What is the the striker suppose to do now??

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  1. ComradeHavoc

    *cough* Phoenix *cough*

    in b4 "you can shoot in cover", even though it can be shot down, 300m range, forces you to stand while shooting, and turns slower than a max side-strafing.
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  2. MurderBunneh

    They need to make the rockets travel a little faster and let it lock on to more things such as turrets and some other things maybe. They need to seriously shorten the lock on time in close range for all lockon launchers.
  3. Suicide Trooper

    With phoenix you can dumbfire in a way. And face it - no one is trying to shoot it down 95% of the time.
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  4. Jalek

    I tried the Striker from a spawn room, the tanks were getting hit from another angle as well. Though I could get all five rockets off each time, even the tanks taking other damage, I got zero kills in five minutes of steady firing (between the three steps to the terminal to reequip). I'd much prefer the damage of a phoenix, at least it would feel possible to kill something.
  5. Jalek

    That works to annoy a magrider you're circling, but you can shoot infantry directly in the face and it won't kill them.
    I've never tried hipfiring at an ESF, my preferred target with that launcher.
  6. MallowChunkage

    My main problem with the striker is that it has a lockon time, it's obviously laser guided because you need to keep the target in your sights for the entire time the missiles are in the air, it doesn't need a lockon adding to it's ridiculous impracticality, lock weapons are fire and forget, like the annihilator.
  7. Gav7x

    Its a annihilator 0.5
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  8. Lockerius

    The Striker's great......

    .....when your platoon is making a cool Youtube video, sitting on a hill and raining down red rockets on an enemy armor column. But only because you usually have medics to wake up those who have a negative experience with snipers.
  9. cyb_

    Not even that is working properly any more, since the range you need for the lock is so short.
  10. Suicide Trooper

    Striker works better than Annihilator only in ideal conditions:
    - When no sniper is targeting you, while you stand tracking your target.
    - When Aircraft is hovering above you without flares.
    - When enemy tanks are located on the plains and have no options to hide and cover.
  11. Chrispin

    Give it the option of firing dumb-fire rockets and it might actually be useful.
  12. notyourbuddy

    Its a poorly designed weapon that is simply no fun to use at all.

    - Stand there and lock-on for 3-4 seconds.
    - Fire 5 red balls that allow the enemy to exactly pinpoint your location.
    *at this point with other launchers you'd take cover but oh no not the striker!*
    - Stand there for another 4-5 seconds maintaining a lock-on while the rockets travel.
    *just begs for a tank or any sniper to end you*

    The most *&#$est thing of all is if at any point the target moves beyond 300m all your missiles s--t their pants and just rocket up towards the moon.

    I see a Sunderer standing out in the open. Lock-on; 5 shots; maintain lock never once losing sight of the Sunderer yet at the last second all the rockets missed. Why? Did he pop smoke? Nope. Go behind cover? Nope. He just drove back about 10m breaking the lock.

    I can see why people would prefer the other lock-ons even if they do a little less damage. Don't have to deal with all the crapola that comes with the Striker.
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  13. AzureKnight

    I just logged in to check...

    So a striker has basic stats like this:
    335 damage per rocket with a 5 ammo clip meaning damage potential is 1675 if all rockets hit
    Indirect damage is 500 (???) at .5 meters for whatever reason
    reload is 5 seconds
    MUST lock to fire.

    Meanwhile, a Phoenix has:
    750 base damage (2X damage to vehicles if memory serves)
    Indirect damage is 100 at 2 meters
    Flight time of up to 7 seconds (300 meters) with reload of 4.7 seconds making it up to about 12 seconds for reloading
    Fly by wire means can damage infantry though with the debuffs, only good for picking off weak ones.

    150 per charge up to 450 at charge @ 400 meter 110 times up to 3 @500+. 660-900 damage per clip
    5 second reload
    600 m/sec shot
    Can damage all things.
    Out distances Phoenix and Striker

    Pretty much as I see it, the striker is the worst launcher of the faction launchers because A) it being lock on means flares and IR smoke make it a paper weight, B) You can't get a few luck shots off on an infantry that may get the drop on you, C) requires by far more teamwork than the other two. D) The fact it's slower and more uncontrollable than the phoenix makes its range actually the worst of the three, E) because of its mechanics, it's the most situational of the three guns, and F) with lock on mechanics as they are, a vehicle needs to get just halfway behind cover and the striker rockets become worse at even flying in the right direction than drunk trying to play basketball.

