What is your least favorite base to fight at?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by agentpuhpul, May 28, 2015.

  1. Pikachu

    Any base that is know to be esy to defend like Scarred Mesa or qhat it is called, southern Indar. Vanu Archives is another. Just meatgrnders.
  2. GuhMaster2512

    I can't stand attacking Ikanam Biolab.
  3. ShinKartz

    1. Amp stations - one of those special big bases, that give benfits, but they are more trouble than worth it,
    2. Indar Excavation Site <-> Quartz Ridge Camp - an obnoxious turtle fest, where two sides eyeball each other for hours only exchanging vehicle, turret and sniper fire,
    3. Abandoned NS offices - even worse incarnation of number two, because it's three bases now
    4. Tower base west of Mani Bio Lab, the one on the other side of a wide frozen river.

    You may notice a pattern here, I simply HATE turtling in this game, I prefer fast paced action, not a WWI slug fest, where one side moves three inches a day.
  4. ScrapyardBob

    Any Bio-Lab where there are more then 48 people in the hex.
    Any Amp station with more then 48 people in the hex.
    Any Tech Plant with more then 48 people in the hex.

    What do all of those things share in common? Either a single capture point (poor design for a large facility) or all the capture points within 80m of each other (poor design for a large facility).
  5. Doc Jim

    As VS: any Biolab.
    As NC: whut?
  6. TheShrapnelKing

  7. nukularZ

    Biolabs. I don't even bother because I know it's just boring choke points at the landing pad, or shooting from inside of the teleporters within the lab game play. I'd rather just an open field than biolabs.
  8. Armcross

    I like Sky Dock, because I know how to attack or deffend it. Also it's a plus that it's light assult freandly.

    Maybe the bases that is easy to defend while I'm attaking, like subterranean. But really figuring out how attack a base is part of my gameplay. And any base that is Hard to take gets low priority during alert. But in subterranean it may be too hard to capture but it's a good setup for certfarming against the defender.
  9. Colinljx

    Any tower/biofarm fight, when fighting against the NC. As NC, most of the non-tower/biolab bases on Hossin & Amerish.
  10. Peebuddy

    I'm really tired of fighting at Tarwich Tech Plant to be honest

    That whole area is just a honeycomb of bottlenecks with both sides just camping their respected opening.

    The cliffs just make the whole area one big fish-in-a-barrel shooting spree for snipers and tanks.

    And any hope of flanking puts you in direct confrontation with one of the untakeable satellite facilities where the enemy just love spawning from and hitting you in the rear.

    It is solely because of this base that I feel that all satellite outposts should be captureable by other satellite bases. It really does not make sense to require going down the lattice which is not practical or promising.
  11. agentpuhpul

    Hey guys thanks so much for the great responses. I've wrote up a list of the ones I think are the "worst" bases, but I think i need a 10th. I'm thinking I should add a base from esamir... since I haven't had any from esamir yet. Esamir bases are known for their massive walls (presumably to shield infantry against tanks) but these walls end up creating giant chokepoint cluster fks in 96 v 96 fights.

    does anyone have a SIGNATURE base in mind that would fit this? Like some REALLY small, REALLY walled up base in esamir that gets 96 on 96 often? I can't think of one particular one at the moment, even though i KNOW there are like 10 of em lmao..


    Current list (not ranked in any particular order)

    1) Sub nanite analysis
    2) bio labs
    3) howling pass/abandoned NS offices
    4) Broken arch road
    5) Scarred mesa skydock
    6) construction sites on hossin (or any rectangular shaped base)
    7) hunters blind
    8) halcyon watch
    9) heyoka chemical
    10) ?? some base on esamir?
  12. Armcross

    I wonder why I like those bases on the list, exception with costruction(not hated). Maybe because I like setting up my enemy for my cert harvesting; grate for hidden manoeuvres and counters.

    Don't forget to post the link here. May I ask how those bases qualify for this list?
  13. pnkdth

    Any small base. All bases should be multiple point bases with smaller around them bases acting as spawn points to capture. When attackers/defenders lose their spawn, they need sunderers. This would create a more dymanic attack/defend mechanics where spawn-camping or spawn-room warriors would be a much more rare. Creating forward spawns would be just as important for defenders as attackers, and hard-spawns would become "nice-to-haves" and not the must haves for defenders.

    I would even more towards have no spawn in the actual territory bases. Spawns are relegated to sunderers/galaxies, and smaller bases around the larger ones(they could even more resupply bases where air/tanks can re-arm, etc etc). There would be small and big objectives in every fight paving waves for larger outfits AND smaller outfits to take a center role and cooperate.


    If i had to choose a base under the current system, Bio labs. Defensible for all the wrong reasons, and when it turns into a large fight it is a total mess.
  14. FieldMarshall

    (In no particular order and in my opinion)

    Worst bases to attack:
    Ikanam Biolab.
    Indar Excavation.
    Quartz ridge.
    Halycon Watch (or any of the other treehouse bases).
    Any Biolab.

    Worst bases to defend:
    Tech plants.
    Amp stations.
    Construction Site bases on Hossin.
  15. Diilicious

    Any facility where VS is also in attendance :p

  16. agentpuhpul

    Most of them are meatgrinders, where the two forces are deadlocked at a chokepoint and just throwing bullets at each other, not getting anywhere (COUGH SUB NANITE ANALYSIS COUGH BIOLABS) OR they are very hard to attack (COUGH HALCYON WATCH etc) or hard to defend, or just overall not very enjoyable to play at.

    No real "requirement" to be on this list, just more general guidelines. I asked the community for their input and reasons as well, and most of them are similar to the reasons I've come up with.
  17. Armcross

    I understand now I'm a meet grinder lover, but not everyone likes that. I love it when enemy setting them selves up as target in cert farming gallery. But more to that I love it when I broke the stalemate from blowing up sundies to peppering the bottleneck with EMP grenades. The best way to setup meet grinder is to setup deploy sundie near Capturepoint on elevated hard to shoot area, I recently did that in mani arsenal and effectively hold the zerg about 20mins. Nom nom.
  18. Hammerlock

    NC infested biolabs ... all of them :oops:
  19. agentpuhpul

    Makes sense.. but like most meat grinders don't end up like that :p

    Does anyone have any bases on esamir in particular they could suggest?
  20. Klypto

    Abandoned NS should be everyone's #1

    Hey, ask me later today in teamspeak about bad base design concepts and philosophy that are seemingly incorporated on purpose into the game.

    Bravata PMC is an example. The base is OK to fight on at times, but there's some really weird **** going on with that base that you get to see parts of in other bases. It's like a conglomerate of subtle horrors.

    • Designing the spawn rooms to be easily camped when pushed. All cover nearby benefits attackers of the spawn room with far less practical use for defenders.
    • Shaping the terrain to where attackers can easily deploy a sunderer near the teleporter room and have a nearly impassible terrain height advantage that defenders would be strongly challenged if not impossible to overcome. This also overshadows the route to C point and completely nullifies any ability to move southeast to flank attackers around the main spawn room.
    • C point can shoot people coming out of the teleporter door.
    • Designing the sunderer garage to be easily camped with an obvious height advantage against anyone attempting to leave to the left or right. Even the AV turrets on the corners could smack you up down there.
    • Farm Machine 9000 lift pads on top of the doom garage where stairs would be more logical and less frustrating for the people I am farming.
    • Corner of the wall near C point is possible to climb, but extremely frustrating to do. Put stairs or place another building west of C and then stairs or remove the sunderer log to the west and reformat the terrain.
    There's other weird stuff but whatever. I'm going to call Hanlon's razor on this base though, I doubt they would be so evil.