What is your most hated thing to die against?

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  1. Killuminati C

    The resurgence of Libs has greatly diminished the enjoyment I was getting from the Amerish update :(. I can't wait for the return of large fights where there aren't 4 or 5 Libs circling like sharks smelling blood in the water.
  2. Linedan

    Liberators or ESF lolpods are probably #1. Shotguns have taken the #2 slot since the recent changes seem to have handed every spandex-wearing fanatic on Mattherson a Thanatos to play with.
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  3. NC_agent00kevin

    Battle Gals
    HE Spam
    Infantry that should have been killed but somehow ran through 130 NC soldiers and made it to me
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  4. SenEvason

    The no-damage bug. It's irritating to be playing really well, finally get into a good spot to take out some enemies, and then do nothing to them because of a desync issue. Meanwhile, they can still shoot and kill you.

    Other than that, everything else is fair game.
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  5. Dieter Perras

    Snipers, oh god do I hate getting instant gibbed by snipers...especially while I'm running and jumping around and stuff and I still have some bloody super high BR sniper one shot me. Or when you just get to a large fight and think "hurray I'm finally gona have some fighting" *bang* instant death with no sundy deployed yet.

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  6. dstock

    Misaligned terrain on the new Amerish. Flying NOE and smashing into a rock face you appeared to be 20m above...

    This thread is great. I wasn't going to play tonight, but now I feel compelled to go Liberate Auraxis...
  7. Nocturnal7x

    Any shotgun.
  8. JP_Russell

    Before the patch, I guess being one-shotted as an infantry by Daltons. I generally run around with nanoweave and have yet to cert into flak armor (other things are higher priority still). Definitely felt crummy to be taken out in one hit by the Dalton when it just shot in your general vicinity since it's meant to be primarily an AT weapon, yet it was able to completely deny infantry if they didn't cert against it. Now you can at least escape with your life if you take splash with cover nearby.

    After the patch... I dunno, I'm not sure there's anything right now that feels really bad to be killed by for me. I mean, certain things are more deflating to be killed by than others, but nothing feels like it's really overstepping its bounds right now.
  9. Mostadio

    Being run over by a strafing magrider. Any time a hill or ridge is populated by friendly infantry, a magrider invariably shows up and strafes over half of the friendly infantry because it needed to evade a base turret or some crap.
  10. dezusa

    Running in to NC Maxes with shotguns at their ideal range.

    If it were a TR Max i'd still have a second or two to say "oh ffs, why did I not peek through the door first"
    But naw, NC shotty will just wipe me out in a heartbeat.
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  11. ItsYourCPUDontWorry

    LIBERALS.... Wait a minute, i'm sorry, wrong website! I thought I was on Yahoo! for a second there.

    In all seriousness though, It's a tie between two things.

    1.) That moment when I decide to pull ONE last vehicle before I go to bed (A Lightning in this case) and I flip over 5 seconds out of the gate. THEN, I decide to pull an ESF and get shot down before I can go "Weeeeee!". At this point, I am about to log off before I notice that "OMG I have 480 vehicle points left!" and decide to pull a MBT. I roll out the gate, strut my way to the front line of a battlefield, let out a vicious "ROOOOARRRR!!!!" and then drive over a tank mine....
    To sum it up, myself... I hate... myself...

    2.) Connery VS
  12. notyourbuddy

    AV Mana Turrets especially when I'm driving something that is very fragile but also supposed to be fast and hard to hit like a Harasser or Flash.

    You survive infantry LMG spamming your vehicle; you dodge dumbfires; you survive being shot at by the angry tanks or aircraft chasing you *whew that was close he nearly got us*; maybe you get locked-on *hey that IR Smoke loadout is coming in handy*

    And then just when you think you have escaped (you see no one around for miles).... *plink* *kaboom*. Your death comes from some ----head standing 300m+ away who doesn't have to aim; doesn't have to predict for movement; doesn't have to figure out projectile drop or travel time; nope he just has to point his mouse at your vehicle.

    Its a bad weapon for gameplay. Just bad. I'm not sure there is a single person who can say after being killed by an AV Mana Turret that he got outplayed. Its just cheese. I really hope the April balance addresses this weapon, but after reading the proposed plans I honestly have zero faith in a meaningful outcome.

    That is all.
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  13. KoS-1


  14. DeadlyPeanutt

    hehe... purple death!
    for me: snipers... like mosquitos... they're irritating and come in swarms.
  15. Thefailknight

    Libs. ******* invincible flying fortresses with more firepower than a MBT and more armor to boot. Oh, and much faster. This whole 'only air should properly counter air' thing the devs have in their head is killing this game :/ I mean do I have to pull a tank to kill a tank? Do I have to go infantry to kill infantry?Hell, do I have to pull an ESF to kill an ESF?

    Nope. But Libs are apparently the nukes in rock paper scissors and nukes. God I hate Libs.
  16. DieHard2Live3

    Shotguns, mines, C4, blah blah blah.

    But they are no match for the mighty 24h mountain camping Infiltrator.
  17. Whatupwidat

    I don't really mind dying to any weapon/vehicle - what irks me is when I'm being killed by a zerg force that outnumbers my side 5-1 and they boast about how much we "suck" in chat.

    I really wish there was a way to turn yell chat off tbh - it just ends with me arguing back because I'm an arsehole and can't help but do it.
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  18. Dis

    Broken hit detection resulting in my headshots hitting nothing.

    That's a real pisser.
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  19. Tonberry76

    medics that res you when the enemy is stile there so i die over and over again -.-
  20. gregfox89

    ESF gank squad waiting outside the warpgate for my freshly spawned scythe