    The only thing that's great about it is if the engi is on the side you're shooting at because that 500 damage indirect is just strangely powerful.
  14. Midnightmare

    That's just saying the buster still works, but I can steal kills...
  15. Midnightmare

    But yea the striker is useless dont buy it.

    Also to make SOE stop producing Lockon crap.
  16. IamDH

    To strike


    Seriously tho, i think the striker concept should just be dropped and they should think of something creative
  17. GunsmithJoe

    Let Strikers have the Coyote mechanic (dumb-fire, proximity lock)
  18. Jube

    What a ridiculous statement. It was SUPPOSED to be a ESRL (And it was until the Dev's over nerfed it). Not a niche weapon.
    Tell me what is the "Niche" for the Lancer? Kill anything at any range?
    What is the "Niche" for the Phoenix? Destroy all armor from the safety of the spawn room?

    The "Niche" for the Striker is.... Stand out in the open like an idiot and be a target for any weapon on the battlefield while you don't have a chance in hell of killing anything as an individual.

    Please...the ML-7 is far superior to the Striker. The ML-7 can kill any target on the battlefield, doesn't require the user to stand out in the open and best of all...It's free.

    Don't waste your money or certs on the Striker, in it's current state it is less the useless.
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  19. Boomotang

    The ESRLs do not have the same liabilities in regards to sniper exposure, or any type of exposure for that matter. The Striker is the worst, the Phoenix second, and the Lancer is the best. Here's why.

    The Striker requires line of sight on your target for the entire duration of locking on and until all of your rockets hit. If you're in line of sight of a tank, you are most likely in line of sight of any snipers, or the tanks/liberators that you are trying to kill. And the duration of locking on and waiting for all of the rockets to hit is a long time to be exposed. If all of your rockets are usually unable to hit, then there isn't much point in picking the Striker over other rocket launchers.

    The Phoenix doesn't require line of sight. Although if a sniper flanks the cover you are using, you are an easier target because you're standing still. But you can effectively remain out of the line of sight of tanks and snipers on their front line, which is huge.

    The Lancer only requires you to be in the line of sight of your target the instant that you fire it. You can move around while charging, making it hard for snipers to kill you, even if they are flanking the cover that you are using. You are no more of an easy sniper target than any other type of infantry. The projectile is extremely fast and has very little drop, meaning that the amount of time required to accurately aim and find your shot when popping out is very small. It doesn't take much time to fire off a decimator either, but the difference is your chance of hitting the target, especially at range.

    I barely ever use the Striker anymore because it does seem pretty worthless. The situations where you are able to use it are usually situations where your side already has a large advantage, meaning it only ever accelerates the inevitable. The exposure time (and slowed rate of movement due to ADS) when used against tanks is so severe that it almost always results in being killed by something, often the very tank that you are trying to hit. It already has the limitations of lockons where you can't target MAXes or turrets. And your target knows they're being locked before you hit them.

    Even if you do manage to stay alive long enough using it, the damage rate you can inflict is also severely hampered because you can't start to reload until your last rocket hits the target. And to confuse the situation even more, you don't always know when your last rocket hits. You can lose count. Or you might not know if one of your rockets hit an obstacle or was evaded. This often leads to waiting some time until you realize that you don't have any more rocket in the air tracking, all the while slowly strafing back and forth because you are ADSing, and in plain view of enemy threats.

    With the change they made to the Striker, they essentially increased the risk via exposure time by a large margin, and at the same time they decreased the dps, which was it's main advantage in the first place. The only changes I can suggest that might help, which wouldn't be reverting the changes completely, would be making reload time virtually non existent, or drastically reducing lockon time.
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  20. Shinrah

    There is only so much room for AV launchers in this game. First they introduced the Annihilator which was clearly not a sidegrade but a straight upgrade back then. Then they didn´t have any good ideas for the TR launcher and made it a 5rounds per clip Annihilator. Unsurprisingly an upgrade to an already borderline OP launcher is exactly that, OP.
    The Annihilator was a bad design choice, and the Striker even more so. Launchers that can lock ground and air targets are simply too alround to be sidegrades or even allow for anything beside them except for massively superior DMG launchers, which there aren´t.
    TR would´ve been better off with a Launcher version of the Fracture back then. Fast firing low dmg per shot, high clipsize dumbfire launcher.
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