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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Teh sweggod, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Teh sweggod

    Ok so I've thought about this for awhile now and since DBG haven't made any guns for us light assaults, medics or engineers they should combine the weapon pool for all three classes( except the anti material rifle). Honestly there's no reason not to because it doesn't make sense that light assaults and engineers only have carbines and medics have assault rifles because a carbine is just an assault rifle with a shortened barrel, so why not just make assault rifles and carbines available since there hasn't been any new weapons made for either class in awhile.

    P.S if you think this shouldn't happen because no one would be using carbines anymore then you should be rallying for a carbine buff, plus I think a change like this would spice gameplay up a lot, seeing a light assault with a battle rifle would be cool or a medic with a high ROF carbine would be sick too
  2. Skiptrace

    1.A rifle comes with a longer barrel than a carbine.
    2.The barrel of a rifle has grooves in it producing a “spin” on the bullet.
    3.Carbines are lighter due to the shorter design.
    4.The difference in accuracy between the rifle and the carbine is minimal and would usually depend on the skill of the handler.

    That's the differences between a Carbine and a Rifle (Akin to the Battle Rifles, but does work on the same principal as an Assault Rifle.)

    The Light Assault is a LIGHT skirmisher class, built for speed and the ability to move from place to place very fast all while mowing targets down from a nice vantage point. An Assault Rifle is heavier than an Assault Carbine (Regular Carbines are Semi-Auto, Assault Carbines are what the Light Assault uses), but trades it for better accuracy and bullet velocity (for the most part, atleast in real life) I could see a potential argument for allowing Engineers and Medics to both use Assault Rifles and Assault Carbines, but not the Light Assault. I could also petition for a Battle Carbine style of gun to be added for Light Assaults that would function similar to the way the Warden, Shadow, and other Battle Rifles do, except with a shorter barrel, and therefore a shorter range than the Warden, Shadow, etc.

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  3. Teh sweggod

    Ok, but in ps2 weapon weight isn't a big deal so I don't really see the whole assault rifle is heavier than a carbine argument so yea. Also grooves in the barrel isn't really relevant to planetside 2 either, and assault rifles and carbines basically perform on par in this game too, you seem to mention a lot of real life components to define the difference but in this game the only real difference is a few points in accuracy and a higher damage drop off for carbines, and plus why go through all that extra work and testing to make some sort of weird battle carbine thing when we have battle rifles for medics, engineers, and heavies already? And in some ways an assault rifle can drop people faster because of the higher damage and in some cases higher fire rate than some carbines in the game
  4. Skiptrace

    Weapon weight still applies... Nanites still have mass... Carbines still are meant to deal less damage than Assault Rifles. I would rather them make a Battle Carbine class of weapon that is like the Battle Rifle, just less range like AC-X11 range would be perfect for a Battle Carbine. It gives more variety than just copy and pasting the already there weapons, AND it makes realistic sense.
  5. Teh sweggod

    Are you sure weapon weight applies? A light assault carrying an smg runs the same speed as a heavy assault carrying an lmg.. Plus weapon sway really only applies to an infiltrator, and light assaults are a class that NEEDS more firepower, they need to be able to take any class down quickly and effectively.. The only way to do that is either A) buff ALL carbines or B) mix the weapons between medic, engineer, and light assault. This will give LA the power to deal with heavy assaults or even deal with long range targets by making their weapons cater to all ranges, every class has weapons for all ranges except light assault and the only way to make light assault a competent class is to give them AR's and battle rifles on top of their carbines
  6. Iridar51

    ARs don't have magical powers. They're better at ranged combat, that's it. The real difference in effectiveness is in the range of 1-3 extra bullets needed to kill. ARs > carbines is not what holding off the LA when fighting HAs. LMGs have large mags, which allows them to reliably kill a target, even if the target uses damage mitigation (another HA) or is actively trying to dodge incoming fire. That's it. That's literally the only advantage LMGs have, trading DPS and accuracy for it.

    What's holding the LA performance against HA is the HA shield. ARs won't solve that issue in the least. I still think LAs should have them, but it's not a big deal.
  7. Eternaloptimist

    The buffed burst carbines have much better longer range accuracy now in my experience - I'd think twice about swapping one for an AR. It would ne nice if select fire mode carbines had the same accuracy on their burst selection. Strangely, real life assault rifles weren't built to have the same long range accuracy of a standard rifle, that's just how the game mechanic differs from real life. And don't forget you can get S variant carbines with three different underbarrel launchers to choose from. Generally I think carbines come in a more versatile range of options and are fine as they are for giving LA a range of tactical options.
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  8. jmdafk

    I think its correct as it is, PS2 does it for balance not realism.

    If i could use a sabr or torq9 on my LA id spend all my life in trees being more annoying than a kd padding sniper.
    LA is meant to ambush so a short range carbine is fine. im not very good at LA, but ive found it the one weapon class i cant fault as the LA class more than any other is about positioning rather than firepower.
  9. Leivve

    LA is meant to attack from unexpected angles and positions. the problem though is those positions are normally 20'ish meters up and the target is 10-20 meters out. so you're using a weapon outside it's intended range.
  10. SQPD

    You can still be unexpected out at AR range. An LA with an AR sounds brutal to me. I still think most LAs will pick carbines over ARs because of the LAs inclination to gravitate towards CQC environments because its jetpack ability aids in CQC more than is does in ranged combat.
  11. RedArmy

    its posts like these where you get the feeling where people dont get the real life aspects of weapon size and weights. Look at carbines, real life equivalent of the M4 (ar15) fairly well rounded and can be quite bulky still at up to 7 pounds. if you want to upgrade to the AR class you get the M16 which is a larger and longer version of the M4 at another 2lbs. If you really wanna compare how the extra length and weight DO actually matter it can be quite shocking. than the LMGs like the M249 (saw) at 22lbs.... these weapons are heavy and exhausting to use.
    try for urselves, run around with a 6 pound weight in your hand all day, ALL DAY and see how tiring it becomes, than imagine the AR is a 9lb weight. its not much weight, but its painful after awhile
  12. Iridar51

    1. Inconsequential. Soldiers in PlanetSide 2 rarely live longer than ten minutes. Even few hours seems like an impossibility.
    2. I've compared real life carbines to real life ARs, and then cross-referenced that analysis with ARs vs carbines in PS2. In short, carbines in PS2 lose more in effective range than what they gain in mobility compared to real life scenarios, where there's little reason to even use a full sized rifle.
  13. nehylen

    Most carbines go into their second tier of damage loss around ~40m. The only thing that's going to penalize you before that range is lower velocity, which even with CQC carbines isn't that much of an issue before 30m (though you'll have lost your 1st tier of damage sooner). Also slightly higher first shot recoil on comparable AR.
    I frequently see the request to have ARs on this or that class, but that move would be mostly inconsequential. The mess within the interface's list of guns would have more impact than the lauded and questionable superiority of ARs.

    I consider carbines as slightly superior alternatives to ARs in most fights myself; even as TR and those supposedly godlike ARs. Panic (or not) hipfire is so underrated by so many on these boards.
  14. SQPD

    Which is precisely why I say most light assaults will keep using carbines, but to throw the ARs in would give the light assault a new role it so badly needs during its existential crisis caused by the heavy assaults. ARs will provide an edge at range or at least the illusion of said advantage which will make light assault seem more appealing again.