What is the best thing planned that will change the game for the better?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DeadAlive99, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. DeadAlive99

    I'd like to hear your opinions on what the best planned ideas (actually on the SOE roadmap or seriously discussed by them) are for this game, specifically ideas that will make a major difference, change the game for the better and maybe breathe more life into it.

    And if you could explain a bit why as well.
  2. vsae

    Hossin and continent lattice along with continent locking.
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  3. Kukuguy

    End game for BR100s, I am getting bored
  4. Kid Gloves

    Resource revamp.

    Because it will make guerrilla action viable, and it will create more interesting diversity of gameplay than any other change.
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  5. Tommyp2006

    It's a pretty close tie IMO between the resource revamp and the intercontinental lattice, 2 things which this game needs more than anything.
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  6. Earthman

    What do you propose, or is this just a "I'm bored, entertain me" question?

    NPC raid bosses that take 40 guys to take down and an hour of shooting at it?
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  7. Pat22

    The game IS the endgame.
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  8. Gorganov

    Any tools that make leading more fun and intuitive, in addition to continental lattice, missions, and resource revamp.

    Edit: The endgame...basically. lol
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  9. Earthman

    Don't tell him that.

    He grinded to BR 100 and "leveled up" because that's what you do in MMOs.

    He pushed that hard and I suppose missed the point.
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  10. Sparks

    ETA roughly 2 more years before we have enough continents to actually make all of this work. Not sure if I have the patience for that and you forgot sanctuaries ^^.
  11. Pat22

    Little does he know levels don't actually mean anything in PS2
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  12. EMP1RE

    Resource revamp.
  13. HadesR

    Resource Revamp : If is implemented as suggested, it will add some much needed depth

    Intercontinental lattice and locks will only become interesting later when 8+ conts ( or battles islands ) are incorporated
  14. DeadAlive99

    Hossin was supposed to be out last June, IIRC. What happened? Why was it pushed back? If they can only manage one cont per year.....
  15. Pat22

    They put everything on hold to focus on optimization.
  16. RHINO_Mk.II

    Improvements to Platoon/Squad UI, the ability to combine platoons to form a company, ability to set real objectives instead of little map icons, etc.
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  17. Axehilt

    My top 2:
    1. Providing a better kit for LA/Infils. While these classes can do okay in skirmish play, they're really lacking for organized play and it'd be great to see them get some core abilities to solve that.
    2. New and updated map content. The ongoing level design changes have been awesome and bases are continually improved and it helps a lot, so I expect things like Hossin and the Amerish update will be big improvements.
  18. Teoke

    I'm going to say the resource revamp.

    It will add more of a metagame, and smaller squads and outfit will have something to do rather than just throw themselves into the zerg. The smaller squads could take a galaxy and fly to one of these resource nodes and destory the sunderer (Yes, we've got it confirmed that the resource collecting tool will be a sunderer cert you have to equip) collecting the resources. This would let smaller squads have an impact in the larger scheme of things and it'll make the game real intresting.
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  19. Crashsplash

    Well, it's either this or a camo pattern!

    Mmmmm choices choices. What should I choose?
  20. Earthman

    I am very glad this thread didn't turn into a bunch of empty demands like, say...