[BUG] What is up with the Hardlight Barrier

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by strove, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. strove

    One of my most commonly used bits of gear but the lack of consistency is a pain

    The Hardlight barrier ability slot is the only one in the game that has a limited number of uses AND is the only one in the game that costs nanites to "restock" at 50 nanites per barrier. You can place turrets an infinate, even the Spitfire, which regenerates uses over time, doesnt cost nanites to use.

    The Reserve Hardlight Barrier Utility slot also costs nanites but has unlimited uses as best as i can see.

    Personally the ability slot should have neither restriction, you can still only have one active at any time like other engineer deployables so there really isnt any issue lifting the 2 use restriction and NO class should have to pay nanites for its ability.
    For the Utility slot, ill concede that its in keeping with all other utilities that it does cost so i have no issue with that.
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  2. Novidian

    I just want one that can block a whole doorway and can be fired through.
  3. strove

    Im sure having the ability to make any choke point into a spawnroom shielded room wont be broken at all...