What nc max weapon should I get next

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Bape, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Bape

    I finally finished with my hacksaws beside one arm using slug which was a disaster. Now im looking for a replacement I use slugs so I need something that better then the hacksaws im kinda looking at the grinders since they are only 250 cert each.

    Yes I know I have to put down 1300 cert to be effective but what NC doesn't know that :rolleyes:.
  2. TheBlindFreak

    I use scats with slugs now, but that's because I already had one scat. IIRC Mattocks are the "ranged" shotgun, not sure how it works compared to scats.

    But scats will be cheaper, and they work just fine for me. It's hilarious watching those pesky infantry stand 20-30m away and shooting while they think they are safe. Nope. Slug to the face. #sluglyfe
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  3. DashRendar

    Hacksaws are the best. Just use them. Refer to my sig if you have any questions.
  4. Pikachu

    Mattock has best accuracy with slugs. Almost 50% better than hacksaws.
  5. NB88

    Grinders, cheap and the most powerfull up close (also larger mag by default). However if you want a bit more range (with slugs) i'd go for the mattocks.
  6. DashRendar

    Hacksaw stand - 2
    Mattock stand - 1.5
    Difference: 25%

    Hacksaw crouch - 1.5
    Mattock crouch - 1
    Difference: 33.3%

    To me, the big draw of Mattock is its projectile speed, which IS a great deal faster than the Hacksaw. The accuracy doesn't seem that much better. I had hoped it would have been a big difference because technically, the Mattock IS the best slug platform, but after using them in combat, my conclusion has been basically "slugs gonna slug" In most situations I just think the Hacksaws are overall the most solid choice for any encounter. Best sustained damage gap to other MAXes at close range when using pellets, very usable accuracy and projectile speed for outdoor use with slugs. In a not ideal situation, you can still spray with Hacksaw slugs where tapping both mouse buttons on the Mattock will affect your aim.
  7. Pikachu

    Number of shots required to kill when shooting at an enemy infantry at 3rd line in the shooting range. Ten tests for each gun. Results below.


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  8. Leonidas423

    You want cheap? Grinders.

    You want the most damage up close? Hacksaws.

    You want to actually be any good? Mattocks.
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  9. Mxiter

    Nice tests.

    Grinder if you're cheap and because 2 shots more per mags are nice.
    Mattocks otherwise.
  10. DashRendar

    Doesn't seem like your test used a large enough sample size to minimize the effects of random results. For instance: the Mattock and Scattercannon have the same CoF values and only differ in projectile velocity, which doesn't matter in the slightest when both you and the enemy are still (VR). Why does the Hacksaw show wildly lower effectiveness than the Grinder when the Grinder has lower accuracy than the Hacksaw? Did you wait for the reticle to reset after each shot, or spam the weapons? If you held the mouse buttons down, that would be the reason why your Hacksaws look as terrible as they do, when in fact Hacksaws perform within what I would consider 5-10% of the effectiveness of Mattock at midrange slug sniping if you are crouching and single tapping.
  11. Pikachu

    I shot slowly.
  12. Jaeger41

    Thank you for this test. Was this pellets or slugs?
  13. Pikachu

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  14. thePankakeManne

    Grinders will not disappoint you: that, I promise.
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  15. neoNEO

    Im sorry but what are you trying to prove by killing units that are not moving? On the battlefield, enemies are allways moving, crouching, changing distances..its a pointless test that only shows that Mattock + slugs are good way to keep your Max instead of switching to Infiltrator lol. My experience tells me that from 0m to 30m the Hacksaws + Extend Mags + Slugs are faster, and a very important thing, you DONT need to click every shot, that can mess up the aim if the enemy starts straffing. With slugs, you want to make sure that your aim stays on the enemy and automatic shotgun is just good. But this is just imo..
  16. MurderBunneh

  17. doombro

    If you want to use slugs, get mattocks. They can actually hit the side of a barn.
  18. Ceskaz

    The major problem with slugs, is the CoF Bloom/shot. the CoF bloom/ shot of NC AI weapons is 1. For TR and VS it is ~0.05 (cf. this document)... there is a scale of 20.
    So, when using slugs, NC MAXs must control their trigger wildly in order to use them correctly. Why so ? We already have to deal with semi auto weapons, why adding difficulty to it (plus the obvious fact that this trigger control reduce our damage output, damage output that barely match the one of TR or VS MAX (when using slugs), and is far inferior when considering reload time and frequency)

    So, Dev Team : lower the CoF bloom per shot for NC MAX AI weapons please. And increasing the magazine size would be nice too (even if it's only when using slugs...)
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