What is it about the NC that attracts bads?

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  1. HadesR

    Overall NC are on par with any other Faction ...

    But get them in vehicles and suddenly the game turns into a mix of Mad Max and Death Race 2000 ( the original ) .. Just as much danger to their own team as to the enemy :p
  2. Q1Q1

    nickleback NC
  3. Accuser

    I've been TK'd more in the 150 hours I've played my NC character than in the 1,350 hours I've played my TR character.

    I'm not sure if that says something about all NC or just Waterson NC.
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  4. Emotitron

    I don't play that character any more, I play on my various alts where I don't pay much attention to my K/D or SPM. It isn't that complicated really, I am just a careful and above average pilot. I rarely am out of an ESF or Liberator, so my death ratio is lower.

    If you call being a full-time pilot cheese, then cheese it is.


    This pretty much sums it up. I only have like 15 kills on that character as infantry.
  5. Tylerso12

    Im guessing its the music, but i dont like the music. Its mixed with rock and country
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  6. Hicksimus

    So I'm not the only person who has noticed this. Maybe it's that 10 year old in command chasing intelligent non-A.D.D. people away. That and the stream of extremely kill greedy teammates seems endless. Plus there seems to be a disproportionate number of trolls there...ramming and C4'ing and grenading and shotgunning and blocking. Ah, why am I still playing my Waterson NC character again?
  7. Syphers

    hehheh suit's should cutcha' bonus check
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  8. Sigmundr Rumare

    And this is why when you get weapon's lock the engine of every vehicle you drive until the lock ends should stall. :rolleyes:
  9. Sebastien

    What is it about VS/TR that attracts goods
  10. WaaWaa

    Bad bad bad bad bad.
  11. biterwylie

    News flash!

    The NC does not attract bads. The TR had a much better variety of weapons than the other factions with greater utility and combat multipliers like the striker and prowler. Having the best weapons typically attracts the best players, add in the best infantry weapons, again best TTK and you get the best twitch gamers also.

    The faction is now being tweaked to reduce its all round better ability, see lockdown, striker, marauder, Vulcan. I expect they will get further balance passes. The lockdown is still to powerful.

    You will see all the factions start to balance more since PU2.
  12. Gav7x

    That until the last patches all the MLG PRO 360noscopers joined VS and TR that had the best toys at the time, now stuff is more balanced, atleast there are no zoe/vulcan harassers anymore
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  13. biterwylie

    Non outfit players do not follow orders whatever faction you play in.
  14. Vivicector

    Well, I guess all the blue and heavy hitting, freedom fighting and stuff... Also, keep in mind the 4th fraction guys, who heard about the Vanguard shield being OP (and it, since it allows even the terribad player to kill something), but those are so bad that they amange to spoil even this cheesy tank but bold and stupid usage.

    However, I believe, that there is a more or less equal number of good players in every fraction, and zerg quantities never hurts.
  15. TheShrapnelKing

    To everyone who says there's an equal skill balance:

    Why are none of the top outfits NC?
  16. MurderBunneh

    Basically completely wrong. To think that I don't like to win or am not smart enough to know that teamwork is best way to "win" just because I chose the blue faction is ********.

    It's just ignorant. It's like video game racism.

    90% of the game is fought by pub platoons. I log off my NC and log into my VS and see the same exact pub platoons with different names doing the same exact crap. There is no big difference in the "kind of players" certain factions attract.
  17. Varennikov

    NC was my original character with TR following. Never had a VS.

    I played on Helios that turned into Connery. This is the reason NC failed on Helios: Weak outfits. EXE controlled all on Helios with some VS opposition.

    Since the merging, the NC received a boost with 666. 666 can do some damage. VS still have DPSO and JENK. TR still have EXE, and now there are a few other good TR outfits, like TRG, TXR and XPIV. I think TRG might be the most leet/professional TR outfit, my opinion anyways. EXE is my outfit though and I'll stay with it till it dies.

    The NC on Helios and on Connery were always the highest population, if I recall correctly. I think it's the Vanguard or the 80s rock jams. Vanguard was the reason I did NC first I think.

    Connery NC still have a random assortment of outfits, all second to 666. Honestly - NC has always had the crappiest players. Don't ask me why... not hating or anything yall, I have a NC character so I can say it. Every faction has bad and new players, and of course there are 4th factioners. IMO NC has always failed somehow, highest number of noobs and bad outfits. But 666 seems to be changing my opinion. Never played with them, only against them.

    Anyways these days Id say NC is doing just fine. Only reason they have worst players is probably because NC has the most players overall. If VS or TR had the highest pop, theyd also probably have the most bad players. my 2 cents
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  18. Varennikov

    Well. Oddly enough, I'm with Kid Gloves. NC has organization problems. NC on Helios were pathetic. I didn't like any outfit minus one by a guy called Drfrozenfire, but I believe he stopped playing or something. All other outfits were elitist or garbage. (Not meaning to offend anyone here, this is my opinion so sorry)

    EXE was big back then and I haven't looked back since. EXE is good, fun, has numbers, not elitist, in fact EXE players are very respectful and enjoy the game. You know an outfit is good when it has clear comms or the chat going on is actually funny and kept to a minimum. Bad outfits have noisy comms that you have to mute or leave the platoon in order to play, and are constantly redeploying.

    I'd change Gloves' original comment to most TR and VS outfits are well organized. NC have their share of good outfits these days, but back then, NC outfits on us west sucked bad.
  19. MurderBunneh

    Nope not really I turned that **** music off first thing. As a guitar player in makes me want to vomit.

    I chose NC because the infantry guns look and sound like guns. End of story.
  20. Bhudda V1

    everyone is entitled to their opinion even if it is disrespectful to a large group of people and is rarely based in any more than anecdotal evidence.