What is your most hated thing to die against?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bullborn, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. Bullborn

    For me, Liberator. It is just annoying to die against. Especially because the Lib can fight back against anything you throw at it, while very few things can take on a Lib.
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  2. Dragonblood

    Zergs....sometimes I turn of Plantside after 5 Minutes, when I hardly get out of spawnrooms.
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  3. Guppet

    That would have to be outfit members. You'll be happily sitting in the galaxy when they crash into a mountain, that snuck up on them!
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  4. Lazaruz

    "Suicide" when my ejection seat fails to work, gets my blood boiling.
  5. AFK1

    MAX suits

    They are a no aim zero skill crutch mechanic for untalented players, and I hate everything about them. I don't even enjoy using them myself
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  6. Bonom Denej

    I have to say Lib too. Every sunday morning I play on Esamir on Miller, it's so calm and I like those little 1-12 battles that can be sometime quite hard. But when there is a Lib spamming his Dalton where we're only 3 players in a base, we can't do **** against it (sure we can throw him things, but it will hardly kill him, he'll just fly away, repair and come back). Yeah, I hate that because it's not fair play to me.

    Appart from that very specific once a week frustration, not much.
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  7. Vikingo

    Alts made specifically for team killing
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  8. Frank 2070

    Snipers. Goddamn I hate those pesky little campers. Nothing is more annoying than being in good firefight and get killed from invisible thing that you have little to zero chance to evade
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  9. Pikachu

    Liberators while flying a liberator. You fly and don't see any enemy around then *BONK* you lost 40% of your HP. Before you got the enemy in your field of view you get another *BONK* then some tankbuster bullets and you're dead.

    Terrain is another good competitor. Crashing into a tree because thrusters don't want to work good enough or your tank flipping over a hill.
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  10. Rogueghost

    Nothing makes me scream a long list of profanities louder than dying to a shotgun.
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  11. ironeddie

    I rage anytime I take a rocket to the face at close range. It's such a lame way to be killed.

    I would hate maxes but they rarely kill me for the simple reason that if I see a max I run away.
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  12. Pikachu

    Them vanu players.
  13. iDash

    Sony not implementing analog for flying with flight sticks in their a PC game, wtf?

    Its on/off, way up/way down bam hit tree!
    Its BS!
  14. NovaAustralis

    AV Mana Turrets.
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  15. Robertooooo

    Zero chance to evade? If you don't stand still as a statue most snipers will not even bother trying.

    Shotguns. I hate them. Especially when some new low br player swoops down and do a suicide berserk attack on me.
    C75 vipers are probably on the second place. Why is that gun even in the game? It's only purpose is to generate cheesy kills and ''tactical supression'' of spawnrooms.
  16. hawken is better

    Vehicles/MAX suits. Shotguns and rocket primary are a close second.

    Basically, anything that kills you instantly (or leaves with only a sliver of health, so that a BR 5 with a Beamer can drop you) is not fun to deal with, especially in the situation where you have no way of fighting back against it.

    Instakilling weapons are bad for competitive infantry gameplay.
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  17. OneRedBlock

    Libslibslibslibslibs. Libs. Horrible sky demons.
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  18. IamDH

    Lib nerf thread in disguise, you arent fooling anyone
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  19. Thagyr

    Anything that doesn't render on my screen yet can still hit me. Seriously. Reacting to battlefield conditions is one thing but what can you do when you have to fight invisible ghosts.
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  20. jiggu

    Getting struck by a tank shell from far away by a tank you didn't know existed. Generally things you had no chance fighting in general, but I mostly just relocate or exact vengeance.