What is the point playing NSO ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by InexoraVC, Nov 5, 2020.

  1. InexoraVC

    No faction specific weapon (except sr200)
    No new abilities
    No ESF
    No MBT
    No faction selection choice
    Instead there is a limping MAX .
    Didn't I get something ?
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  2. Suien Reizo

    Hover bike, I guess?
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  3. Liewec123

    there is absolutely no point to it, but its oddly addictive, might be masochism!
    until my sub ran out a few weeks back i'd taken my NSO as my new main.

    Javelin is AWFUL, but i can't stop using it!
    (it does make good mobile cover though!)
  4. Eternaloptimist

    For me, it was the novelty, having a free new character to start over, the challenge of playing around with NS weapons I wouldn´t have bothered to actually buy and not queuing for a fight (even though I´m a member) because always going to the underpop faction.

    That said, I havent been tempted to play my tin trooper for a while now.
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  5. Voodoooooo

    With NSO you show other people that you cant handle money
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  6. JibbaJabba

    #1 - No queue. Just pick the continent you want and pop on.
    Faction balance won't get you.
    And you're a member so get to the head of the max pop queues.

    #2 - Overpowered max.
    It's sick. Haha. I think it what 3 shots other maxes? Is cheap as dirt?

    #3 - the Kuwa.
    Highly situational, but in those situations it is hilariously OP. Like, "no no no.. there is no escape here... **full auto clip dump in a tight pattern at a runner***"

    Overall though, it's just more flavor. The other factions are where you want to be. NSO is fun for just popping on, playing for a bit, popping off.
  7. Liewec123

    well tbh if you have access to NSO it means you're a member, so queues aren't really an issue anyway :p

    i dunno, quite often i prefer thumper! the cooldown is excessive on the defector nades.
    also the lack of c4 resistance is an absolute death sentence!

    self destruct is fun though!
    back when the free max alert was a thing i'd have half hour of hilarious fun XD
  8. Cyropaedia

    Javelin is cool with Counterintelligence and Assassin 5 (auto-spot) implant loadout.

    Hit, spot, run for faction forces.
  9. OneShadowWarrior

    1. Lackluster and very limited weapon selection for all classes.
    2. No Directives worth opening.
    3. Not enough appearance choices for helmets, armor, vehicles.
    4. No Faction specific vehicle weapon choices.
    5. Missing weapons for Max, Gorgons are NS right? No AA Bursters either.
    6. Basic fixes not addressed like SR-200 Sniper Rifles, equipping ammo belt, does not work.
    7. Outfits as NSO get stuck on different Factions hard to encourage team cohesion.
    8. Vehicles like Hoverbike, the work is incomplete, lacking a number of attachments unlike Flash, very limited choices on appearance or cosmetics.
    9. Not really any voicepack choices.
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  10. FieldMarshall

    -Faction specific Hoverbike.
    -Faction specific SR SR200.
    -Faction specific AR NSX-A Kuwa.
    -Faction specific BR NSX-A Sesshin.
    -Faction specific RL NSX-A Muramasa
    -Faction specific SMG NSX-A Kappa
    -Faction Spesific Pistol NSX-A Yawara (Yes, all the directive weapons are different from their NS commonpool counterparts)
    -Faction specific MAX with faction specific weapon.
    -MAX has unique abilities.
    -Can join any faction.
    -Literally no queue times.
    -More challenging gameplay due to being on the underpop faction most of the time.

    Im not saying any of these things are good or bad. If its not your cup of tea that's fine but its definitely "pointless" to play NSO for people who enjoy these things.
    I feel like NSO aimed more towards bored long time players who want to switch things up.
  11. Trebb

    Agree with all those points. The Kuwa was a fun directive weapon to use, though I'm still SHOCKED it was nerfed after literally one player unlocked it, only for the VS BG to remain how it is.

    Bad with money? I do my part to support games I play. But it's getting kind of hard when NSO get 0 updates. In fact, the stupid max hits itself with every other grenade while using the shield. It's been this way for several patches lol.
  12. Liewec123

    i challenge thee, find someone who enjoys Muramasa XD
    i'm honestly convinced that the devs made a typo with the stats when setting the RoF,
    because currently it is Masamune but with nearly half the rate of fire, and no laser guiding.
    its bad....oh so bad XD

    and a bigger insult is that this is what NSO get instead of Kraken! :eek:
  13. Lausk

    NSO has definitely opened my eyes to how each faction interacts with each other. You can have a character on each faction, but it just isn't the same when you're forced to play on a faction that may not be doing so great at that particular time of day.

