What is the point of the Mag-Scatter again?

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by TorigomaSET, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. TorigomaSET

    Seriously trying to wrap my mind around it. It does absolutely nothing that the Commissioner Can''t do. But with more recoil, slower RoF, and lower Range. So Again, what is the point of it? Why would I ever use it as it is now? the Vrs-2 had at least SOME use, as it did not have alot of recoil, but while I Love the model of Vrs-3, it is essentially useless.
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  2. DorianOmega

    Cant it 2 hit kill compared to the 3 hit kill the commissioner can?
  3. TorigomaSET

    Not after 2-3 *Meters (not feet), and only if every Pellet hits. At that distance, you can do the same with head shot just as easy.
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  4. Shiuriii

    Mag scatter needs at least 2 more rounds in the magazine and a slightly higher fire rate. This way it would be better at close range than the desperado or commissioner.
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  5. TorigomaSET

    This. SOE needs to realize. NC are NOT asking for the Mag-Scatter to be better. but we at least want something to competitively fill a role.
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  6. JP_Russell

    To have a new weapon with a cool enough concept to get people to buy it. Doesn't really matter if it's actually good or not because people will buy it and whine about it (or to put it simply, people will think it's good) solely for the fact that it's a shotgun pistol. I liken it a lot to the Railjack in that respect, though it's much less functional.
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  7. TorigomaSET

    Even the Railjack can be argued as a decent side grade (lower rate of fire but Higher range, and a negative-that-can-be-a-positive fire delay). The Mag-Scatter has none of that Currently. The only thing that might make it useful, the 2-hit body shot, has such a tiny range, that you might as well just Knife Combo them (something you can do with a Crossbow and Commissioner from the same range anyway).
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  8. Qel

    Agreed, I get the concept, I may even like it to some degree but it needs tweaking. A couple more rounds in the magazine would be a good start and a touch faster rate of fire. Just make some little adjustments to help it find a spot where its useful but not op. At the moment it feels like a gimmicky weapon that if it came down to it you wouldn't choose over other options for your ideal loadout.

    My feeling when using it is for what it offers its high risk and low reward.
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  9. \m/SLAYER\m/

    Give it suppressor or Commissioner will be better choice (at least it could be account wide:D)
  10. Bankrotas

  11. Kociboss

    The point is that you will be able to use your Auraxium Shotgun with Underbarrel Shotgun, while driving Shotgun Harasser with a pistol Shotgun on your lap.
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  12. Shiuriii

    Bumping this up again. The Mag Scatter definitely needs some tweaking before it goes live.
  13. Crayv

    I tried out the Mag Scatter today. It really is terrible. It's like it has the worst qualities of all the shotguns put together into one weapon. The Commissioner fills the role of a battle rifle/semi-auto scout rifle better than the Mag Scatter fills the role of a shotgun.
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  14. TheKhopesh

    The one and only point to it as it is now.

    "Now I all my weapons are shotguns!"
    The only way this could have more shotguns would be if the NC get a shotgun primary cannon for the Vanguard, and run around with an AI shogun tank, with a topgun shotgun (canister).
  15. TheKhopesh

    I'd be happy with just one extra round per mag (6 reloads in reserve, so 5/30), and a DPS on par with the other faction's CQC pistols.
    (TR repeater has 1,577 DPS, AMP has 1,561 DPS, Spiker has 1,602 DPS.)

    So 155 RPM would put it at 1,550 DPS.
    It's still under the other side's numbers, but close enough to be competitive.

    Lastly, when you fire, your pistol jumps WAY WAY too much.
    That really throws off your aim, which makes missing far more likely.

    I did MUCH better with it before they gave it that ridiculous kick.
    (The NC on test have taken to calling it the magscatter's "Earthquake".)

    Make the recoil kick back and down on the butt, allowing you to still have clear vision on your target, instead of blinding you after every shot.

    It's not only an expected thing for a weapon to not blind the operator, but realistic.
    (I say it's realistic, because I have an old sawed off breakaway 12 gauge singleshot.
    If you hold it right, you can fire it -without having to brace it on your shoulder- and still keep the barrel from lashing up in front of you.)

    That's it though.

    One more shot per mag, 155 RPM, no outrageously inhibiting earthquake.
    That's all we're asking here.

    Personally, I would like to see it be able to get OHK headshots provided it stay with the current range accuracy.
    Now, before anyone freaks out about imbalance, allow me to explain my reasoning on this.

    (I've spent a good +5 hours in the VR a while back to get this info as accurately as humanly possible without having access to SOE's software.)

    Currently, you must be no further than 1.85m to your target to hit every pellet in the head, on an unmoving target.
    That's ADS with the smartchoke.
    Without the choke, it's 1.2m for ADS, 1.05m for hipfire.

    These are the current absolute max ranges to hit every pellet to the head.
    Preferably, you'd be about 2/3rds that distance (ADS w/ choke: 1.2m- ADS w/o choke: 0.8m) or closer.
    That's incredibly close. Close enough that even a stalker in deepcloak easily risks being noticed by the target.

    Plus, you have to pick a VERY still target, as the slightest twitch and you'll miss a pellet.
    At this range, with a still target, it would be 100 times easier just to go for a chest shot to shot+knife combo them.

    It wouldn't really be an effective combat strategy, but it would allow the NC bragging rights on the game's only headshot OHK pistol.
    This would both help sell the pistol, and fit the NC's "High power per shot" faction traits, all without causing any balance issues.

    It would also allow a fun challenge for stalkers.
    See who can get close and get a full health OHK kill on a standard infantry without getting noticed or blasted.