What is the best way to get a good kdr?

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  1. Klabauter8

    I'm trying to make a new character, and this time actually pay attention to my kdr, but it just doesn't work for me.
    I always just end up with a kdr of about 1.0, which is just frustrating and boring to play like this.

    Medic: Useless, even for certs, since there are mostly already more than enough medics.
    Heavy: Can be pretty good, but is too dangerous to play since you are always right in the middle of chaos.
    Infiltrator: Can be good too, but I always get sniped by other Infiltrators when sniping.
    LA: Useless, except you can cert it for explosives.
    Engineer: mana Turret can be quite good, but I also just die too pften there.

    I think the best way to play without certs is using a Lightning, but even there you often have no chance to survive.
  2. Campagne

    You can always play primarily from a vehicle, or hang back and let your allies take the brunt of the enemy force.

    As a sniper, make sure to use your cloak whenever you aren't immediately about to fire. Use it while aiming, moving, spotting, as much of the time as possible. Ideally one would cloak, move, aim, uncloak and immediately fire, recloak, and move. The faster the better. This makes it almost impossible to be counter-sniped, and grants near-immunity to the Railjack.

    As for the other classes, as above hang back and play very safe for the best K/D ratio, though some people would frown upon this sort of behaviour...
  3. BrbImAFK

    Honestly.... if you really care about K/D, then go play another game, one that is smaller, less chaotic, and where your decisions matter more. Planetside 2 is too big, too open, too much about Combined Arms etc. for you to be actively in control of your K/D. You can K/D ***** by taking no risks, exploiting cheap tactics, whoring vehicles and camping in spawns - but if you're going to play that way, again, this probably isn't the game for you.

    In a game like Planetside 2, K/D is a virtually meaningless statistic that only epeen-waving, selfish, try-hards with self-esteem issues really care about. For example, I play mainly medic and I average about 1.5 K/D. Most people say I'm a bad because of that - but I'm not running Nano and C4. I run 'nade bando and rez nades and you know what.... I rez A LOT of people. And they go on and get more kills. And because I rezzed them, we push forward harder. As a medic, I'm responsible for a lot more kills than I get credit for, responsible for making the difference (if only in small part) between a successful assault/defence and a failed one etc. etc. My outfit mates have a better game experience because they spend less time dead, respawning, running back to the fight etc. And all of that.... THAT'S what's really of value in a game like Planetside 2.
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  4. Klabauter8

    I never said that K/D means much in this game. I just said that I want to play a character with good K/D. When I mainly played Valkyrie and Harasser, my K/D was also crap, because I just got pilot assists the whole time, but this doesn't mean I was a bad player. Now I want to play an other character though. One with less teamplay involved.

    And now take a guess why they have a better time... it's because you make their K/D better by reviving them...
    I don't give a **** what random people think about me on the net. I just want to be able to play well and have a less frustrating time.

    Your decisions do matter in this game. People with a K/D of 7.0 or whatever don't just get them through luck. They are just playing well.
  5. FieldMarshall

    I dont really care that much about KD personally, but it you want a good KD, go Infil.

    Infiltrator sniper is imo the easiest way to get a good KDR. You should be able to reliably go on 40-50+ killstreaks as a sniper.
    Gameplay can be a bit slow depending on how safe you play, but if KD is what you want, go sniper.

    (This is from a bounty that i tried to see how long i could (theoretically) hang onto. I stopped at 100, because as you can imagine 2h30m of playing super safe gets boring)

    If you stay behind cover, you can clock, pop out, aim uncloak and shoot. As soon as you fire, cloak and run back behind cover. And repeat.
    If you do it fast enough and assuming you are in safe cover, you are almost unkillable.
    You could focus on just killing enemy snipers for free kills.

    You could also just sit in a zerged spawnroom and shoot out for infinite KD, redeploying at 11 seconds left on the cap timer.
    Though i dont recommend it.

    Sure, KD doesent really matter, but its not fun dying all the time either.
    I always pull infil if i have played all day getting destroyed. It makes me feel better.
  6. OMGSquirrel

    I would think HE Prowler/HE Lightning with proximity radar, sitting to the rear line of a Zerg clash and pretending like you're an artillery piece. Short of that, sniping then changing to an anti-infantry MAX before you go in to the fray.

    Obviously the role you play changes your K/D (people who don't play vehicles/maxes a lot will probably be below 1.0. And whether or not you're a member/using boosts will change your score per minute. I don't really think there are many useful statistics you can follow to be honest.

    My VS character is a support engineer and my TR character is whatever... mostly infiltrator/stalker. The TR guy dies a lot. He likes to fully undercover K/D be damned. :D But my VS engie seems to manage alright...intentionally not looking at my K/D but seems fine to me. He carries 2 AI mines, 3 sticky grenades, the spitfire turret and a CQC carbine. All of the explosions probably keep the score higher than it should be. :)
  7. Necron

    Kill stuff... don't die.
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  8. BrbImAFK

    Umm... you realise that that very statement implies that you think K/D matters?

