What is the best sniper rifle?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by iLoading, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. iLoading

    Well im mainly playing as an infiltrator on the nc side and the bolt driven is nice compared to the other 2 factions first sniper , i like the game now been playing for soem time and i would like to know what is the best sniper rifle that can adapt in mainly most of the situations.
  2. DemoniWaari

    That depends entirely what you're looking for. The OHK bolt-actions are the normal go to weapons for long range sniping, but they're not very good at anything else (except the short range bolt actions, which can be used better in short/mid range but fail miserably in long ranged).
    Then there are semi-auto snipers, like the TR and VS starting rifles, they're not OHK but still they get the job done.
    Scout-rifles need more shots to kill, but they have no scope sway, they have more bullets, and the recoil is much more easier to handle.
    Mostly people seem to get one weapon for sniping (bolt-action) and then get the SMG for CQC. But this just depends on how you actually want to use your infiltrator... There is no "wonder weapon" that lets you do everything in one nice package.
    Go to VR and just test the different rifles with different optics etc so you get the feeling for each weapon.
    Personally I just have the NC's default rifle for sniping, SMG for CQC and close range bolt action just because it's awesome (though pretty bad imo).
  3. Havic

    I love the Ram 50.Cal
  4. MrIDoK

    If you want to go for long-range shooting, there's the Longshot;

    For mid range there's either the Bold Driver, the Gauss SPR, the SAS-R, the Impetus or the Shadow.
    The first you already know;
    the second is the same as the TR default rifle, it gets the job done and allows for follow-up shots at midrange, perfect for moving targets and for spraying in knife range;
    the third is the close-range bolt-action sniper rifle, it reloads the shots faster than the Bolt Driver but gets only optics with 4x or less magnification;
    the fourth is the close-range version of the Gauss SPR, so it gets only optics with 4x or less magnifications just as the SAS-R.
    the last is the semi-auto scout rifle, it's probably the most versatile of all semi-autos but has less damage.
    The semi-autos need 2 headshots to kill (or 1 headshot and a bodyshot for the Impetus and Gauss SPR), but can fire much faster than the bolt-actions.

    For close range the SMGs are the best, period. The full-auto scout rifle is just bad and the semi-autos are even worse at this range.

    Get to the VR training and try everything out at different distances, you'll see what you like the most. But as a all-around weapon the default Gauss SPR is the best, nice at every range but never the best choice. And costs only 100 certs!

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