What NC faction trait?

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  1. Sagabyte

    Does the NC actually have a faction trait other than shotguns?

    We literally have two guns that involve extreme damage (which is our supposed mantra) and those are like hugging a raging bull when you try to control them. I think it's time for a new trait that we can all agree would be good for a faction based on gauss technology. Perhaps we can get extreme velocity with all guns because we have electromagnetic propulsion tech?
  2. Leftconsin

    TR's faction trait is about 5 extra bullets.

    No one really considers faction traits well fleshed out. >_>
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  3. MostlyClueless

    The faction traits don't apply to every gun but are a "On average" thing.

    TR: Have more DPM and RoF on average.
    NC: Have higher damage bullets on average.
    VS: Have less recoil and shorter reloads on average.
  4. Atis

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  5. Sagabyte


    TR has a real big advantage with more bullets. Increased killing capacity per clip is a huge strength to TR guns. So what if you can't aim? Most fights happen at mid range where high fire rate/ammo excels.
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  6. ColonelChingles

    Actually, the highest damage per shot weapons are available to all factions, not just the NC. These are the pump-action shotguns which can OHK as well as the sniper rifles that can OHK with headshots.

    So the "highest damage per shot" flavor of the NC is already pretty weak. It'd be as if all three factions have the highest RoF weapon in the game (currently the TR are in the lead with their Lynx).

    Wow... a TRAC-5 with a 500 RPM, 215 damage per bullet, and a 40 round magazine would be crazy.

    For comparison, the NC AC-X11 is also 500 RPM, but only does 200 damage per bullet and only has a 24 round magazine.


    Which is why there's gotta be some multiplier as you increase bullet damage; it can't simply be proportional because that would result in heavily unbalanced firearms.
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  7. Paperlamp

    Best higher damage tier guns along with unique higher damage tier. Defensive shields, and yes, shotguns too.

    It's the best combination of traits even if some of the shotguns are misplaced. Jackhammer is overpowered and airhammer is quite strong and unique. And of course NC MAX w/dual Mattocks or Grinders is the strongest thing you defend or assault a point with and gives NC a massive indoor advantage and allows them to shred other MAXes w/out having to sacrifice their AI potency by using AV weapons to do so.

    SAW/AC-X11 are amazing weapons - I personally don't care for the DMR as its less accurate but some like it, and NC's 167 damage/577-600 RoF guns currently outclass 143/695-698 at mid - long range combat(which TR and especially VS are bogged down with too many especially since NS weapons make some completely obsolete) due to low starting CoF and horizontal recoil values with no TTK sacrifice for better practical accuracy.

    Hands down best SMGs no contest. Cyclone has no business being so accurate, really.

    Speaking of no business, the 500 velocity on your 845 RoF carbine is sketchy balancing as well.

    Carnage is best all-around AR, albeit TR has some competitive options as well I can admit.

    Vanguard shield is easily the strongest tank ability and this is obvious.

    Aegis shield is buggy/unreliable but strong when it works and it's a hell of a lot more interesting/fun to use than lockdown I'll tell you that much.

    Railjack ended up being the best ES sniper rifle, albeit it might not be for everyone practically no drop and insane velocity make it the strongest extreme long range option.

    Pheonix/Falcon/Raven are probably the best overall empire specific AV infantry/MAX options, and although the Vortex/Lancer can be strong against distant targets the Pheonix allows NC to spam damage into vehicles behind cover that can make sunderers hell to place against NC held bases.

    Reaver is a brick and probably not as good for typical/ general dogfighting I'll grant, but it does have redeeming qualities including high damage options and bursts of high speed for synergy with aggressive playstyles.

    VS has terrible ARs, a few OP LMGs, mediocre carbines. TR has poor diversity, a few nice ARs, bad LMG options. VS tank has a hilariously bad main cannon albeit I think Mags are situationally overpowered. Prowler is an infantry farm tank that's fragile and a perfect tall brick-shape target, terrible against other tanks with an ability that's mainly for spamming from a camping spot. Vulcan is as worthless as the canister almost, realistically not a good choice over halberd. Striker is still terrible, MCG and Lasher are niche/"fun" weapons at best, TR has the Claymore instead of a decent AI mine, VS have no decent ES pistols really, etc. etc.

    All things considered, NC has the least to complain about faction trait wise. Yeah a shotgun on a tank is a dumb idea, but otherwise you've got the most diverse/fun/powerful weapons.

    NC was in a poor place for awhile, but infantry wise they've been brought up to par and beyond in CQC-close range engagements, without really losing their advantage at longer distances. You can whine about the canister, or that your MAX isn't as good at longer ranges even though it's the strongest at close ranges, but that's about it really.
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  8. Sagabyte

    What I'm trying to say about the NC is that our guns don't have any special feature to them. The game promised us a trait for each faction, but that's slowly going away. We either shred faction differences or we improve them.
  9. TheBlindFreak

    Shotguns, "harder hitting" guns, and bullet velocity.

    But mainly shotguns. Shotguns on f***ing everything!
  10. Sandpants

    The Canister is our faction trait.

    Behold it with pride and shove it down everyones' throats when they laugh at it.
  11. Stormsinger

    WARNING: Troll reply :WARNING
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  12. Huxer

    So, NC has the only 200 damage weapons. This is called alpha damage. "first damage" it is not the same as DPS since dps would include rate of fire. People argue all the time that high rate of fire weapons have a higher dps and they do. The thing is, PLAYERS MOVE. IF you can connect wit hall your rounds you will have higher dps with a high rate of fire weapon. NC has the highest damage per bullet. The math can be colored a many and varied ways to support arguments on both side. I guess the point is, 200 damage weapons and highest alpha damage is the NC trait...
  13. Goretzu

    To be honest the main NC faction trait seems to be being inexplicably envied, even when their weapons are underperforming. :D

    Harder hitting and more defence are supposedly the traits, but the only real example of that is perhpas the Vanguard, which is constantly complained about dispite performing at best on-par and at worse slightly under-par.
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  14. BillBoBaggins

    High damage weapons
    Oh and ESF shotgun that is suppose to be anti infantry but is one of if not the best at taking other ESF out.
    I forgot to mention they have shotguns too.
  15. baka

    NC faction trait is a puzzled voice crying out, "I think I broke it!"
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  16. PlatoonLeaderG

    I still remember when they said that if they buffed NC and make them equal to TR/VS at that time it will make them OP because the minority of pro players were better than the minority of other empires pro players...............it was so funny!
  17. Llaf

    NC has 3 weapons that deal 200 damage per shot, one of those being the hardest hitting weapon in the game, dealing 167 damage minimum at any range. NC has the most 167 damage tier weapons by far.
  18. Loui5D

  19. Tbone

    Your MBT armor is the best almost all your weapons have 167 dmg and 200 dmg god saw.NC faction trait is big Armor and big DMG.You have it.
  20. minhalexus

    NC- Armour and Burst damage
    VS- Accuracy and manoeuvrability
    TR- Speed and sustained damage

    Although faction traits are not very highly defined, because of the nerf threads and forumside.

    What about the Reaver? I want armour on my Reaver!
    I shall gladly exchange 10% more armour for the +25 AB speed.