What is this Friday Night Ops, you speak of?

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    PlanetSide 2 Friday Night Ops (PS2FNO) is a PlanetSide 2 webcast hosted by SOE Community Manager, Margaret "Luperza" Krohn. It takes place every Friday, of course. ;)

    This webcast is all the rage because...It's all about you!!
    - You get the inside scoop on the battlefield from an observer mode camera!
    - Learn more about other people in the community!
    - We host interviews and spotlight developers and outfits!
    - Featured players and outfits get a chance to play with developers and ask intimate questions. ;)
    - And sometimes...We have super famous casters or community members on the show!

    Click here to send us feedback about the webcast
    Click here for Outfit Spotlights
    Click here for Outfit Recruitment Video Spotlights
    Click here for Event Spotlights
    Click here for Fan Site Spotlights
    Click here for Individual Player Spotlights
    Click here for Discussion Panel Submissions
    Click here to submit a video
    Click here for screenshot and fanart submissions - Please put "PS2FNO" in the email title.

    You can find us on our http://www.twitch.tv/ planetside2
    Every Friday from 5PM - 7PM PST.
    The server will be announced before each segment on the live show.
    Don't forget to use our hashtag #ps2fno and follow us on Twitter @planetside2 and @MargaretKrohn.
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