What little things about each faction bug you to the core

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  1. Edenwolf


    -Shotguns in most of our empire specific weapons, I would trade the jackhammer, air hammer and canister in a heartbeat for unique weapons that would give NC more diversity or utility.
    -I literally forgo using 12x scope for NC because it's an eyesore.
    -The jackhammer causes me to feel "why use others shotguns when I have the jackhammer." I avoid using other shotguns because the jackhammer overshadows them.
    -The top tier BASR, when wielded shows the stock, yes it bugs me.
    -The rebel and dorado pistols have the same audio, I despise when weapon audio is duplicated, especially when new weapons are introduced and use old sounds.


    -VS 3.4x scope, 4x and 6x scopes are all eyesores and are in serious need of new artwork, I stick to 2x or under for all weapons.
    -I can't stand the idea that VS would use low tech NS weaponry and vehicles in their army.
    -There is a lot of work to be done with VS weapon artwork. Many of the carbines, LMG and shotgun/assault rifles share the same skins, this and the ugly scopes are what prevent me from playing VS full time.
    -The Eidolon battle rifle sounds like fairy farts, this weapon for some reason was not part of the audio redesign VS got a while back, sad really.
    -VS pistols are bland, no unique traits to be proud of. Most if not all of them are just copies of other factions. Manticore and Cerberus share the same audio


    -Many TR weapon skins need updating from the plastic chunky look, a few categories in particular are battle rifles and carbines. Many LMG and carbines also share the same skins.
    -TR carbines sound like toy guns.
    -The striker is no fun to use, just lock and shoot. I never felt inclined to spend certs on this, offers nothing unique that other lock ons can't already do.
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  2. Elrobochanco

    To follow on to your VS note, the first thing I noticed when I started playing was, wtf why does my engineer turret fire bullets. What am I, a caveman?

    I hope the rest of the classes get some faction love with their updates. People can hate on the proposed crazy Infil weapons, but just like the lasher, being unique is a trait on its own.
  3. Devrailis

    Wait - hold on a sec.

    When a Vanoo packs an NS rifle, does it scream for batteries? :eek:
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  4. Killuminati C

    You covered mine for the most part with just a few ommisions.

    NC- I'm tired of all the goddamn shotguns. The Jackhammer is situational but decent but all shotgun themed vehicle weapons are abominations.

    TR- All their guns sound ridiculous with the exception of the LMG's. Also I see no reason why they don't have a 167dmg carbine and a long range automatic assault rifle.

    VS- The models of their guns look bland and they need a velocity buff on their mbt.

    I didn't mean to plagiarize but these are the parts I agree with and my added 2 cents.
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  5. NBA JAM

    You mean aside from the fact that all the factions are virtually the same and have very few unique differences?

    Or perhaps it was the NS weapons on the Vanu that just completely ruined it for me. U know, batteries and such in bullet weapons that don't go "pew pew".

    Or maybe it was that the Vanguard and the Prowler had their abilities mixed up. Paper tank with Anchor mode makes sense.

    Not sure where to start. WTB Higby buff preez.
  6. Edenwolf

    No problems, I appreciate your contribution.
  7. Paperlamp

    Trying to keep it short -

    TR: Very poor mid-long range guns, lack of weapon diversity, poor scope options, lockdown is boring, striker is worthless.

    VS: Really ugly carbine and LMG models, projectiles seem more noticeable and vision obscuring than NC/TR tracers.

    NC: Don't like the color scheme and music is pretty hit and miss. MAX unit and MBT are way more cert intensive than TR/VS.
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  8. Pikachu

    - Carbines have awful sounds.
    - Some weapons have ugly gimmicky grips.
    - Lightning colors are awful.
    - Airhammer is underpowered for besides the gimmick of OHK at close range hovering.
    - Desperado and rebel shares sound. Rebel sounds too weak.
    - Falcon is not a direct upgrade over its old version.
    - Having 2 fast firing ARs is boring, identical to TR and not NCy.
    - Enforcer is bland as can be.
    - Leader is boring.
    - Phoenix is too weak.
    - Deploy music is awful.

    - Carbines look all the same except for awesome T5.
    - Carbines, AR and LMG all look too similar.
    - Vulcan is unfit for its platform.
    - All x3+ scopes are awful.
    - Male voice sounds too wimpy when hurt or dying.
    - Most weapons look boring in first person view.
    - Striker is boring.
    - Mosquito sound is somewhat annoying.
    - Basilisk has an annoying background nose when firing.
    - MCG is boring weak and in model.

    - LPPA is cr*p.
    - PPA is weak.
    - Most scopes are bad.
    - Mostcweapons have ugly sound.
    - Basilisk had an annoying background sound when firing.
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  9. Levtech

    How these are nano fabricated vehicles/infantry gear made five seconds ago (brand new by real life standards) yet they still look beat up and lack paint.

    The default heavy gun (and others with similar models) looks horrible.

    The default helmets for medic, engineer, heavy, and light assault look horrible and make me feel nooby even with camo.

    NC sounds seem the loudest.

    Only decent music is base capture music.
  10. Coltorl

    NC: Shotguns
    TR: Explosion Spam
    VS: Crabs
  11. GhostAvatar

    What really is starting to bug me to the core about TR, is the fact that the other factions get some fun and diversified toys to play with. Ignoring balance of these weapons (whether they are OP or UP), they introduce a different style of gameplay if you want to shake things up. While TR gets bland rehashed unintresting weapons, that are basically NS weapons with faster fire rate but do less damage per shot. This is their basic design template for TR, just look at what they proposed for the Lib update as evidence.
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  12. MaCritz

    Fairy farts? Hmmm...

