What made you addicted to LA?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Rager, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Rager

    My team was staying back being scared, I was like, KDR matters that much? So I was like..this is how it is done. I jet pack in, with my trusty nova..kill like 4 people before I die..and when I look I see my whole team charge afterwards and we take the place.

    It only takes One LA to make something happen. That is why LA will always be the best class. Sure, we might not have the best KDR or get creds fast, but we make things happen.
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  2. Jester7x

    I like being able to get on top of areas and flank. Just a very versatile class.
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  3. Lakora

    LA Addict? Naah, Jetpack addict. :p
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  4. haniblecter

    Finding out there was an underslung shotty.

    FLying through the air and C4'ing a misquito that was hovering.

    Using all my weapons to kill a room full of dewds.

    Its fun stuff, but it has its place.
  5. ritual

    To me gaming is 75% movement ,15% strategy, 10% aim. So naturally I picked the class with the greatest mobility.
  6. BOTA16

    Dropping C4 at a max's feet right in front of him then flying strait up and watching him frantically try to kill or run away me before I pull the trigger. :)
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  7. Aexas

    I love using the jetpack to gain a tactical advantage, especially against Heavies and MAX units. There is literally nothing better in the game than jetpacking onto a control point building and systematically killing everyone inside by jetpacking through windows, doing hit-and-run attacks by the door, and just generally being a ghost; they poke their head out to shoot you, but you're already gone and flying through the window they just abandoned. It doesn't always work out in such an epic way, but when it happens, it's awesome.

    Total domination over the Z axis is amazing. If I wanted a straight shoot-out, I'd go play Counter-Strike. I want to be the hunter that stalks his prey by going rooftop to rooftop until I take them down from an angle they never expected. :)
  8. Achmed20

    mobility reasons mainly. i love to drift arround th landscape and my targets to make them go nuts because they never know where i just head ^^
  9. Paqu

    What made me addicted to LA? Well pretty much because you can do stuff like this: :D

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  10. HerpTheDerp

    I'm not addicted but I am a filthy camper.
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  11. paradroid

    Jump Jets, Jump Jets, Jump Jets!
    Love flying around like a madman shooting heavies in the head who never seem to look up :)
    One of the best one-on-one fights I had was against a TR LA while bouncing down the cliff at the Crown, both of us trying to get an advantage but having no solid ground beneath us, land bounce, squirt a couple of shots off, jet for position. I think I had just one more level of cert in my Jump jets so got the advantage in the end.
  12. Poorform

    Got the AC-X11 for NC. Was told I was doing LA wrong as it's a close quarters ambusher. Felt bad. Slapped high velocity ammo on it anyway, got improved ammo capacity suit slot, got the compensator and forgrips.

    I practiced and practiced with the weapon as it was brutal with it's 20 round clip and longish reload and iffy accuracy. But after some time and learning the weapon I found my groove with it. Couple that with LA's ability to get up high on top of buildings I turned a lackluster "you're doing it wrong" weapon into a beastly medium-longish range killing machine. Sure I can't CQC like a shotgunner, but then again a shotgunner can't long range. It's all trade-offs, and I'm loving every second I spend with my AC-X11 now.
  13. HeadshotVictim

    On every floor, thats why I play LA
    Shotgun, AC-X11 or GD-7F it depends on where I am and what I plan.

    Flying through windows with a Shotgun shooting people into bits is SO cool.
    Plus: I cant paly HA for bering too bad with their weapons :D
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  14. Compass

    Me using Jump Jets: Eh, not very strong...

    Me using Drifter Jets: Hnnngh! @_@
  15. Turiel =RL=

    I like LA because in contrast to HA it has access to a competitive weapon (GD-7F). Also it's fun to play 3D instead of 2D.
  16. Krona

    Seriously these 845rpm weapons are out of hand.
  17. Turiel =RL=

    I think the Orion is worse, but that's a matter of taste. So far I didn't see any kind of serious advantage over Solstice or the Trac-5. Lots of my 845rpm will miss the target anyways, because like with all weapons, NC couldn't hit water if they fell out of a boat.
  18. AnuErebus

    The number of windows in buildings, Base Jumping off towers, Mini-Galdrops in my ESF, Following a suicider off the edge of a bridge to kill him before he hits the ground, Generally making people ragequit from the number of places I can attack them from, etc.

    LA will always be the most fun class to play. If they had more versatility they'd be my most played class.
  19. MarlboroMan-E

    Base jumping, especially at Vanu Archive from the top down to C. Getting in the ribs of a tech plant and picking off silly heavies. Jetting to an air pad and C4ing bursters. Wish I was doing it right now.
  20. {joer

    Leading the charge can be done with any class, in fact I'd say the LA is the worst since most other classes can't exactly fly. When people are moving slow I'll shield up my heavy and charge in, that seems to get them spurred on.

    LA is about hitting where you are not expected. I was in a big op the other day and my jetpack broke, I didn't want to relog due to the speed we were moving, so I was an eningeer with no tools. THAT is a gimpy feeling. LA is 100% about the jetpack.