What is your least favorite base to fight at?

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  1. agentpuhpul

    hey guys,

    I'm lookin to put together a yt video on the worst bases (somethin like the 10 worst base designs) to fight at in Planetside 2. I'm sure you platoon leaders know which ones i'm talking about. I have a few in mind, but if any of you want to pitch in that would be awesome.

    To keep it standardized, let's roll with this format

    Name of base:
    Worst for defense?Offense? Both?
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  2. LazyAsian

    East Canyon checkpoint.

    Terrible for defense, unless you get set up before a zerg rolls in.

    Admittedly, it's easy to defend when everyone is set up on the bridge and firing down onto the incoming armor but most of the time it's when we're caught off guard by a 96+ zerg from the base across. Air and armor hammers the spawn while MAXes camp the buildings.
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  3. Leftconsin

    Mulac Pass
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  4. AxiomInsanity87

    TJ alloys lol.

    What a drag. Even when farming in an MBT.

    Bad either way most of the time.

    Because its either getting ragged or farming. Depends how many people are online in outfit. Best avoided I reckon.
  5. prodo123

    Nettlemire Gardens, Offal Pit, Hatcher Airstation, all Construction Sites.
    Kwahtee Mountain Complex, the new Quartz Ridge Camp, the new Allatum Broadcast Hub.
  6. Tratt

    Howling Pass, Abandoned NS Offices, South East Gate combo.

    You could get stuck going back and forth attacking and defending NS for an entire alert and those bases just seem to have synergy with each other. That and tankers seem to like the open fields of death.
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  7. agentpuhpul

    I'm so surprised no one has mentioned skydock... it's like jumppad chokepoint central.

    also guys please give reasons for your picks, that way if I end up picking your submission, I can actually quote you saying something useful T_T
  8. Liewec123

    easily Heyoka Chemical Lab...

    unless you have a professional outfit working with you, you will NEVER cap this dam base!
    an island base surrounded by insta death water.
    no vehicle assault (i know about the bridges, but even when you cap them, noone dare cross),
    and infantry can only attack via small easily camped bridges...
    its a farmfest for the defenders, HELL ON EARTH for the attackers.
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  9. HadesR

    Any Bio Lab .. regardless of attacking or defender ...

    It's either a 3min zerg roll or the Planetside equivalent of watching paint dry ..
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  10. agentpuhpul

    Hey just curious where did you get such a nice map image? was it just a screenshot?

    Yeah i'm realizing now that to make a decent video I'm gonna have to go to these places at their worst... FML!!
  11. OldMaster80

    And Subterranean Nanite Analysis, which is basically the same. The only base you can't capture even if you have more than 60% population.
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  12. Gahuln

    Indar. All of it.
    Of course, there's a few nice spots, but not nearly enough to cover for all the ****.
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  13. Volsarian

    All of Esamir.
    Because of how horrid the lattice system is, you're essentially fighting at the same 3-4 bases the entire time, and all of those battles are 96+ lag fights.
    As for individual bases, I'd have to say the Southwest/Southeast warpgates on Indar assaulting Ceres/Seabed/Dahaka South/Galaxy Solar/NS Offices/Briggs.
    Why? Because there's literally nowhere to set up spawn logistics without it being out in the open and susceptible to long range armor bombardment. You either dedicate 96+ to them, or don't even bother.
  14. agentpuhpul

    Yeah Indar has WAY too much open space, and esamir, the bases are clusterfks when it gets crowded. I think the best continents are hossin or amerish but that's just me :p
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  15. Campagne

    I don't remember the name of the base, but it was a mostly subterranean base somewhere on Hossin or Amerish. (Sorry, I don't really have much of an idea at all were it is.)

    It's a joke to try to defend it.

    -- First off, it's surrounded by walls just tall enough to block vision from the inside with hills on the outside for the attackers, and just short enough for tanks to lob shells over and for planes to have a clear view for spamming missiles.
    -- It has enough very tall trees to make a light assault ejaculate at first sight.
    -- There is a shield generator in the middle of the base on the top layer, perfectly easy to reach from outside the base.
    -- The only way to go from below the surface to the top is via a lift-beam thing through a force field, leaving players in the air for 5 seconds before they finally touch the ground.
    -- The whole subterranean part of the base is just a gigantic maze-like clusterf*ck, full of force fields clear enough to see and shoot through, but not passible to the side that one wants be on without going through the maze-like clusterf*ck again.
    -- The spawn room exits are fairly easy to guard and cover.
    -- To get from the spawn room to the surface it takes 30 seconds of sprinting, while it takes 3 seconds of sprinting to get into the base from one of the four sunnderers deployed along the outside walls.
    -- Etc.
  16. FateJH

    Broken Arch Road.

    There is no amount of experience you could award me that would entice me to go fight in that base.
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  17. Hipshot27

    Broken Arch. Too many snipers...
  18. Liewec123

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  19. Takoita

    Indar, the tech plant in the southwestern corner, specifically one of the bases southwest of it. Yeah, the one that consists of three shacks and a vehicle terminal, open to all winds.
  20. Eternaloptimist

    Bio labs because the landing pads are just kill zones with human wave attacks the only way to overcome them
    Subterranean Nanite Analysis - for much the same reason
    All Hossin bases - (I just don't like Hossin for the poor visibility and lack of air/tank) but the constructions sites in particular are just long football fields - fight one end to the other.
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