  13. Linedan

    - Carbine variety is awesome, but most of them look and sound too similar. The Merc, Razor, and AC-X11 all look and sound pretty much the same even though they're quite different stat-wise (well, the -X11 is anyway).
    - And I hate that generic carbine sound. ARs are OK, LMGs are nice (especially the SAW), but the carbines sound hideous.
    - We're more visible at night than the other two factions thanks to all the bright yellow bits on our armor and our inexplicable love for khaki. TR red and black works a lot better, and of course the VS are almost impossible to spot if your gamma is not way up, unless they're wearing light camo (giraffe, etc.).
    - Deploy music blows. We get it, we're SPACE MURRICA.
    - That shotgun tank secondary. Really, a tank secondary with an effective range of eight feet?
    - If the suits cut me a bonus check one more time, I'mma shank somebody. I hate the V emotes for NC.

    - Carbines have the same problems as the NC, minus the variety. Everything but the AMC sounds and looks too similar. How many near-identical 143 damage carbines can one faction really need?
    - Carbine sound is, for the most part, a bit weak and not particularly good, again the AMC is the only one that even halfway bucks the trend. LMGs sound fantastic but they all sound the same except for the ROF differences, carbines sound like wimpy little air rifles even without suppressors.
    - Poor LMG variety. Again, it's the TMG-50, the CARV, and Everything Else. I've taken to messing about with the NS-15M just because it's different.
    - 1x and 2x reflex sight borders block too much field of vision.
    - The male voice does not sound very professional or military.

    VS (who I play very little of):
    - Weapon sounds are at least different, but some of them are a little too "fake" for my taste, if that makes any sense. But at least you can tell them apart by sound.
    - Tracers seem much more blinding than the other factions'; I can understand red tracers being easier at night but I'm surprised that VS purple knocks out my virtual night vision a lot worse than NC yellow.
  14. LIKE A BOSS!

    Shotgun Spam.
    Music is horrible
    Reaver is crap
    Vanguard for infatry farming is useless

    Guns are boring
    Prowler is boring
    Mosquito sound is annoying
    I get Tk'ed a lot by idiot prowler drivers shelling bases by no end

    Sooooo many ******* and idiots (on my server)
    Some gun sounds are annoying
    ES pistols are crap compared to TR and NC
    Magrider cannon needs a velocity buff
  15. Metallic123

    Giant screw driver model of MCG and firing mechanism
    The redundant models and horrible audio sounds for half their infantry arsenal
    Lack of infantry weapon variety and functionality
    Vulcan and marauder
    Low skill cap forced by the amount of side to side recoil
    The striker (SOE really should listen to their community before they break their game)

    Camo coverage (yellow clashes with so many camos)
    The c85
    No real AI range options for max

    Male vanu infiltrators
  16. Killuminati C

    *Disclaimer for this and my former post in this thread. I really do like this game but I'm taking this thread for what it's worth as constructive criticism for areas of improvement.

    That said, a couple of things that I've read in other posts in this thread that I agree or disagree with:

    NC- Range options for NC Max. Voice commands are too corporate sounding when I'd rather they were more influenced by the rebel lore (I'm not talking about a confederate rebel yell by any means but something more along the lines of a Rage Against the Machine lyric or something). The composite helmets for the NC engi and HA mouthpiece has always looked off to me though I really like the composite LA and medic helmets. And I actually do like the faction music.

    TR- I do wish the HA's MCG wasn't a pistol grip model although I do like their LMG's more than the other factions. The Striker is pretty gimped right now but I would hate to see SOE restore it to it's former glory as it was next to impossible to get any kind of an airwing going against just a few strikers in an area. I don't understand why there are so many posts ******** about the prowler design as I think it's pretty cool looking myself.

    VS- I've noticed the tracer thing mentioned in a couple posts above and it is annoying so maybe tone that down some. I've heard a lot of VS complain about their ES pistols but I actually like one of them (can't remember the name though I do remember it has a similar reload to a shotgun where you break the barrel open and load the cartridge in the back of the barrel). The pistol iron sights do suck though.

    Multi faction- I understand all factions complain about their Max's abilities but in my opinion they're very situational but to me that's alright as it pretty much leaves everyone using charge as their default and I don't see anything wrong with that.
  17. Planetdoge


    "Give it your ALL."
    "We can still win this."
  18. Llamar

    Tech plant alert. 48+ 80% pop at a bio lab.
    Bio lab alert. 48+ 80% pop at a tech plant.
    Indar alert. 50% pop on Amerish
    Amerish alert. 50% pop on Indar.....
  19. Pikachu

    I think vanu pistols are kinda fun to use if it wasn't for the beamers awful design. It looks like a freaking nail gun! Just imagine how uncomfortable to carry that thing around as your sidearm.

    Carbines have bad sound? The trac-5 has one of the best gun sounds in the game! It sounds like a real hard hidding scary gun. :eek:

    I would say the opposite. Yellow is a far more neutral color than red or cyan. It's the best looking one with camos. TR red clashes with any green camo and venu cyan only works with snow camos.:confused:

    The TR leader has the same lines but says it in a much better way.
    NC: "We can still win this." :)
    NC: "Give it your all." :/
    TR: "We can still win this!" :mad:
    TR: "Give it your all!" :mad:
  20. VakarisJ

    VS: No bullet drop faction trait not applying to 90% of all weapons, especially those where it would matter the most

    NC: Vanguard (HEAT that one-shots ESFs, 25% more muzzle velocity then mag equivalents, skillless I win button)

    TR: 33% more ammo in just about every weapon, even if other stats are identical (or near to) to other factions'