What made you addicted to LA?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Rager, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. TooIndecisive

    I second the above postings about LA being.....glorious, and if used correctly, useful to teamplay. I was so sad when they changed the windows on most of the buildings; that said, a well-played LA was a little OP, I think we can all agree :)

    On another note, I feel like we should all band together and form LA outfits, dedicated to C4 bombing runs, coordinated sundy elimination and other shenanigans. It hasn't been done before (to my knowledge), and it would kick......

  2. Saberune

    When I started this game, I started with an infiltrator, thinking that would be the best way to get the drop on people. I was wrong. I stayed constantly frustrated and tried ENG for awhile. It was ok, lots of certs and all, but generally unremarkable (except tank mines. those are fun). Once I learned that LA and ENG share weapons, I took my already upgraded carbine and gave LA a try and once I got a feel for the jet pack, I haven't looked back. Getting up on top of an amp station in unusual ways and running round and round it, ambushing all the inf. perched on the edge ... that's just good fun right there, I don't care who you are.

    I still fall back to the eng when I'm in a mood to farm certs, but when it's just me and yeehaw-ing good times, I go LA.
  3. Thardus

    Letting me get a shotgun right where people least expect it.
  4. ShumaKun

  5. greyo

    man, awesome, i have been wondering about certing Drifters for a while, but you have convinced me to put some certs their way
  6. roDDo


    Jetting up the side of a AA/wall tower...
    killing one MAX while flying over his head, him wondering what the hell is going on,
    killing an unsuspecting heavy shooting at tanks,
    killing another MAX with C4,
    killing the engy who was repairing the MAX,
    strapping the last C4 to the AA turret, destroying it and killing the guy inside,
    all while constantly jetting up and down the tower.
    Nobody had a clue what happened, be it friend or foe, but suddenly that tower was empty and NC managed to push into the base ;)

    I was playing HA for a long time, because I was mesmerized by the firepower and... rockets. But nothing can beat to appeal of a jetpack. You just don't care about walls, or towers, or mountains. You enter buildings from the roof. You finish off sunderers from above. You set up beacons on top of towers, amp stations, tech plants...
    As LA, the sky is the limit ;)
  7. Vultraz

    Smoke grenades, to cover my faction as they advance.
    Also, pulling off those ninja kills that we all know and love <3
  8. Paqu

    Thanks. Putting certs into drifters is definately worth it and I highly recommend maxing it out. Unlike many other upgrade in this game on drifters each level makes a huge difference from one another. Especially the last two, 30 seconds flytime at level 5!
  9. P149U3

    freedom of movement not limited by obstacles.
  10. Terran537

    I became addicted to LA right after the Christmas 3x SC sale, and I'd bought a ton of SC. I was sitting in the Warpgate wondering what purpose the Infiltrator had (no meaningful impact on gameplay, because I can't sabotage anything) so I decided to try out LA, and was amazed at the mobility and power I felt when I was LA. I immediately bought the GD-7F for CQC, certed into it and went on a 10 kill killing spree. It felt glorious and I loved how much more sneaky I was compared to the Infiltrator. I now roll level 6 JJs with 2 C4 (and the SMG when it came out, because it complements my mobility focused playstyle incredibly (as in, I don't use any other gun on my LA)).
  11. Wildclaw

    So many things.

    • Carbine sniping from trees and elevated alcoves. And I have done it with all TR carbines, even Lynx/Jaguar setups with flash suppressor, forward grip and 3.4x Scope. And yes, I have maxed ammo belt.
    • Killing MAXes with C4
    • Killing infantry medic groups with C4 and grenades and Grenade Launcher.
    • Killing vehicles with C4 (preferably using drifters)
    • Ah yes, having both maxed drifters and jump jets for different occasions.
    • And don't even get me started on what is possible using shotguns as LA.
    • Oh, and the Flash grenade is excellent since GU2. The blinding range is magnificent. Have broken more than one defense with it and a shotgun.
    While I don't play LA exclusively any more as I have earned enough certs to be flexible (and am working on medals for non-LA weapons), LA with drifters+shotgun+flash grenade is definitely my favorite playstyle when viable.
  12. blzbug

    I am always tempted by the specialty grenades, but I just dont have the resources! 1 grenade costs almost as much as 1 C4, and I'm already scraping the barrel for resources, even with alpha squad bonus. With 1 good run on an LA with flashbang and C4, you could spend 275 resources. TR on my server usually has 25% pop, meaning my infantry income is typically +25 in our new schitty corner of the map. So much fun is being killed by lack of resources :mad:
  13. Hosp

    Starsiege: Tribes
  14. Voraen

    Tribes ascend, COD, parkour. Anything where movement is almost unlimited is why light assault appealed to me. Plus i like to fly :)
  15. zarfoobla

    Tis' a silly question. There is one reason, and only one reason anyone plays LA.

    Yay! Jetpacks! Jetpacks! Yaaaaaaaaaay! *splat*
  16. Kogmaw

    For those of us who truly used windows to our advantage:
    Let us take a moment of silence for our now closed-up allies. They are still helpful

    but...its just not the same....

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  17. Turelle

    3D movement. The ability to constantly flank and confuse my opponents and hit them where they don't expect me. I maxed out JJ and am pretty pleased with them, certainly able to do more than I was able to with level 3.

    When I got 2 C4 they were fantastic, they were great at breaking tank attacks when they get too cocky and close to a tower. I often still use them to kill MAXes but am beginning to be limited by resources).

    Then I got a shotgun, and my whole LA experience became something else. I was never really one for CQB, I preferred shooting from range with the Pulsar C, but gradually used my solstice more and more, getting closer and closer till I eventually bought the shotgun. I'm now able to kill groups of enemies at a time, and then bug out without taking a shot.

    LA is my perfect class, I might be a tanker at heart, but when it comes to infantry, LA is my go to class.

    Besides, now that tanks know the danger of C4, chasing the occasional Vanguard 300m off a cliff with the threat of it (I was actually empty, had used it to kill 2 vans sat next to eachother before i went to him) is just plain hilarious. I haven't laughed so much at a game in a long time.
  18. Aquilae

    3, w, space, rightclick, rightclick, LEFTCLICKLEFTCLICKLEFTCLICKLEFTCLICK
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  19. MadRon101

    Flying + C4 = Fun.

    Just realised recently C4 has the second most kills of my infantry weapons... behind the base LA carbine.
  20. Vultraz

    Holy ****, someone needs to do a montage video with Elton John's "Rocketman"...