what NC sniper rifle do yu use

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  1. vanu123

    It's all in their heads, I'm sure there is a delay but its so small its almost not even worth noting.
  2. vanu123

    Bolt Driver is free and is superior to the other faction specific starting sniper rifles.
  3. _itg

    At best those are approximate equivalents. I'm not going to argue about what gun is better. The 100-cert bolt actions are literally identical to the Bolt Driver, though.
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  4. _itg

    It's 0.2 seconds. You can see it by aiming at a dummy, clicking and then jerking your cursor to the side. You'll miss the target.
  5. iller

    Free vs 100cert is only important if you immediately started playing the game free-to-play as an infiltrator Main.
    ....Which I did...
    ...and would not under any circumstance...
    ...recommend to anyone....
    ...or ever do again if I'd had it to do over....

    I can't think of a harder possible way to have learned this game in its original form.
    It's like choosing the "Deprived" as your darksouls starting class on your first playthrough....maybe worse
  6. Peasnriz

    Oh snap I did that also, the 99sv TR starter rifle was a terrible first weapon to get, the optics are 6x and above which means you have scope sway and are too magnified to use close range which adds up to a bad newbie experience for wannabe snipers. Giving the KSR SASR(x4 optics and below) would have been a much more forgiving choice I feel.
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  7. Skiptrace

    I'm going to have to say, i HATE bolt action in this game, namely because of the STUPID inability to use Straight Pull Bolt, with Vertical Grip. Why must I go out of scope to pull the bolt Up, Back, Forward, and Down all in a matter of a second? Real Life Snipers dont have to do that! So why must the "highly trained" infiltrators? This game pulls a bunch of other IRL stuff into it... so why is this a mechanic here? I prefer the Gauss SPR IMO, but i havent unlocked it, i just have the basic Bolt Driver, the Railjack is ok also because the bullet doesnt follow a traditional trajectory (it doesnt drop due to physics that I could tell from testing it in VR Training)
  8. QuantumSerpent

    I did that, fortunately the starter quiz gave me the TSAR-42 for free (and I racked up enough certs for the M77-B pretty quickly). I think I have like 4 kills with the 99SV. (I exclusively played Infiltrator through BR 25 or so).
  9. QuantumSerpent

    Why on earth do you want a front grip? With the chamber time it does quite literally nothing whatsoever. (Chamber time on a TSAR-42 is 1.2s I believe, that's more than long enough for a complete recovery from recoil).
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  10. haniblecter

    The SASr is such fun with a silencer and immediately behind lines. Such an utter joy and true utilty to a grid fight.
  11. Waratorium

    The Gauss SPR is a dumb weapon. Its basically a clone of the Impetus, but instead of having the 3.5/4x scopes that the impetus has (which are perfect for the Impetus) it is restricted to the big scopes that are only suitable for the SAS-R/Longshot/Bolt Driver/Railjack.
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  12. Skiptrace

    Do i have the TSAR-42? No. I'm playing NC or VS mostly. TR guns arent for me. and, when i'm sniping i use a lower DPI than when i'm playing regularly. My problem is, why do I need an attatchment for somthing that, people in real life can do so easily, in fact when I use a bolt action rifle IRL, I barely if ever while i'm shooting at the target, get away from my sight (typically a 1x or even just the plain rail sight) so, why do I need to Scope, Un-scope, Pull bolt, and then Rescope without the Straight Pull Bolt? It wouldnt be OP... In fact the sniping skill celing would go UP, because noobs would keep in sight, and get blindsided by another sniper, and I would laugh every time it happened. Also, why cant you stay in sight while re-loading, but that's another topic entirely...

    I prefer Semi-Auto Snipers like the base VS sniper, the Nyx, or the Gauss SPR personally.
  13. _itg

    The NC and VS equivalents of the TSAR-42 are the SAS-R and Ghost, respectively. They're literally all the same gun. What he's saying (and I agree) is that recoil is irrelevant on any bolt-action, because by the time you can fire again, your crosshair has long since returned to exactly the same place.

    What's more, it's advisable to unscope after every shot, even with the straight-pull bolt attachment, because it increases your situational awareness and helps you not get countersniped. Straight-pull is still useful in this case, because it allows you to rescope during the rechamber animation, so you can snipe faster, overall.
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  14. iller

    Right... by the time the Quiz had come out, there had also been several improvements to CERT gain for infiltrators / spotting as well and a Fix to the massive Frame-Drop performance of Scopemode / UI / & the render culling involved in it. But before all that ... imagine only being able to maybe make roughly 2000 SPH b/c the only thing you did that gave XP was headshot bonuses ... but you're only getting 15 fps when you scope into a medium sized fight so good luck GETTING headshots ... and added on to that there was NO COMMISSIONER or even an Underboss so your were practically defenseless in closer combat. Oh and there was one other little problem ... HE and RocketPodders could kill you instantly even if you wore lvl 3 FLAK armor (FLAK armor hadn't been buffed yet either at that point). so yeah, there was a reason my starting KDR was 0.5 then while it's 2.0-3.5 on average these days. (and 10k SPM when I'm slacking off)
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  15. QuantumSerpent

  16. Sierra331

    I honestly prefer the Railjack. Given the choice between the other NC sniper rifles and the RJ, I'd stick with the RJ. It's more reliable at long range, more accurate, and when applied properly as a long range "assassination rifle" rather than using it to fire at moving targets, it becomes a killing machine, great for counter sniping and picking off important targets like medics and engineers on their turrets.

    My first day with the Railjack it was night time on Indar, I noticed that the VS had a strong group on a mountainside abusing the old MANA AV-Turret, so I made my way up the mountain side around their flank and started picking off a couple engineers on the turrets. Then their medics came to pick them up, so I targeted the medics after they were done patching up their boys. Once the medics were eliminated, I killed off the engineers and their heavy supports for a clean wipe of that entire grid.

