What is the best thing planned that will change the game for the better?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DeadAlive99, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Peebuddy


    But I think continent locking is the best thing planned, get people the *** off Indar.
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  2. Earthman

    Denying content to people is usually a bad way going about adding new content.

    Granted I know Indar being over-favored is a problem but I'm not terribly happy about the idea of "hooray we locked content!". Let's say a faction dominates a server. When do things get unlocked? Or does it stay locked potentially forever? I can imagine people losing interest in playing because they can't pull off a big fat underdog victory after being resource deprived and stomped for a few weeks.
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  3. MonnyMoony

    I never understood why a games like PS2 have a battle rank ceiling. Sure have the BR itself - but why not make it open ended? Given that the levelling up requirements follow a power series - its not like you could realistically end up with a BR 1000 anyway. To get to BR 200 would take 5 times longer than to get to BR100 and to get to BR300 would take 20 times longer.

    Will the game even be around that long?
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  4. Earthman

    On a side note, that's what killed Shadowbane, by and large: over-rewarding the winners in PVP until the losing sides simply lost the ability to function, let alone compete. It got boring for everyone, winners included, and the game choked to death on its own reward mechanics.
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  5. Earthman

    Someone would grind to BR300 to say "FIRST!" then whine "WHERE IS MUH ENDGAME?"

  6. DeadAlive99

    Ah, well, I can see the difference. It's actually playable for me now, although still rough sometimes, but playable. That was definitely a must-have. I heard in another thread that they have more opts coming in the next patch, for multi-cores or something?
  7. sauna

    Balancing population imbalance using throttling and queue systems. Disallow players to ruin gameplay for themselves, basically.
    If this doesn't get implemented, nothing will save PS2 in the long run, there will only be leaderboard ****tards left that enjoy farming kills who does not care about gameplay.
  8. ChipMHazard

    Malorn's new resource system.
  9. Bhudda V1

    resource revamp and naval combat
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  10. Meliorist

    Resource revamp. Resources should be the biggest drive for controling territory and right now they are failing to be so.
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  11. Cougarbrit

  12. Pikachu

    I would say this too because I want to play on Amerish but after the revamp I don't. I lost my interest for Hossin long ago.

    What I'm looking forward to now is liberator update.
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  13. Camycamera

    this by far.
  14. Timithos

    • The virtual end of spawn camping: The direction we see base design going in with the Amerish revamp and Hossin is a major good sign that this issue is being addressed. Although the PTS Amerish greatly addresses armor spawn camping, it has still left the door open for air camping. They still haven't gotten it right yet. They'e still using those fishbowl, out-in-the-open spawn rooms. They're still not using Spawn Room C from Freyr Amp Station in all small outposts. And capture point camping, though secondary to spawn camping, needs beefing up. But this new change in base defense is the most acute issue in this game of SteamRollSide right now. Indar and Esamir will need a spawn room pass/revamp in the near future.
    • Hossin: Not because it really is that important, but the player base is demanding it, and it will attract a lot of players back immediately. If it wasn't delayed so long, we could put it off, but it's been put off far too long. Plus we can't really talk about continent locking, or even lattice links without a minimum of 4 continents with the battle islands. That'd be silly.
    • Resource Revamp: We need a better resource system for sure. Something that players can work towards to increase resources for their empire and themselves. A metagame of building up resources, while fighting off attackers. Or having escorts guard you, or guard the old ANT vehicle in transit. And the additional facility meta game of draining/recharging power will be a great strategy addition, not to mention nostalgic relief of a great system no longer on the trash heap.
    • Leadership Tools: Missions, Platoon, Squad and Outfit tools. We're exasperating and burning out our leaders. (And beyond squads & platoon, let's introduce the Company. Outfits have artificially done it already.)
    • Inter-Continental Lattice & Warpgate Travel: We need a greater strategic relation of continents, and the existence of footholds that bring meaning as to why you would switch continents to fight somewhere else other then, "Oh. This continent needs more of our faction color paint." Again, resource revamp comes into play to make this meaningful. And keeping your army cohesive and running with massive armor columns and air squadrons will be epic.
    • Continent Locking: Big, meaningful victories by factions. (Even capture point lock timers brought back to individual facilities would bring "meaning".)
    • Oh and then finally I need a new set of shotguns, SMGs, camos, and more vehicles for me, me me... JUST KIDDING! OF COURSE I DON'T NEED THAT BULL CRAP!!
    • Searhus!
  15. ScrapyardBob

    1) 2-3 months of OMFG work

    2) Mixed/poor reaction to the Esamir revamp, which means they need to change how things are going to work on Hossin.

