What it looks like to play Planetside 2 now

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  1. Tbone

    But usually tanks have AA with em.You know AP Titan and stuff.
  2. Tratt

    Actually the solution has not always be to pull a "Higby" lib... It has been to report the person for abusing a bug, or an exploit. When it is a bug, has been addresses as a bug and people are still doing it, then it becomes an exploit.

    When 20 HE tanks are spamming a spawn room, knowing that they normally shouldn't be able to get kills inside that spawn room (because they are safe zones and damage shouldn't pass through) then they are exploiters. Killing them is not the solution, reporting them for exploiting a bug.

    Your solution doesn't make senses when someone is abusing a bug. You can get lib all you want, they are still exploiting a bug.

    P.S. The bug appears to have been fixed, so who needs to get a lib now? If they'd have left it, then your "solution" would be one of the valid options.
  3. Shiaari

    But but... it's PRETTY!
  4. toast2250

  5. Mr_Cheese

    I haven't logged in for a while and essentially given up on the game. Spawn room warriors was a major part in why I left.

    After reading this thread I'm logging back in!!!

    I hope this never gets fixed. The useless cowards who stand behind the spawn shields sniping deserve to die.
  6. orangejedi829

    Hah, thanks guys!
    Would you believe this is running on two eight year old GPUs? =O
    Smooth 60fps too! (well, prior to the latest patch.)
    Gotta hand it to whoever was in charge of graphics optimization over at SOE.