What is the point of this game?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RAWRimscary, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. RAWRimscary

    I'm still fairly new and have been playing for about a month now.

    What I am wondering, is what is the point of this game? Is there a main objective to capturing territory? I am starting to grow bored fighting for territory, only to see it all taken back the next time I log on.

    I have been doing some reading online and apparently warpgates are not able to be attacked. So is there a reason for taking over territory other than to increase passive bonuses and get points for vehicles/aircraft usage?

    I have noticed on my server, that the warpgates seem to have switched around. VS used to own the one in the North of Indar, and now we own the SW warpgate instead. What caused this exactly, because as far as I can tell, there is no way to take control of one.

    Is this game basically just a free for all and taking territory really has no reasoning other than passive boosts?
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  2. Redzy

    Actually... yes.
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  3. HooWoo

    Wow, like any FPS game it's to shoot people and have fun doing so and finding the most efficient way of killing said enemy

    If you don't find enjoyment in supporting friendlies or killing enemies then this game is not for you...
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  4. LordMondando

    At the moment (though set to change by years end), yes the 'metagame' bonus is currently just passive boosts. this will change.

    However, there's a lot of game out there in joining a descent outfit, getting involved in outfit rivalries and large scale alliance operations.

    Differs from server to server, but the latter reasons are why Miller is the best, around, noones ever going to keep it down.
  5. eldarfalcongravtank

    it's all about the benjamins certs
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  6. Spude

    Well every other FPS game does that better, without echos and spawn killing, basically PS2 is normal fps game not mmo.

    When you log in and sit at warpgate you are in server browser, you check the possible " battles " ( which often are just mindless zerging ) and thats just like looking for server to play on. then you get ur *** to the battle if there is one if not you log off.

    And there are no " big epic battles " there are just poorly designed copy pasted bases where you fight. There is no such thing as " world pvp " only place where you fight is the bases.
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  7. SwordofCyric

    Well, to be fair, the persistent world nature of PS2 makes it actually look as if there is some bigger objective compared to normal FPS games.

    If we play a round of Dust on CS or Seine Crossing on BF3 we know that we're playing on an "instance dungeon" that is one of a thousand, exists only for our specific set of players and will be deleted forever after our round is over. There is no illusion of a greater objective beyond winning this one round. So we don't even get the idea that there might be something.

    PS2 makes it really look like there is something bigger to the fight, and that leads to some degree of disappointment when you ultimately discover that no, there isn't.

    At first you are exited about pushing the enemy back and making progress. But as the weeks go by and you realize that it's just an eternal back and forth, even fighting over the same hex for the 5th time this very day, you see that it's nothing special to win or lose any given hex. It's just as pointless as winning an instance dungeon copy of a map in any other FPS.

    Time that SOE does something about that.
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  8. UberBonisseur

    The true goal of PS2 ?

    Once you beat the game, angels take you and ascend to Forumside.
    This is true enlightenment, unlike those cave-dwelling PSUsers and the massive bonfire ********** that is Reddit
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  9. SuBs

    No it isn't -.-

    Planetside isn't "any FPS game". How can you not see that? If all people cared about was having fun shooting people then why the hell would they even bother with PS2? This game provides a dismal FPS experience compared with its contemporaries (terrible weapon handling and horribly amateurish reloading animations, terrible vehicle handling and overall gameplay, terrible indoor/base design ETC.)

    Planetside's major joy always came from the thrill of CONQUEST and of being a tiny component part of larger, *actually functional* war machine with realistic constraints, like having to transport troops, resupply and amass and invade. It was like being a single unit in a grand RTS, with a view of all of this happening on the ground, from the eyes of the individual.
    Of course I'm talking about PS1, but when PS2's metagame has been developed you might understand that meaningful, persistent conquest is more the focal point of this franchise than manshootery.
  10. HooWoo

    If any other FPs did it better, I'd be spending my time playing them and not PlanetSide 2

    This obviously isn't the game for you either.
  11. LordMondando

    Not sure we are playing the same game buddy.
  12. HooWoo

    Very true
    I agree.
  13. HooWoo

    Of course I wouldn't mind meta-game, but I'm not complaining about the FPs-like style that it is now, I embrace the massive hordes of enemies rushing around a point and killing them all with my HEAT cannon or my rocket pods :)
  14. LordMondando

    Continent locking and Logistics are going to add tons of actual substance to that perception.