    Ah... things become clearer. Can I suggest that perhaps what you're actually after is not a good K/D, but a more fun, more solo (i.e. less reliant on other players) experience? Having a nice K/D is always a bonus, but perhaps not specifically what you're after?

    In that case, I would strongly recommend variety based on situation.
    • When there's a big tank-fight between two bases, if you don't feel like joining the vehicle fray, you could pull a sniper infiltrator with a cloaked Flash and zip along to flank the enemy lines. Sit at reasonably long range, picking off all those dudes who think they're safe repping their tank, sitting on engy AV turrets, sniping from the front line like morons, etc.
    • When you hit a tower base, get an LA with a shotty and stomp the tower. Or maybe an SMG if you're uncomfortable after the shotty nerf/buff-thingy (depends on who you ask). Or, if you've got good timing, you can bail from an ESF onto the tip of the tower (harder to get up there after the jetpack nerf) and snipe with a mid-ranged silenced weapon.
    • When it's nighttime, if you can get anywhere with a lot of infantry around, it's a ton of fun to go berserker with the OHK-knife and see how many you can take down before they get you. You will die a lot doing this, but I find it hella-amusing.
    • Or, if you're in the mood to farm hate-tells, get yourself a cloaked sundy and deploy AI mines on the enemy vehicle terminal nearest the fight. After a while, they'll be expecting them and stop to shoot them, which is when you attack from behind with a close-range sniper or whatever you're most comfortable with.
    • When there's a huge biofarm, and you just want to shoot some mans, pull HA or MAX and go to town. Take 'nade bandolier along for some extra, spammy fun. Or run engy, with one of the weapons with a noob-tube. Combine with ammo-box, choke-point and idiot zerglings for extra fun and profit.
    • Or maybe when you've done all of the above a bunch, you can just try doing silly, lulzy things for a while. Ride around on a cloaked flash roadkilling dudes. Especially next to enemy sunderers! :p Land on enemy tanks with an empty Galaxy for splat-kills and hate-tells.
    • Or, if you're prepared to put aside K/D completely for a while, you can do really silly things for lulz, like put on that Camel Camo (or whatever it is), or really dark camo at night, and run around asking enemy engineers for ammo and enemy medics for healing and seeing just how ridiculously often they'll do it! :D Or chase enemy ESF's (especially noobs) without shooting to see how long it takes for them to notice you. Or taking an ESF and deliberately crashing it into the closest MLG-leet-pro enemy pilot you can find to farm hate-tells calling you a scrub for not dog-fighting like a man or something. Or hang around an enemy sundy armed with fury's or whatever (anything non-AA) and not shooting the mans - just zoom around circle-strafing or whatever, taunting them or spamming proxy-chat!
    • There's plenty of things to do in Planetside 2 if you're a bit creative (or prepared to cheat by looking at YouTube) and all you're looking for is some fun.
    I'm afraid you're wrong about this. My outfit mates (well, nearly all of 'em, anyway) don't care about K/D either. But shooting mans is more fun than not shooting mans, and while you're on the death screen, the map screen, respawning or running back, you're not shooting mans.

    Also, quit with the defensiveness. I'm not judging you. All I said is that if you really cared about K/D, Planetside isn't the right game. A more balanced game (in terms of no vehicles, symmetrical maps, role-limits etc.) would be more rewarding in that case than Planetside 2.

    That's true, but not completely true. Your decisions only matter so much in PS2. If you're running Infil, and you suddenly turn a corner and come face-to-face with an NC Splat-MAX who one-shot insta-kills you, you didn't make a bad decisions, you just had ****** luck.

    And yes... people with 7 K/D don't get it just through luck. And there totally are extraordinary people who are extremely experienced and just that good. But of all the people with 7 K/D (are you sure K/D doesn't matter?) that makes up only a small proportion. A lot more are just vehicle-****ters who farm infantry exclusively. Or people that simply don't take any risks (which I think would be boring), or run in organised platoons and always have medics, so even if they only get one kill per death, their K/D will still end up at 7.0 because of all the rezzes.
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  9. adamts01

    I think you're like me in that you don't need a number to tell you you're doing well or having fun, so chasing that number probably won't yield much satisfaction. Chasing stats leads to some of the most cheesy and lame tactics available, and in the end is just a vain attempt to prove yourself to others who don't care. Play to have fun, and if you're not having fun then find something else to play, like Arma 3.
  10. Klabauter8

    not gonna read this wall of text
  11. adamts01

    He makes really good points, and gives good suggestions to raise your K/D. Why start a topic if you're not going to read the feedback?
  12. BrbImAFK

    Ya know.... you're an ***-hat. If you're going to ask for suggestions on how to have fun, then completely ignore it when people give you said suggestions, well... I dunno what to tell you. "You're an ***-hat" pretty much covers it.
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  13. Corezer

    asking how to get a good KD on this forum is like going to yahoo answers and asking how to get into ****

    Just aim for the head, even when you don't think you can track it or make the shot, just aim for the head, you will surprise yourself.
  14. Klabauter8

    Not my fault all the Sh*TRs here are so easily triggered. KDR may not say much in this game, but it's still a good indicator if you play well when playing most classes (except you play super cheesy of course).
  15. BrbImAFK

    Err... nobody got triggered except you, when we pointed out that KDR is largely meaningless and you got all defensive and shouting about how you don't care what people think of you etc.

