What is the best TR Heavy Assault Rifle for CQB?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by OMPgaming, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. OMPgaming

    Most of my fights are close range and I currently have the slow to spin up mini-gun and am looking for something a bit quicker on the draw. Any recommendations?
  2. MaxDamage

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  3. xOrionx

    The default CARV is not bad
  4. MaxDamage

    He didn't ask for a not bad CQB gun, he asked for the best.
    Adv laser = hipfire extraordinaire.
  5. RHINO_Mk.II

    Close range I suffer most when fighting against the MSW-R.
  6. OMPgaming

    Thanks for the suggestions guys.
  7. MaxDamage

    It's not a suggestion. It's a fact.
  8. JesNC

    Get a SMG come next patch ^^
  9. Ganelon

    MSW-R is the CQB king.
  10. skull4squadron

    try out the T16
    soft mag
    forward grip
    night vision ( i think thats what its called)
    compensater ( think thats what its called)
  11. Velgan

    I second the T16, got mine other day and it's fantastic. Have all the others except the carv-s and can't really get into any of them, The bull isn't bad but you will die from reloading alot. T16 is the only one that feels right to me. First shot kicks a bit but if you fire long bursts like I do, it settles down and stays right on target.
  12. Mata

    If you tend to get up close and hip fire then I say stick with the Carv, or get a shot gun.
  13. Flaeb

    What kind of optics do you enjoy on the MSW?
  14. TheDude3

    I ADS with MSW, but looking to see how these SMGs are as well.
  15. huller

    personaly I use T 9 CARV for every situation, hold down M1 = profit. You have plenty of bullets in the mag to kill several enemies before you run out.
  16. KnightCole

    Yeah, T9 CARV is the only gun you need. Just have to slap different loadouts on it until you find a setup that gives you desired results. TR have no upgrades, sidegrades, w/e..TR players just think they do. T9 CARV is your only true weapon.

    T16 and TMG50, those guns are to slow in every regard to amount to do much of anything. T32 seems to be a killer gun though...might be the only upgrade worth getting. However, T9 CARV, upgrade, learn it, love it. Its the only TR gun that really sticks to the TR paradigm of high enough RoF to overcome the pitifully low dmg.
  17. MaxDamage

    And since pretty much every response since mine has gone off track into ramblings about personal preference for all-round performance...

    I repeat:
    The best CQB LMG is the MSW-R.

    You probably shouldn't be ADSing on a supreme hipfire monster, but if you're getting a scope it might as well offer some benefit. NV works for me.
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  18. MadcowwithSwineFlu

    I have to agree with Max, the MSW-R has a superior ROF and good hipfire mods. The only downside is its mag capacity but I reload after every kill usually.
  19. Tigga

    Ok, I'm going to be controversial here and say: MSW-R.... but ONLY if it suits you.

    The MSW-R IMO is the best 1v1, it's even the best 1v2, but 1v3+ and you start to run into ammo issues. You don't have enough bullets in a mag to kill 'em all. Some people find themselves often in a room full of nasty NC or VS wanting to kill them ALL. If this is often you, then the Carv is stronger IMO, as 100 rounds is enough to do a lot of killing!
  20. Takoita

    100 rounds certainly help when enemies trickle into a gen room in a disorderly manner and don't give you enough time to reload, but in return that thing simply doesn't kill fast enough - at least in opinion of an average Joe that playes HA for lock-on launchers.

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