what kind of carbine do you want next

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by chrollo, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. chrollo

    if soe releases a new set of carbines what do you hope they release for your faction
    i mostly play nc so id love to have an nc version of the jaguar or lynx not sure how much i would love not having 40rounds :(
  2. PartNinja

    I don't want new carbines. They should adjust less-used carbines to have a reason to use them. I also don't know why people want guns that are similar to another faction's gun. That defeats the whole flavor of playing a certain faction.
  3. chrollo

    because I don't want to play tr but I want to use something similar to their guns. I feel like I play best with a weapon between 750-800 rpm but as an NC player I am left with out that option. I can either choose between a sortment of 500 to 600 rpm weapons that offer less dps and have high recoil or I can go for the highest dps rifle with gd7f but also a blazingly fast rof at 845 rpm and a 30 round mag. The only inbtween option is the cyclone smg. Thats a great option buts its 652 rpm.

    We all already know the flinch mechanic is most effective when using a high rate of fire weapon. Sooo if you play up close your going to be ****** the most as an NC unless you equip the gd-7f and if that weapon doesn't fit your play style too bad.

    You could say use a shotgun. I have the piston. I don't like the piston. I can not get a single kill with weapon cause I have to be with in 5 meters to kill with this gun and most of the time i'm hunting infantry with drifter jets who are sprinting around with their heads cut off. So as soon as I drop down I have to sprint after them and when I take my opening shot I usually am able to land a hit but instead of them dying they continue on like sprinting, running out of the effective range of my second shot. Then I'm left defenseless as I charge in after them. For my play style I need a weapon that has versatility in cqc and can finish someone off not only before they can get away but after that. This means I have two options. The gd-7f which im more likely to be caught reloading after emptying my clip cause the rate of fire is too high for me to handle, or the new smg.

    Guess what gun I've mostly used in the last week. That shiny new smg. Reason being is I don't have another option unless I go play medic with my carnage br and gr-22.

    Thus my point is the new carbines should provide more options in between the extremes of the other factions specialties. Let the NC keep the 200 damage rifles, the vs can have their low recoil with medium to high rate of fire and the TR can have their overall highest rate of and ten extra bullets
  4. IntergalacticYoghurt

    Off topic, which AR do you prefer Chrollo.
    I have both, and threw advanced grip + comp on the Carnage, but find myself drifting back to the GR-22 with just a foregrip.
    I can't put my finger on why.. The Carnage -should- feel noticeably more accurate with those attachments surely.

    Anyway, on topic, I could never give up my Gauss Compact S. I didn't like it at first, but now I won't leave (or enter) the Crown without it :)
    However, I'd consider a gun with a 40 round clip. I'm considering throwing the extended mag on SMG.. I just feel so limited with engagement distances when using it. Like at a certain distance, mu bullets just tickle the enemy.
    I agree with you entirely about the Piston. I get bugger all kills with that thing - It just doesn't suit my heavy drifter playstyle.

    But being such an underbarrel junkie, if they brought out a new 'S' model carbine, I'd definitely pick it up regardless.
  5. Ghoest

    Other than giving the Lynx to NC I dont really see the need for more carbines.

    Unless at some point they decide to rewrite the flinch code alll we really need is high ROF carbines.
  6. pucwyczes

    I would love to have orion or tmg50 or at least carv as NC.
  7. IntergalacticYoghurt

    I suppose something with a x0.75 movement modifier when ADS. Like the Lynx, or our excellent AR's.
  8. Kyouki

    I dont play NC so I dont really know how their weapons are in combat but I do believe there should be some tweaking. A slight tweak in stats would be great but then the tier 4 weapons would become too powerful.

    The forgrip does not increase accuracy iirc. It only reduces recoil which can be compensated for with mouse movements.

    The 40 rounds clip is a TR niche and i feel it should not be achievable without using up a weapon slot like extended mag for the smg.
  9. IntergalacticYoghurt

    Aha. That's what I want. An extended mag attachment to bring us up to 40 bullets. The TR one could go up to 50.

    For some reason 30 feels very restricting, whereas 35 (ns-11a) is almost a sweet spot. 40 is honestly luxurious - hence why I think 100 rounds in an LMG is overrated.
  10. chrollo

    your probably not a left to right recoil person
    I like the carnage at distance and the gr-22 at close range
    I actually do really well with left to right recoil and am terrible at up and to the right recoil patterns even though they are supposedly easier to control :/

    i've been using the gauss compact s alot today as well. It does alright with drifter jets. You really are a little bit of a mini lib with that thing.
    problem with that is the NC are the only faction that need a new lmg all the others have all the variety and options they could ever ask for except the saw and why they ask for that i will never know
  11. Crywalker

    I'd like something like the Jaguar, but with a single direction recoil.

    Agree, it's why I went TR from VS. I'd definitely go VS for slugs though, haven't tried them yet so I may end up switching if it shotgun becomes my favorite LA gun..

    I think 40 would be a reasonable default for ARs and Carbines, especially since it takes practically a full clip to down a shielded HA with the poor 30 clip guns.

    50 would probably be overkill, they'd at least have to buff the 50 round LMGs to 60 to make it seem less ridiculous.
  12. asdfPanda

    An 845 rpm weapon for the Terran Republic. ROF is their thing, so why don't they have one that is at least on par with the VS serpent and the NC GD-7F?
  13. chrollo

    im guessing they are just afraid that when the give the tr a 40 clip 845 rpm carbine the NC and VS will pretty much feel/claim whats the point in the serpent and gd-7f if the tr get a far better weapon.
  14. Ghoest

    If you gave TR a clone of the Serpent or GD-7F anyone with a brain would keep on using the Lynx.

    Im completely cool with giving TR a GD-7F clone - its just kind of silly.
  15. chrollo

    TR arent known for their brains
  16. asdfPanda

    Just for the options though. Besides, if they kept up with the whole 40 round mag thing, it would be kind of op, and might not be such a good idea.
  17. Adridos

    This idea is pretty bad considering they want the factions to actually have some flavour to them.

    If they give you the Lynx, they will inevitably start a chain of requests which will ultimately result in 3 skins and not different armies.
  18. chrollo

    at least balance between factions wouldn't be as bad. besides they already gave the vs a copy of our only high rate of fire carbine and they gave every faction a copy of our gr-22 so basically every faction can play as an NC but NC get nothing from the other 2 factions
  19. Naelyan

    As a TR, i'd be happy with either a usefull T5 AMC or some kind of AF-19 Mercenary clone, or pretty much anything being less "spray and pray" and more "aim and hit". Scrap that stupid TR=40 bullets per clip and give us something we can actually learn and master instead of that "shoot in their general direction" crap.
    PS : the first guy who brings a time to kill or damage per second argument to reply deserve a slap to the face and the guy after him a bullet to the head, i don't want to hear about stuff that only matter at shotgun range or with an aimbot thanks.
  20. Blitzkrieg

    One that goes pew pew pew.