    Ummm... no. No it isn't. For exactly the reasons I already explained above. To take just two examples (of the many):
    1) You can achieve an infinite KD simply by only ever sniping from the spawnroom and redeploying just before you lose the base.
    2) You can achieve a huge KD by running as HA with a pocket medic. He'll rez you every time you go down, and the only time you'll accumulate a death is when you both go down at the same time (on the assumption there isn't ANOTHER medic around). You can get one kill every second death and still end up at 10 KDR if you get rezzed a lot.

    Neither of those are particularly easy to identify in stats. Neither of those high KDR's were "earned". Don't tell me KDR has any meaning in PS2. Without a bunch of other information on how you play, KDR is meaningless.
  16. Klabauter8

    If you could read you'd see I already said that playing super cheesy is an exception of course. Obviously, nobody wants to play like this.
    That's cheese again. Like I said, I just wanna play well, not cheese through the alert. What is so hard to understand about this?
    I know this is not a competitive game, and it's full of cheesy exploits, but a good player still mostly also will have a good KDR, except you play stuff like medic, harasser etc of course.
  17. Eternaloptimist

    Looking at OPs analysis of the different classes it seems obvious that understanding of how best to use a class, playstyle or ability are the likely problems.
  18. Rydenan

    Honestly just play a lot. Your brain will subconsciously learn all the little idiosyncrasies of the game (like how soon you need to duck behind cover so that you don't die due to clientside lag).
    I don't really care about my K/D, but I've got about 700 hours in PS2 now and my K/D has become really high, just because I've learned through experience how to play the game well.
  19. BrbImAFK

    I don't consider that cheese. It's lame, sure, it's pointless, sure, but not cheesy. Cheese is using something overpowered and broken to your advantage and sniping from spawns certainly isn't that.

    Err, no. See above. That is like literally a tactic used by most/all of the supa-leet-tactical small outfits. Sure, it's not usually 1-to-1, but they'll stick a couple of medics in each squad, and the squad members only go down permanently when the last medic does. That's not cheese. I feel a "You keep using that word..." coming on.

    To continue, medics can have a decent KD. I main medic, and I'm a bad, and I'm still averaging around 1.5 at the moment. And it gets even higher when I play in outfit squads and there's a second medic to back me up. And vehicle-pilots only have bad KDR if piloting is the only thing they do, and they only drive/fly vehicles with no primary weapons. Make your outfit mates drive for you occasionally, so you can gun... it's only fair... you've driven for them to gun after all...
  20. customer548

    I'm not Pro, but here's my own opinion :

    - Check your Ping. Try to keep it under 100.
    - Get a gamer mouse and a decent mousepad.
    - Low down your Graphic settings in order to keep a decent flow of fps'.
    - Use shortcuts only (Mouse and keyboard).
    - Always keep an eye on your minimap.
    - Know your weapons : Recoil, TTK, Reloading time. Control your burst. Always be ready to swap to your pistol in quick ways.
    - Go Headshots only.
    - Always have Medikits. Use cover.
    - When you see 1 or 2 or more teammates acting in dumb ways, let them push, follow them, they'll be the 1rst ones to die. Don't go first or they'll deal damages to you, or they'll kill you sooner or later.
    - Avoid zergs. If you're in the middle of a zerg, flank asap. Because of Framerate drops and teammates acting in dumb ways.
    - Always move and travel in fast ways (Infantry and your vehicules). Never stay in the middle of nowhere for no solid reason.
    - Cert your Engi for AV and AI mines. (Cheese)
    - When a Medic wants to Revive you, be sure that you're not in the middle of 5 ennemy HAs and their Max.
    - Avoid teammates acting in dumb ways. (Again).
    - Quit long range sniping. You're making a great target of yourself.
    - Train, try to be faster and cleverer than your opponents.
    - Neve blame your opponents, try to understand why and when you failed.
    - Infantry Pro farmers can be friendly, for some of them. Learn from them. Ask questions.
    - Know about Pros opponents. Try to remember their names. In order to know when they are around. In order to be able to avoid or focus them. If you focus them, learn about their gameplay, and the reasons why they usually farm you.

    "When and why did you fail ?" is the most important question if you're looking for KD without cheese on top of it.