    While NSO may have a ton of limitations right now, it at least has room to grow as opposed to the standard factions. I'd been asking for faction-specific stuff for years and all they do is put out NS stuff. Seems to me that playing NSO just puts me at the front of the line for the new toys without losing any of my faction identity. It's sad, but just seems the direction that game is going.

    I guess you could say I'm gambling that NSO is gonna get a good surge of stuff and I'll already have a well-established character to enjoy it.
  14. Drgnx

    nso is pointless, for members, give all factions the javlin and defector (or all maxes grenade launchers with nerf condition if equipped) and call it a day ...
  15. thed1rt

    They should make it so each outfit can PERMANENTLY recruit up to 5 robots. And these robots can permanently be in a faction of a outfit wants to take them in. And robots also have access to all the faction gear if a outfit decides to take them in.
  16. Lausk

    I think that sounds pretty cool. I'd go as simple as to being perma-joined to which ever faction outfit recruits you, and nothing really different. If you're without an outfit, you get juggled around as normal. Then you just put a 1-month lockout so you can't outfit hop. Ie, lockout time proportionate to time served under particular outfit. Dunno, just spitballing, but it's a cool idea. It at least kills this NSO outfit business which right now isn't working at all. I don't want to join cNSO just because it's the only big one.
  17. JustGotSuspended

    There is this one dude on emerald I asked who actually likes the muramasa, or at least says it's not as bad as people say. That said I was disappointed to hear it doesn't have a kraken affect on it's warheads, and I probably won't be trading my kraken in for it.

    I don't play NSO, but I have friends that do, and WOW, I am amazed people tolerate this.

    The directive weapons have no auraxium effect, they look like black versions of the tengu, the daimyo, etc...

    The directive armor is LOOOOL. Not only does it not have an auraxium effect, it's also barely visible! Seriously, the guy equiped his aurax infil, heavy and medic in front of me compared to the default armor. I had to strain my eyes to noticed that a teeny part of his armor switched to a grayish black. And people pay for this. Hilarious.

    During focus group testing, the compact, automatic, NSX Yawara pistol was overlooked at nearly every turn, failing to reach the popularity of the numerous other Nanite Systems pistol designs released throughout the Auraxian War.

    I haven't seen many dudes unlock NSO directives, or I guess I don't even notice cuz of how identical they are without that auraxium look. But this description of their directive pistol pretty much sums up their directives. It feels the devs rushed these NSO out and then a dude realized "oh wait, what about directives?" - "no worries, we'll think of something". And a few ctrl c/ctrl vs and 0.0000000001 seconds later, NSO directives were born.

    I haven't had a chance to experience them, but they overall seem pathetic and I would love to see a video of a dude reviewing these all just for comedy purposes. Considering that it's a pay2play faction mostly for vets, it's mind-boggling that they didn't work on progression.

    Only thing they have is the javelin, which is by far the best solo ground transport and impossible to shoot down, and the max, which 2 taps everything, moves faster than infantry and is absolute cancer to deal with....sometimes.
  18. Trebb

    FAKE NEWS! In all seriousness, our max walks maybe 5% faster than the other maxxes, but still much slower (with slower acceleration) than infantry. Also we die if C4 goes off anywhere in the same hex :p

    That said they are fun as hell, especially in crowded bio lab farms if you're good at jump puzzles. Also 100x easier to aurax the max melee compared to the other maxxes.
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  19. Liewec123

    are you sure he isn't talking about Masamune? because i quite like Masamune too.
    but Muramasa claims to have the same fire rate (but infact has pretty much HALF the fire rate) and no laser guiding.
    its a straight downgrade compared to Masamune, and not even by a little,
    half the firepower and missing the very mechanic that makes Masamune useful.

    if he is indeed on about the Muramasa saying "its not as bad as people say!" he is simply wrong. :D

    agreed there! its super fun to fly around, and great for transport,
    i liked to use it to enter tech plants with style! :D

    it is absolute GARBAGE at combat though,
    some mad masochist has just got the first auraxium with Nest Launcher!
    i can only imagine what their sanity is like after that!
    the tracking is horrible, the damage is weak and the reload lasts eight centuries.

    one thing i will say about Javelin, it makes great cover!
    before my sub ended i liked to zoom to cap points and park it in a corner and ADS over top of it, worked great.
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  20. JustGotSuspended

    he has it, he's got all the directives done. he says it's a long-range option for the masamune.

    Oh yeah it's totally trash to fight something with it, but have you ever tried shooting one down? Those things zoom by at the speed of light and are nearly impossible to hit. They do seem fun to use, at least compared to the flash