What kills a MAX the fastest? What doesnt work at all?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by St0mpy, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. St0mpy

    I stumbled on an AFK max the other day and tried knifing it, didnt seem to work at all, I was there for ages but as soon as I started firing on him his team shot at me before I could do any more testing. Firing on a max (non afk ones lol) has felt inefficient before so my question is...

    What infantry weapons do kill a MAX quickly? (I never seem to last long as one) and what doesnt (or has so little effect to be pointless)?
  2. Anonynonymous

    Anti-personnel mine seems to do a very good job since at the moment MAXs don't get any specialized views such as IRNV. Have your fire team focus fire on the MAX with bullet hoses works well enough as well. And rockets are a no brainer.

    Come to think of it, just about everything in the game are at least decently effective against MAXs. As long as you're not all by yourself, MAXs are not difficult to take down at all.
  3. Glowcat

    There are many ways to kill a MAX, but the quickest way to its juicy center is with a C4. Or a tank mine + AI mine. Or a tank mine and good aim. Hmm... come to think of it, there are plenty of explosive options capable of one-shotting a MAX.
  4. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Maxes have an inherent 80% Small Arms resistance, and 20% or 25% explosive resistance.
    They are rahter large targets in return, with very limited long range performance.
    Any kind of heavy explosive does a good job; C4, Mines, Rockets.
    Being run over by a friendly tank is a crowds favourite.
    As they take double damage from Headshots for some reason, pretty much every automatic weapon with decent accuracy is efficient as well.
    Teamplay wins on both sides.
    On a special note, the VS' Lasher is very effective against MAXes as well, though too situational to see it often.
  5. Paqu

    Shotguns do good bit of damage to maxes as well. Slugs from distance or bucks from close work quite well even tho C4 is still the best option if you get close.
  6. Kardes

    Maxes are really not that hard to kill...

    When I used to play my TR, I would just pop my shield and MCG them to death. Just remember headshots count...... and explosives almost 1 hit them.
  7. Daswen

    Shotgun from behind, explosives appart, this is the quickest way to kill a max.
  8. Hydragarium

    Lesson 1 : Don't even bother trying sniper rifles on MAX units. It is negligible at best, and a death sentence in the worst case scenario.

    But generally, flank them and/or wear them down using grenades or whatever you have. Never take them on head on no matter how good you think you are - they will still outlast you.
  9. Kedyn

    Dual Scattercannon or Hacksaws.
  10. Frosty The Pyro

    yeah I do similar with my Guass SAW, maxes are big enouph the otherwise abysmal run and gun acuracy isnt to big a deal, and the SAW has all the ammo you could need for a max.

    also c4 is almost a garenteed one shot, or at least puts them down enouph you could knife em the rest of the way without issue.
  11. Lucidius134

    I snuck up on one from behind him on a wall, he was on the ground. Dumped a mag of my default VS sniper and killed him.
  12. colt .45 killer

    my piston says otherwise. I kill TR and VS Maxes all the time.
  13. Ubikuuu


    Probably a Decimator direct shot or a C4 brick, the first being by far the easiest.
    The regular rocket launcher does a pretty good job too, but a decently Flak res certed max will take 2 hits.

    Then comes the NC dual scattercannon MAX at close range.

    As said, remember that headshots count
    and their explosive resistence is quite low by default, so use them with great prejudice to soften them up.
  14. Hydragarium

    You're not fighting MAX units then, you're fighting idiots. Statistically, a MAX will outlast any other class when at full health.
  15. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Unless your very close, where they can't even hit you anymore, or over 50m away, where more or less the same applies.
  16. colt .45 killer

    come up behind or on the side, empty 10 rnds into the max then run around a corner. he is now hot on your *** but in a stand still shootout at close range my piston will finish off his remaining health before he can finish mine; especially for vanu max's.
  17. Compass

    AT Mine + Nade/Gunshot = Dead MAX
    C4 Bait = Dead MAX
    Tank Treads + MAX = Dead MAX
  18. Tuqui-tuqui

    A good MAX player will not follow you in blindly. And he will certainly not be alone.

    Rambo MAX players, on the other hand, are extremely easy to take down. They take so many risks for that one kill.
  19. FightingFirst

    Two decimator rockets hitting directly or one decimator followed by a short burst from an LMG. Just stay at long range with a max, they are all close to medium range fighters.
  20. Canaris