What makes you show up as a blip on the map?

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  1. SarahM

    So, certain actions like firing a non-silenced weapon, using the repair tool, or running through motion spotters and recon darts, e.t.c. make you show up on the enemy map as a blip, depending on distance.

    Does anyone have a complete list of actions which result in a blip?

    When you move around, are there any circumstances which would make you show up on the map? Crouched? Using the jump jets?
  2. Liewec123

    a blip would be moving uncrouched in range of:
    Recon Darts from either infiltrator's or someone using the Crossbow with the Recon Darts
    a vehicle with Scout/Proximity Radar
    you also get a blip from shooting an unsuppressed weapon.

    you will have an arrow (which is even worse than a blip) if you're:
    "Q" Spotted
    shoot someone with Awareness implant
    Shot by someone with the Marker implant
    or move uncrouched in range of an infiltrator's Motion Spotter
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  3. Jeslis

    To my knowledge, repairtool/medic tool do not make you show up. I could be incorrect on those.

    note; because you specifically mentioned jumpjets: Jumpjetting counts as *jumping*, which is like sprinting and causes you to show up to radar/sensors. It does not auto-show you like firing you gun does.

    Anyways! The list:
    First up:
    Motion spotter
    - A tool from the infiltrator
    - depending on rank, shows enemy moving, standing units, also differentiates between max/nonmax, out to 20?-50(max)m
    - Also shows actual facings of enemies, not just blips
    - Crouching negates detection.
    - Unclear if *falling* off a small rock, counts as standing/jumping movement, and shows you. I assume there is some leeway on this.. Going down stairs while crouched is not detected as stairs are actually ramps.

    Recon Darts
    - A tool from infiltrator
    - rank determines how long a dart will last, max rank is.. 45 seconds I believe
    - Rank also determines radius of recon pulse, shown on your map.
    - Each pulse blips enemies targets in the radius who are moving. Theoretically possible to *move* between sonar blip pulses, but thats a dance with latency that I wouldn't risk.
    - Crouching negates detection
    - Unclear if *falling* off a small rock, counts as standing/jumping movement, and shows you. I assume there is some leeway on this.. Going down stairs while crouched is not detected as stairs are actually ramps.

    Shooting an unsilenced gun
    - Supposedly the distance you are *blipped* from depends on the type/caliber of weapon.. eg, a sniper rifle is LOUD and pulses 100m, whereas a carbine is quieter, and only pulses 50m.. these numbers are made up, but supposedly there is some difference in detection ranges based on guntype.
    - (PTS) A flash suppressor will reduce this range somewhat, at no drawback to accuracy/bloom penalties.

    Radars (Flash and ESF)
    - These used detect everyone, unless using a sensor shield implant. I believe that has changed to the *must be moving/not crouched* rule, but I could be wrong.
    - These work like the Recon darts, except you do not see a minimap/map pulse indicating that the flash/esf can detect you.
    - Like the Infil tools, these radar types show you to everyone within render range of the area if they see you (eg; you are moving and not crouched)

    Misc Radars (Sunderer, Tank)
    - These work like other radars, except they only show you to the people IN the vehicle. Meaning that while the tank you are trying to C4 Fairy has radar and MIGHT be looking at the minimap and see you coming.. they might not be.. and no one else around them is receiving their radar feed.

    Lastly my own comments: I tend to like playing sneaky style in small fights -- meaning suppressor on my gun, and a rank 3 or 4 sensor shield implant ((Apparently there is no sensor shield rank 1 or 2)).. rank 3 allows you to walk around without worry, rank 4 allows you to run/jump, as long as 20m or more away from source of detection (and you see motion spotters on your minimap at 30m out.)
    So if this is what you are trying to do.. I do recommend that implant.

    That being said, in large fights, almost all of this is useless. Using an emp shield or battle hardened implant and compensator (or flash suppressor) attachment for your gun will be more effective//have less drawbacks ((Suppressors slow your bullet velocity, meaning you do less dmg at larger ranges by aprox 5%, and the bullet is slower, meaning more leading of the target is required.

    TLDR: Crouching protects you from detection as long as you don't fire an unsilenced gun... however if someone spots you, they spot you for everyone, for 10seconds, within 150m of their position.
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  4. Jeslis

    I feel I should also mention the vehicle side of this, just in case and as a bit of PSA:

    Vehicles (Ground) Autodetect to everyone within 100m.
    Firing a vehicles guns pulse an autodetect +100m.
    ^ What that means is, if you fire from a stealthed vehicle, you *pulse* a full icon, including your vehicles facing direction, 100m.. or, if you fire from an unstealthed vehicle, you pulse it out to 200m. ((if someone has stealth rank 2 of 4, then you are autodetected out to 50m, and firing causes a pulse out to 150m))

    Vehicles (Air) Autodetect out to everyone within 200m.
    I believe firing an air gun pulses out +100 more, but it could be more then that, I am not big in the air game.
    ^ Same rules as the ground explanation above

    So what did you learn?
    If you have a max rank stealth sunderer, LOCK IT SO NO IDIOT GETS IN AND FIRES YOUR GUNS.
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  5. SarahM

    Thank you.

    Running around with enlarged minimap most of the time, I've lately had some problems with motion spotters showing up a bit late on the map. Also had some situations where I met players with really good perception and needed that info to confirm my thoughts on how I got outplayed.

    So, one more question: Does sliding down a sloped surface count as falling?
  6. DarkStarII

    You do show up. I've caught many victims to this ;)
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  7. LodeTria

    It counts as jumping, but if you can physically stop and not fall down you are walking.
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  8. Jeslis

    Can you think of a specific example?

    I'm thinking of recent times defending an exploded generator.. an engi starts repairing it.. and the destroyed generator icon flashes.. but I certainly do NOT see any *player* blip/icon around the generator.. nor can I remember any extra indications of a max getting repairs, .. medic ressing a body.. etc etc..
  9. SarahM

    I can confirm for the repair tool, but the distance is really small, e.g. I've seen the repairing engie show up on map when I was on top of a cliff, a vehicle parked directly below and the engie was on the other side of the vehicle.
  10. WeRelic

    Interesting. I'm gonna have to test how far the range is on this one.
    I usually hunt engis and medics down by sound just like infils. Never thought to just check the map for them :rolleyes:

    My rule of thumb for any shooter with a minimap:
    Assume that at least one enemy player knows where you are at any given time.
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