What is the purpose of a visible tankmine??

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  1. Chubzdoomer

    Yeah I've played a ton of older games. They were always visible in the Battlefield games -- 1942, Vietnam, 2, 2142, Bad Company 2, and 3 -- and in most other titles I've played. I see that you mentioned the FH2 mod above, but that was one that strived for realism (much like Red Orchestra) whereas PlanetSide 2 is as arcadish as they come. Can you name more than a few retail shooters that have invisible mines? I've rarely, if ever seen them in games.
  2. Caydn

    what you want sony to supply a shovel ?
  3. Labrat

    The size of the tank mines are a joke now. Absolutely USELESS now! I'd hope more thought would be given before such changes were made....

    That is fair enough. I spent most of my gaming days in the mods world. And yes, I do enjoy realism alot so those mods tended to be the ones i played. I cannot, right now, think of any major publications that had nearly invisible mines. Most of them had difficult to see mines, but not invisible. There is a distinction here, and i apologize for generalizing to that degree.

    That being said, the mechanics work, and work well. Yes most of these games were centered around a push for realism, however alot of them play similarly to PS2 in the way that armored advances work in relation to mines. The only real point is that invisible mines are not game breakers. They can work, and they can work very well. Would you be against an engi having the ability to lay a single, devistating mine, if it took him 10 seconds to deploy? It would completely eliminate mine spam, and would require a ton of forethought. the reward would be a tank kill (which doesnt say alot given how EASILY tanks are spammed ATM) providing that mine guard was not equip.
  5. Morpholine

    Want invisible tank mines? Then there needs to be both placement delay (instead of merely dropping them), as well as proximity limitations between them for game balance.

    That was the only reason nearly-invisible mines worked well in PS1. There was a limit to the density at which they could be placed. A vehicle moving quickly almost always ate enough to explode, but one moving cautiously could stop after taking some damage, and one moving very cautiously could avoid hitting them completely.

    In PS2, where multiple mines (and indeed other explosives) can all be deployed in pretty much the same location, and so very quickly, the balancing factor has to be their visibility.

    As I said above, they may very well be too visible now, but they were definitely not visible enough yesterday. Especially when they clipped partially below terrain or failed to render at all.
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  6. LordZombie14

    Game play balance, pure and simple.

    It gives those tank drivers, who pay attention, a chance to save their tanks, while giving us mine layers a chance to blow up the unsuspecting.
  7. Hellhammer

    same reason for a visible claymore mine....
  8. makrome

    The AI mines should have a diameter of at least 2 meters,
    and infiltrators activating their cloak should be inflated to the size of the marshmallow man from ghostbusters.
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  9. Dvine

    Interesting.. If you substitute "how they should function in a videogame" with "how I want them to function" your points suddenly make a lot more sense. :D

    On the other hand I guess "balance" in your book is a white and yellow microwave oven sized box on the ground visible from huge distances. "Balance" for you means that you can negate someones few hundred or thousand certs into mines, and spent infantry resource points with a flick of a steering wheel?

    And you call me a buffoon buddy?


    I wouldnt even be suprised if next you guys would ask for is a prompt pop up when driving over a mine saying: "Are you sure you want to drive over this AT Mine? Yes/No?"
  10. SgtCheese

    Man, there was nothing wrong with the AT mines! Mines should be hard to spot. That fact that they felt they needed to balance mines against drivers makes me go insane. Now you have to a be a newb playing on the first day to run over them. And mineguard is just wasted certs for any experienced players. I sure hope this is nope permanent. :(

    So why haven't they balanced the AP mines then? Now TR effectively has mines that are all worthless.
  11. The Shermanator

    For those claiming that realism supports invisible tank mines: Would you be so quick to allow tanks to be able to equip mine guard simultaneously with another defensive reinforcement? After all, it's realistic.
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  12. Zenith

    The size increase hasn't really destroyed their effectiveness by THAT much, it just means that throwing them down right out in plain sight is no longer an absolute guarantee of stacks of free kills. Considering they require almost zero skill to use, I'd say that's not a big loss overall.
  13. Darkard

    Why cant they just bring back PS1 style mine fields I'll never know. This "drop 'em and pop 'em" **** is a stupid Battlefield mechanic that needs to go completely.
    Bring back Combat Engineering.
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  14. Mechspectre

    Tank mines being invisible was not in sync with the rest of the placed fixutres.

    Proximity mines, visible
    Betties, visible
    Even C4 is visible.

    Don't QQ because now your utility skill is on par with everyone else's. Its no more free lolkills. Big whoop, place them strategically and it wont matter.

    If I can manage to hide my bright green lazer claymores and still get kills, I think you'll manage with AT mines in their current iteration.
  15. Fenrisk

    Since mines are now giant pizza slices can you give players the option to eat them to regain health?

    Come on DO IT!
  16. Lazaruz

    And everything else in this game is so skill based :D
  17. Zenith

    Small arms? Yes. Explosives you toss on the ground? Not so much.
  18. EvilOctavian

    I solely play engineer, and have a loadout with each type of mine. I used to use tank mines to take out enemy AMS but accepted the nerf there and switched to using c4. But this change completely breaks mines. Just moments ago I threw down five tank mines onto a road hundreds of meters away from the fight, a road that was only going to become busy AFTER our current base fell and BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM a sniper picks them all off from the top of a hill HUNDREDS of meters away.

    I fall back further down the road and deploy five more. SAME result. When I fall half a mile back down the road and try again the enemy tanks ended up spotting and destroying them LONG before they came close to any danger.

    They are now broken, and totally unusable. This is a joke, and until it's fixed I will take my subscription and station cash money and go elsewhere.
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  19. FateJH

    I didn't know it didn't work like that in the first place. Does that mean there used to be players who would gleefully throw their Sunderers onto my tank mines after they saw them?
  20. RottenGroinArea

    If you want invisible buried mines then how about a mechanic where you have to
    spend 10 real minutes preparing the place it's going to be hidden.

    Asking for it to be invisible when all you do is drop it on the ground is pathetic...