    If you really just think the game is TDM, im sorry for you, but as opposed to writing the end is nigh on a big peice of carboard then running around the community looking like a ****, why not take a break for a couple of months, play bejeweled or COD 8:the search for hitlers gold and come back in the new year.
  15. RAWRimscary

    Very well put, thank you. This is pretty much how it felt to me when I first started. I assumed there was a goal in mind for capturing so much territory. I am at least pleased to hear there is more development being done. Would be nice to have something other than just mindless base capturing over and over that really serves no purpose but passive bonuses. The game does indeed kind of have the illusion that there is more seeing as how huge the map is.
  16. Llaf

    The point is whatever you want it to be. In actuality, what is the point of ANY game? Even in a game where "winning" is clearly defined, what is the actual point in playing the game? To have fun, of course. In this game, you write your own definition for the word "victory". For me, it's killing people, I log in solely for the FPS/infantry portion of the game, and I particularly love it because of the grand scale of things and the never-ending nature of the game.
  17. CL4p2p

    There are no real point, like in other game... Even in the big ayatollah World of Warcraft if you really pay attention, what is the point ? When you're in level max, farming to have the best stuff ? Ok and then ? Killing enemies in arena like here in this FPS-mmo or killing all the instance in PVE , but nothing more... you will not change the world or change the next update of WOW.
    You will , as here, just be a nickname in a score-board.

    But you can have real fun , because here you can have massive tactics. So I think the point is to earn some certs for build a minimum your fav class , and then find a team and have fun with them in massiv tactics n' massive battle :)
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  18. FocusLight

    What is the ultimate point of WoW, EVE, TERA, EQ, EQ2, APB-R, SW-TOR, GW2, L2, LOTR-O or any other MMO on the market?

    That is, besides being entertained?

    PS2 like any other MMO has *NO* other purpose. You play it to spend your time, hopefully to have fun doing that.

    I don't know about you, but I log on nearly every day to play with my outfit-mates, kick some VS/NC a$$, defend some land, cap some land, and *DARE* them to take it back. When they inevitably do come back we get to fight and kill them all over again.

    PS2 is an endless war between 3 factions set in a First-Person Shooter format. The idea is to enjoy the never-ending conflict for what it is - a shooter experience that is not on rails, has no gods-damned QTE's, no ending, no sudden and constant cut-scenes, no dumb AI 'companions' who mess things up, no lame back-drop of modern day or WWII era politics and events, no 'kill all the evil Russians, because reasons,' plot or anything like that. There will never be a credit scroll for PS2, and you will never HAVE to pay for it, that is purely optional, a scheme to pay the devs and save you some time.

    Here's some advice. Determine if you like this game on a fundamental level as the shooter it is, then either quit or join an outfit if you have not already, depending on what decision you came to regarding PS2.

    PS2 is a team-work based game. People will whine about everything, the current flavor of the months is Strikers, but forget the game rewards teamwork, co-operation and the use of tactics above all. Joining an outfit and becoming part of some organized teamwork is the single best choice to enjoy PS2 to it's full extent.
  19. VonStalin

    "PS2 makes it really look like there is something bigger to the fight, and that leads to some degree of disappointment when you ultimately discover that no, there isn't."

    That is so true...
    Thats why i got bored after 2 weeks only.
    I got my certs, i got my updates and there left nothing else to do, NOTHING TO FIGHT FOR.

    Fights have to have a goal. Entire continents should be able to be captured. ENTIRE!!!
    There should be ways how to solve this, i am pretty sure, so i am not going into details.
    But the main problem is simple, THERE IS NO GOAL TO FIGHT FOR.
    Thats why it is boring, after you explore enough.

    Counter strike has a different mechanics, you can move much more quickly, change gun faster, zoom in faster, everything feels more natural and MORE RESPONSIVE, thats why it is fun even if there would be no goal, but there is. But planetside.. sorry, but even the time it takes to duck.. Or even jump over a handrail is a difficult task, usually it takes me two or three times before i jump over that ******* handrail or window or what ever that is, thats how bad player control response is, it is slow.. So it cant be about just shooting because game response and mechanics sucks. And counter strike has a goal, as battlefield too. Planetside does not.
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  20. HerpTheDerp