    3) Amerish got prioritied over Hossin.
  16. Aesir

    I personally think that continental locking alone will not really change much for the average Player. It's mainly a thing for Outfits and therefore mainly affect them.

    Don't get me wrong, it will add depth but not on a level everybody will experience. The only good change overall will be a slight reduction of threeways.

    I would like more emphasis on combined arms and added tactical scale meta in form of a good resource system that is less personal but faction wide.

    Actual base design with combined arms in mind.
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  17. Church41349

    Hossin, continent locking, continental lattice, and the resource revamp is what we really need and soon.
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  18. bPostal

    Cont locking isn't really about denying content so much as giving a bit of permanence to the game. This may sound counter intuitive since "Of course you're denying content! I can't get to mah Indar!" Well, the cont won't be locked because someone capped it an hour ago and now you're waiting on some stupid timer. Cont locking happens up and down the intercontinental lattice. Imagine Amerish and Indar warpgates being linked. If you get kicked off Indar then you get to camp the enemy while they try to gain a foothold on Amerish. THAT is what continent locking is all about.
  19. biterwylie

    I think that is a difficult question.

    Most updates are actually very disappointing and the game gets more boring with each passing update. The weapons themselves are constantly neutered until they are both unrealistic and meh.

    The only thing that has any realism to the feel is bullets. Grenades have rubbish physics and effect on target, UBGL have super bad physics and effect on target, rocket launchers bad physics, bulldogs and Fury bad effect on targets, A2A missiles no longer homing now guided.

    Basically SOE waters down its game as the easy option to problems.
  20. Gorganov

    It's nice to see how many people agree that this game just needs more depth and meaning. Holding major facilities and maintaining resource flow, taking minor outposts off of the lattice and converting them to secondary objectives would make for some interesting gameplay. Then you add in leadership tools that allow players to easily read what is needed and where.

    Here's a few leadership tools I would like to see implemented, that could just be something that makes leading fun and intuitive without necessarily rewarding XP.
    • The ability to broadcast very specific information to other squads/platoons on the map. (Personal Choice)
      • The size of your group
      • The Location
      • The Objective
      • Types of units in the group (How many tanks, Sunderers, etc)
      • Could be a simple marker that can be scrolled over, that moves automatically ?
      • Can list notes -We have a dedicated AA team watching this area.
    • The ability to request reinforcements
      • You could request air support, armor support, a gal drop, etc...
      • Marker placed on map could be a symbol representing what is needed.
      • Scrolling over a reinforcement marker could list notes (Would be nice to have an Anti Vehicle team set up on this ridge)
    • Tools to plan an attack
      • using arrows to plan out routes.
      • Say your base is getting hit, and you have a team holding the walls. You have an amazing idea to flank the offense, but you lack the numbers. You can set a marker that reads "Setting up flanking team here, need support". This would help organize the zerg because they can easily see what the plan is.
    • Outfit Progression
      • Allow outfits to research perks that take a day to complete.
      • They can specialize - Trees such as Tank, Base Defense, Spec Ops, Air Support
        • Tank - Increased Speed, Increased Armor, Increased Firepower, Exclusive Land units
        • Base Defense - Stronger Turrets, Higher Base Repair Rates, Mine Fields, Sentries, Mega Base Cannons
        • Spec Ops - Increased Speed, Suppressors that have no negative effects, Radar Jammers, Strong small squad vehicles, Commando Class (Grappling hooks, C4, Option to stealth while standing still)
        • Air Support - Liberator abilities, Interceptor, Lock-on resistance, Bombers, Galaxy Battle Station (Reload/Repair with terminal for load-outs)
    Okay i need to stop but this stuff would be amazing XD