What it looks like to play Planetside 2 now

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by orangejedi829, May 19, 2015.

  1. orangejedi829

    Indeed, it has taken the upstanding citizens of Planetside mere minutes to figure out how to abuse the new spawn room splash damage to an absurd degree. Bravo!
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  2. HadesR

    I'm sorry I can't see the explosion the players name tag obscures it ...

    but yeah ... Accidents do happen just hope they grow a set and perma ban the repeat offenders though.
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  3. orangejedi829

    Lol, true
    This isn't about any one person or that one dead guy, it's more about the fact that there are 20 tanks with HE shelling the spawn shields with a vigor never before seen on Auraxis. People in the spawn room could do nothing but stand in the very center, and even then they were dying by the bucketful. Basically, best bet when you're outnumbered at a base now is to just give up and leave. Once the enemy can start hitting the spawn with HE and grenades, it's over; even the spawn room is not safe.
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  4. Flyingconejo

    On a completely unrelated note, that's quite a beautiful picture. +1 just for the art.
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  5. Turekson

    Noticed this also, hope they get it fixed soon.
  6. Dualice

    I had this happen numerous times today, but figured it was just excessive lag.

  7. Lord_Mogul

    The spawn shields should be safe!
    Nothing could come through!
    Atleat son from the outside! (sometimes I hit myself with rockets, when I'm not far out enough:D )

    They even reworked the whole shield system, with one sided shields. They should work appropriate.

    (And afaik maybe let sticky nades sticking to people stop on the spawn shield, so that they stick on the shield and aren't carried inside)
  8. Hegeteus

    I'll never understand what fun people see in shelling spawnrooms etc
  9. GhostAvatar

    You should really get something for his knee.
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  10. Get2dachoppa

    Glad this is being posted on the forums. Now I know not to bother logging in until this gets fixed.
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  11. ScrapyardBob


    This is a development company that has shown gross incompetence over the past 2 years with how often they release buggy patches, then take 1-3 months to fix the issues introduces in the patch. There's definitely a lack of oversight and QA in the process -- or more likely, nobody is left standing who understands the code after the layoffs.
  12. Jomar

    At least they patched on a Tuesday and gave themselves a couple of days to fix it before the holiday weekend...
  13. HadesR

    You way misunderstood ...

    Accidents as in players might accidently hit the spawn shield, so only those abusing it constantly should be dealt with
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  14. ChUnKiFieR

    Can anyone tell me why we have a test server! Ya get my drift?
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  15. KodiakX

    This is actually going to make me log in.

    The people who stay in their spawn finally getting what they deserve.
  16. Lord_Mogul

    Now they can decide to die pointlessly INSIDE the spawn room instead of outside?
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  17. AlterEgo

    Can't you see? The poor guy just fell down and suffered a minor knee scrape. Nothing a few thousands of nanites can't fix.
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  18. Lord_Mogul

    He used to be an NC like you, but than he took a tank shell to the knee!
    (sry old joke, but i just had to :D )

    But they really should change the system, so that explosive abusing on spawn rooms would be less an issue and the people inside really have a chance to get out.
  19. toast2250

    Ah the old spawn shelling nostalgia, YES!!!

    Its more like die thousand times in that spawn room and then whine on the forums.

    Did it ever come to someones mind that a OVERRUN base is lost?
    No, not in PS2. Better make those shields suited for spawn room warriors, gunna sit in that building all day and then sit in another down the lane.

    How about if I f* bomb your base back to hell, YES,.. don't mind if I do!!!
    I must bomb spawn room, MUST BOMB!!!
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  20. orangejedi829

    Good luck not staying in the spawn when you're liable to die before even reaching the shield.
    And forget coordinating a max crash or point rush. Ain't gonna happen when your soldiers are already all dead.