What is 'User channel voice chat'

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  1. Robin

    I notice the option 'User channel voice chat' in the key binding section. I'd love to have a way to chat to a pilot or gunner without spamming the whole squad (or having the need to put us in our own squad as a workaround).

    How do I make use of this? is there a command like '/userchannel [playername]' or some such to register transmissions to just that player?

  2. Sebac

    I have the exact same question. So... bump.
  3. Skurcey

    bumping because i want to be shymphatics
  4. Metsuro

    Its a custom user channel. /voice join <channel> <password> allows one to create a global channel that anyone may join if they know the name and password. Useful for joint platoon communication.
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  5. Sebac

  6. ThisSideOfThePlanet

    Has anyone actually been able to use this feature successfully?
    Issuing the "/voice join <channel> <password>" command seems to only echo the command on the console screen.
    Also, based on the overlays I see when I use other channels (such as [Command], [Squad], [Platoon] and [Proximity]), I expect something to be displayed when pressing the (default) 'num 6' key assigned to this user channel, but I do not see anything, and nothing can be heard by the people trying to communicate through this channel.
    Has this been disabled/broken since the post?
  7. Duvenel

    I seem to remember being able to use this command, but a lot of the commands have been disabled or are now defunct that were previously working. Actually allow me to pull up this list:

    /afk - toggle afk status, effect unknown

    /friend online - shows all online friends
    /friend add <name> - sends <name> a friend request
    /friend remove <name> - removes <name> from your friend list
    /friends - alias of /friend

    /ignore add <name> - adds the named player to your ignore list
    /ignore remove <name> - removes the named player from your ignore list



    Squad Commands

    /squad invite <playername>
    /squad accept
    /squad reject
    /squad kick <playername>
    /squad leave
    /squad disband
    /squad autoowneron
    /squad autoowneroff
    /squad autofriendson
    /squad autofriendsoff
    /squad autoguildon
    /squad autoguildoff
    /squad groupautoon
    /squad groupautooff
    /squad lfmon
    /squad lfmoff
    /squad lfmoptions <description> <air=1/0> <ground=1/0> <infantry=1/0> <guildOnly=1/0> <friendsOnly=1/0>
    /squad lfmsearch <air=1/0> <ground=1/0> <infantry=1/0> <guildOnly=1/0> <friendsOnly=1/0>
    /squad getgroupinfo <groupId>
    /squad autogroup
    /squad setowner <playername>
    /squad show - not sure what this does
    /squad showinvite

    Platoon Commands

    /platoon invitemember <squadid> <playername>
    /platoon invitesquad <squad owner playername>
    /platoon accept
    /platoon reject
    /platoon kickmember <playername>
    /platoon kicksquad <squad owner playername>
    /platoon leave
    /platoon disband
    /platoon setplatoonowner <playername>
    /platoon setsquadowner <squadid> <playername>
    /platoon setmembersquad <squadid> <playername>
    /platoon show - not sure what this does
    /platoon showinvite
    /platoon swap <playername> <playername>

    Outfit Commands

    /outfit invite <playername>
    /outfit quit
    /outfit leave

    Chat Commands

    /say - defaults to this when no slash command is provided










    /profanity - toggle profanity filter

    Misc Commands

    /report [playername]
    /oomreport <enable> [filename] [reserveSize]
    Prints an out-of-memory report when out of memory.
    Where <enable> can be true/false, 0/1, enable/disable, etc.
    [filename] is an optional location to write the report (default: outofmemory.txt)
    [reserveSize] is memory to reserve for report generation (default: 10MB)
    As far as I'm aware this command list might be datamined, I'm not entirely sure if all of these commands work though as I haven't been able to try them all out yet. Sorry I couldn't really clarify anything.