Try Horizon with Capsulate Ammo.

    That weapon is good and it has a zero Bloom when aiming: you do not need to burst fire at all.

    Zero Bloom and Capsulate Ammo extend the engagement range making it as good as the Pulsar C at range.

    And in CQC you have zero CoF: it means you can hipfire 9 rounds and having a better cone of fire than a Pulsar C hip firing the first bullet (0.11*9 = 0.99 versus 1).

    You have two good weapons into one.
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    long time ago i played VS and found Pulsar C as perfect weapon for me, it's accurate, it hit hard, maybe it's obvious but it have more damage per mag aswell. Also i tried 6-7 in VR training room and it's horisontal recoil looks horrible.

    This days i play TR only and after certain amount of time now i prefer weapons with most hip fire potential, so i don't know, maybe if i try 6-7 now i will love it. But i can recommend Pulsar C anyway, especially if you have plans to unlock auraxium Solstice with infinite ammo.
  4. TRspy007

    First off, the solstice VE3 is the best VS carbine. The solstice SF with under barrel shotgun (and the eclipse which is the same thing) are close runner ups. If you are bored of these or want to unlock the eclipse for some reason, go with the Zenith.

    The Zenith will never be good nor bad in any situation. It is a versatile weapon, a solid choice to replace the solstice, particularly for its x 0.75 ADS multiplier.

    The Pulsar C is a great weapon for mid-long range engagements, however you do sacrifice fire rate for an accurate, harder hitting weapon. To enjoy the Pulsar, you must know how to land head shots and stay away from close range engagements when you can, as you will be at the mercy of shotguns, SMGs and other fast firing weapons. This weapon brings out more of a "roof monkey" kind of game play, as even though it is good and mid-long range, it is still a carbine, and lacks the power of LMGs and other heavy weapons, you will want to find cover, and peek in and out just long enough to burst a few head shots before anyone's the wiser. Do not put a grip on this gun, as the weapon is so accurate the grip actually takes away some of it's accuracy (it's true!) so go with laser instead.

    The VX6-7 is a trap. I bought this weapon after the serpent believing it was going to be like the Lynx, I was extremely disappointed. The serpent is a much more versatile and effective close-mid range weapon than the VX6-7. I had extreme fun when using the serpent, while VX6-7 was a nightmare.

    If you want to have a bit more fun, the horizon is also an interesting weapon, that remains pretty effective close to long range, and also has the benefit of being dead accurate from hip fire.

    There are other choices though, carbines do bring forth versatility and can be used in flight by the light assault but there's nothing wrong with some specialization. The Sirius SX12 was probably the best SMG I ever used. I had extreme fun with it, and it's long mag, decent damage, velocity and accuracy meant I was able to score kills past typical SMG range. I would suggest at least giving this weapon a try one day. Another decent SMG is the Canis, which performs more like a carbine than an SMG actually. Of course, there's also full auto and pump shotguns for ambusher light assaults, but that's another story lol.

    I give this advice to you as an engineer main on TR and LA main on VS, TR and NC, so yeah, I have played a bit with those class loadouts lol. For engineer, I would say now that ASP exists, carbines are useless, obviously LMGs are way better. If you don't have ASP yet, since engineer is a support role, I would say that a battle rifle is probably a better idea than a carbine, especially since VS have the best one right now (Obelisk) of course, the pulsar would be a good choice here too. As for the LA, if you go with the pulsar, you're going to want to swap the C4 for medkits, you shouldn't be engaging close range anyways.

    Because of all these pesky snipers, I wouldn't recommend trying to engage in a long range play style, but that's just my opinion. I hope this long-a$$ essay was of some use to you. Good luck!
  5. InexoraVC

    Horizon from my point of view is the best weapon for Light Assault with Ambusher jets. Without capsulated ammo.
  6. Eternaloptimist

    I find that the VX 6-7 is good for CQC and and a bit further out. It has a good hipfire. Pulsar would be good if you can headshot reliably (I can't). It is a bit like an NC weapon - hits harder but slower rate of fire punishes misses more.

    The Zenith is a decent all-rounder but lacks SPA or HVA options. I prefer it for shortish and medium range engagements (not CQC), where the 0.75 ADS offers some help.
  7. Erendil

    This is no longer the case. :D That bug got squashed ~3 years ago. Forward grips now reduce horizontal tolerance by the same percentage as the horizontal recoil to prevent such an occurrence.

    Source: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/game-update-7-7.241708/

    Thank Iridar51 for bringing it to the Devs' attention. :cool: You can read more about it here: http://iridar.net/how-forward-grips-were-fixed/


    To the OP,

    If you're looking for a replacement for the Solstice SF... When choosing between the VX6-7 or Pulsar C. it's the Pulsar C all the way. The VX6-7 is a CQC weapon that's overshadowed by it's brother the Serpent. Don't bother with the VX6-7 unless you're trying to unlock the Directive carbine.

    OTOH the Pulsar C kills faster than the SF and is one of the most accurate carbines in the game. You can't go wrong with it.

    I would also try out the Solstice Burst. It's my favorite VS carbine. It has identical stats to the VS default carbine (Solstice), but it's WAY more accurate - almost as accurate as the Pulsar C - and a breeze to chain headshots with. :cool: The downside is that it only fires in 3-round bursts, which some people have trouble with.

    Also, don't forget about the NS-11C. It's not VS-specific, but it's quite versatile and a lot of players swear by it. It's basically a Solstice SF with 5 more rounds in the mag and that sweet .75x moving ADS multiplier. Its vertical recoil is a lot less than the SF too (.22 vs .28), making it easier to handle.
  8. pnkdth

    I love the fact the OP has gotten almost as many different pieces of advice as people who has replied to this thread. xD

    Pulsar C is a fantastic weapon and seem to fill all your requirements.
  9. TRspy007

    Lol for real? I haven't used the seriously Pulsar in about that long lool. I've been focusing on all the directives so I guess I never paid attention to that. But yeah, back in my days, no grip on the pulsar lol.
  10. Peebuddy

    You should really consider the Serpent, it's similar in stats to the GD-7F and that gun's a beast. Almost exact play styles too, blow someone away, run away and reload, rinse & repeat. It just has enough range on it that'll be very useful in any base fight, put a grip on it and just send walls of lazers at your targets, chances are you'll get a few headshots and headshots are king in this game.

    If you play LA a lot then this weapon really is your best bet to level the playing field again NC GD-7Fs and Tr Kindreds
  11. TR5L4Y3R

    personaly i took the vx67 over serpent ... if you want a ranged option for your engineer .. rather than the pulsar or ursa imo go for the obelisk battlerifle ..

    but yea vx67 first i say ...