    The rest of the NC army made its way up the mountain/hillside and cleaned up their MAX support, which there were like, two of them left at that point. :cool:
  17. -WHeaties

    I've auraxium'd every single BASR on the NC bar the SAS-R.
    • Bolt-driver - is good as a starting rifle, but once you get the certs for any other BASR swap it out immediately. The NC have certainly gotten the best end of the stick for this one.
    • SAS-R - is basically a Bolt-driver with low zoom scopes and a higher RPM. Whilst you may think that is a disadvantage, it means that you hardly need to compensate for bullet drop. Targets out to ~200m are easy once you get the feel of the drop. Anything beyond 200m with normally result in a minimum 2 hit kill even if you get a headshot.
    • LA80/EM4 Longshot - Both excel out to ~400m where it is no longer able to one hit kill, with the LA80 falling ~20m short of the Longshot in this aspect. Longshot has slightly more damage & bullet velocity, LA80 chambers the round slightly faster. These two rifles are interchangeable, use whichever feels more comfortable and don't waste your certs on buying both unless you are going for the aurax. If I were to pick one I'd go with the LA80 cause it looks better than the Longshot IMO and the faster chamber time is more appealing for me.
    • AF-8 Railjack - Where to begin on this one...STAY AWAY FROM IT (unless ofc you want the aurax). The rifle is a gimmick to the fullest extent. Let me explain:
      • The one advantage of the AF-8 that is not fundamentally flawed is that it can OHK out (and maybe beyond) infantry render distance. That being said if you need anything that can OHK out that far I'd say you aren't being of any help to the battle and your SPM/KPM will be much lower.
      • 4 Rounds per mag: more reloading = more chances of being caught in a reload. Less ammunition than other rifles.
      • Highest chamber time of all BASRs in the game. Less heads are popped and you are punished much more if you miss.
      • It has the fastest bullet velocity. This would be great if it didn't have the damn awful charge up time. If a Railjack and a Longshot were to be fired at the same time, the Longshot would hit a target first out to ~350m. So then I suppose you have a respectable 100m till max render distance BUT read the first dot point again.
      • Which brings me to the charge up time...the bane of the Railjack. As mentioned above the charge up time does you no service at all and is considered the balancing factor of this rifle. The Railjack WILL mess up your muscle memory of how BASRs work in the game simply due to it's charge up time. "Oh but I can adjust my shot after I pull the trigger" - Well yes and no. Yes you can change your aim since the charge takes ~0.2-0.3 seconds but considering the average placers reaction time is ~0.1 seconds that leaves you ~0.1 seconds to switch up your aim which in the end may cause you to miss more than you hit. Not to mention that during charge up, your target may move the slightest bit causing you to waff your shot.
      • The next point continues from the previous one but is one which I feel deserves its own dot. Some people like to bring up the point that it is better for hitting repping/healing enemies or dueling with other infiltrators. To be blunt they're wrong. It can be guaranteed that any veteran engie or medic will be moving around while going about their business which means you'll be having a hard time leading due to that charge up time. As for dueling infils...let's take two players that have the same same skill, reaction time, tactics etc. One has a Railjack the other has a Parralax/RAMS. 50. The one with the Railjack has to stand still whilst he is charging the shot or miss fluffing it, 0.2 seconds may not seem like a lot BUT in an infiltrator duel, it is noticeable and whoever get's the first shot off wins. This naturally gives the advantage to the non-Railjack user.
    Fun fact: If you stand beyond 400m shields covering spawns do not render. Hint: Infantry render distance is 450m.

    This post is getting long so I'll continue it in another.
  18. -WHeaties

    I suppose I should actually answer the question now lol.
    • Long range: LA80 - though I expect the Moonshot will become my main since it seems superior to any other BASR at range.
    • Up to 200m: SAS-R simply because almost no compensation is required with the 4x scope and still a OHK. Get one that doesn't obstruct your view too much and use the one with the crosshair.
    • Extreme range: After slamming it I suppose the AF-8 does deserve some respect. Through sheer stats it is undoubtedly, at extreme ranges, the best BASR in the game.
    Give the silencers a chance too, find a nice spot behind enemy lines and pick away for ~20kills before one of them gets smart and hunts you. Hell I've placed my self in front of a tree at Regents Rock and the enemy would just push by without noticing me, sometimes the simple spots are best.
    If you are embarking on the journey to the Moon(shot) it is a long but quite pleasant one. I would recommend to get the mountain out of the way and aurax the AF-8 first so the rest is more enjoyable in comparison.
    Also just to address a few things that I've seen:
    It's a game get over it. Why would you want a vert. grip? It does absolutely nothing for vertical recoil (if you can even notice it while you rechamber), and considering your one shot only has vertical and no horizontal recoil the vert. grip would purely be a cosmetical bonus.

    Also, if you must know unless you specifically have a modified latch (either external or internal) to prevent the bolt from locking down (which all mil-spec sniper rifles have) then even IRL sharpshooters would have to bolt up, back forward and down. Good luck keeping your scope on point if you bolt-up, you might as well unzoom in the game then since your rifle will be pointed downwards. Lone behold there is a modification (just like in IRL) which stops the full cycle of the bolt making it so you only have to pull back and forth.

    Just FYI all BASRs are the same bar the Railjack. E.g. TSAR-42=SAS-R=Ghost, SR-7=LA80=V10, Bighorn=Moonshot=Parsec
  19. MarkAntony

    I have pretty much the same opinion. In a sniper duel this thing WILL get you killed. And that is why I will never touch it again ( I already have the auraxium with, it after all)

    I'll just go to the longshot after auraxiuming all the Sniper Rifles.