What it looks like to play Planetside 2 now

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  1. Lord_Mogul

    So excatly define what "overrun" means to you...
    For when the enemy has more pop, there are some ways to counter it:
    Even if the defenders are far superior population wise, all it needs are a few tanks that spam the spawn room, and they can't even reach the point. And with the new bigger splash, this is even more critical.

    Why don't just remove the spawn shields entirely and let players spawn randomly on the map like in many other FPS.
    */irony off

    They need to change the mechanic so that defenders can even think of trying to get the base back.
    (There is a reason for the amount of walls around bases on Esamir, think about it.)
  2. toast2250

    You are justifying spawn shield's because of max crash tactics and as a side effect breed spawn room warriors.

    How about redeploying to another base and en mass a counter for a impressive&exciting battle, I guess not.

    Its already being fixed, don't worry. Then you can coordinate your game out of the super duper safe spawn room like a real general.

    I also like the new icons, much easier to see. At least something really new and refreshing. This game so desperately needs something, anything!

    Its all being reversed ffs!
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  3. FocusLight


    It don't actually matter if the HE rounds hit you inside the spawn-room or not - if the enemy can shell your spawn directly you have failed and will die once you leave. Staying put, even to shoot out, is then a waste of time. You do not come back from such a position unless you have A) superior numbers to take the casualties and B) an organized push to get everyone out as effectively as possible.

    With this bug, at least we might see people warming up to the concept of "base lost better go to the next one before this spawn-room is lost as well and set up a defense or start a counter-attack."

    There is no point in sitting in your spawn for several minutes while the shelling goes on, when you can go elsewhere and start retaliating effectively. Hell, the OP is NC - go to the nearest possible base that allows it and pull some Vanguards, skyguards and F* it, some Raven MAXes even, then prepare to stop the enemy tank push.
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  4. KodiakX

    Dude if you're to the point your respawn is so camped that you can't make it outside because of constant shelling and explosions I'm sorry to say but you've lost that battle. Sitting inside your spawn trying to scrape a few kills while you sit in spawn instead of moving on to the next fight is silly and it's always been silly. People just camp those lines forever in places like Bio labs. Screw all that noise and I'll enjoy people not sitting in spawns for as long as I can (fix is already coming).
  5. gartho33

    hmm... reading many of the opinions that accept this change... it seems the forums still don't relize that "spawn room warriors" are a two part problem.

    I'll not argue that as it is not the point of this thread.. however, it is a good thing this is getting fixed... nothing will drive new players away faster than a death in a designated safe zone....
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  6. noquarter

    First, if they are gonna run out and die pointless, they shouldn't be there anyway, they should be spawning somewhere else pulling tanks or air to deal with that crap.

    second, spawn shields were the worst idea ever in the first place, it lessens the role of engineers and medics by a lot, that is why everybody and their grandma runs around in a HA.

    I hope they don't ever fix this, in fact I hope one day the shield are completely gone and we can destroy spawn like the good old days!

    It's just my opinion...but whatever, I've pay per month to see planetside 2 a lot more like planetside 1. To much babying in ps2.

    I know they wanna keep new players, but they'd be better off creating a smaller noob map for first 15 levels..

  7. Lucidius134

    they need the farm more now than they did ever b/c of cert prices going up.
  8. orangejedi829

    Not true. I've been in many squads that were able to coordinate themselves and take a point back mere seconds before the base was lost, and in the face of huge resistance. But it requires the ability to group up in the spawn and dispatch of anyone directly in the room's line of sight first, both of which are simply no longer possible in a situation like this.
    Sure, there are situations where victory is impossible. But this makes those situations much easier for the enemy to achieve.
  9. orangejedi829

    People saying this is a good thing are essentially saying:
    - Being able to be killed in a designated safe zone is not an issue.
    - Spawn camping should be more lucrative and effective than it already is.
    But word is this will be fixed. Good.
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  10. toast2250

    Only god knows why castles were catapulted.
  11. Taemien

    HE goes through spawnroom shields....

    That's one way to buff it :D
  12. Alan Kalane

    don't sit in the spawn room, this won't lead you anywhere, especially now.
  13. HadesR


    Being hit by splash dmg while trying to access terminals is bugged gameplay .. Or are players supposed to spawn one base back to swap classes ?

    Glad it's being fixed .. If for no other reason than to remove the idiot posts ..
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  14. 3punkt14159

    Thats just stupid, saing, when a base is overrunned, you have to leave, there are 1000 situations who i can fire whit my tank on the spawn, and the base is not overrunned. So the spawn room must be safe.
    I really wounder why this problem is returning so often, we had have this problem months ago and before it was fiexed. At least its the 3th or 4th time that the spawn room shields are not really save, so how difficoult could it be to solve that.
  15. OldMaster80

    High kdr makes them feel cool. Planetside 2 is all about kills farming you know...
  16. Tiili

    What you guys need to understand is, that if the spawn is being HE spammed to hell, it means you need to go pull a liberator and kill the tanks.

    The tank pilots will be as afraid of that dalton as you're of them on foot.

    Getting spawn locked so hard you can't leave by foot is part of the game and has always been, but it's not the only way to play the game.

    If lib is too hard or not certed for you and you can't find another player who has certified it(type /re need a certed lib @ wg), drop mine/c4 equipped players on top of the tanks with a galaxy or a valkyrie.

    You can either cry about dying or laugh about killing enemies :)

    Opening a thread with a screenshot which instantly states you'e a newbie is not the way to go, it's like making gifs of jumping off cliffs and complaining that the fall damage is too high.

    Brains please.
  17. HadesR

    Yes please ..

    Because if people had brains they might realize it's not just about being spawn camped when the base is overrun, it's about being affected by splash from explosives fired from 300+m away , while you are trying to do a simple task of changing loadouts ..

    So no pulling a Lib every time I want to change classes isn't feasible ... And there is a reason these things are called " bugs ", cus it's not working as intended .

    So yes a little use of the brains before people make " herp derp spawn room warriors / camping / crying " post's would be in order. :)
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  18. Tiili

    And the solution is to kill what is spamming HE, so still brains.

    that place isn't supposed to be safe till you kill the players killing you, even if there's some glowing walls that are supposed to stop the shells.

    this same bug has been here since forever, being able to shoot through shields that don't render. And the solution has ALWAYS BEEN THE SAME.

    Pull a ******* lib.

    edit: I really hope they don't even fix it so players will finally understand that fighting from a spawnroom is ********, you're not contributing, instead you stay there dying repeatedly.

    Why the hell do you do that when you can be a part of the solution and just destroy the enemies?
  19. Tbone

    No fun, they are just so ret..ded, they can not stand not to ruin the fun cause ohohohoh cert farm yeah ,no spine ,no honor just muhhhhrikaaa and freedom to use bugs cause hey ,its not my fault, they say.
  20. Tbone

    Sadly but what can we expect from brain dead Cod, BF and CS siders really.