[Vehicle] What is "Combined Arms" and Why This Initiative Isn't

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  1. FateJH

    I have a suggestion. You're the combat medic and you're looking for a way to be useful fighting against armor without joining those masses of Heavy Assault who are already fighting the armor, correct? If so: become the combat medic who is the linchpin that keeps that Heavy Assault ball rolling against the armor.
    The question isn't always "what can I do to fight something;" rather, it often dips into "what can I do to help others fight something."
    Just because you had 9mm AP bullets doesn't mean it was meaningful. I think that "meaningful effect" is the spirit of what you are trying to capture in your post. In the long run, "gold ammo" was better against MAXes, at least AP shotgun ammo; against traditional armor, you might as well have stayed with your initial magazine. It offered just as much futility.
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  2. Diilicious

    A planetside mod for arma 3 would literally be the most legit thing ive ever seen.
  3. Littleman

    Nah, I'd rather just go Heavy Assault. Most of them don't me as a medic outside of rezzing them when a sniper they couldn't even see coming from on top of some 1000m high cliff one shots them. No class should be a "*****." If a developer is going to introduce vehicles into an FPS, they need to make sure infantry can have some method of being a threat to them that doesn't require a death wish or performing an idiot check (C4.) ALL infantry, otherwise players err towards the AT class. In Planetside 2's case, that class also happens to be the defacto best AI and AA class, and they have the tools to resupply their own ammo and heal themselves. GG.

    So no, **** you and your notion of "teamwork." I should be allowed to heal people AND shoot heavy armor with a launcher of some kind so I'm not reliant on the mouth breather next to me knowing how to fight. I might not be able to speak for the tens of thousands that joined and left this game since it's release, but I'm confident a large part of their grievances are in fact tied into the $#!%-level design decisions this game was built upon.
  4. Diilicious

    Just no, you're drunk, go home.
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  5. FateJH

    He was referring to PlanetSide Classic inventory permissions, where carrying a Medical Applicator and some anti-armor launcher was possible. (Also, gold ammo.)
  6. Diilicious

    He was, but seems to also be making the point that he should still be able to do this...
  7. Eranorz

    Look, regardless of the science of warfare and all that, some of the changes are quite simple to comprehend:

    Nerfing tanks so that a direct hit with a shell doesn't kill infantry is mouth-breathing, cup-drooling re-tarded, period.

    Anyone who argues otherwise is a silly twerp who probably spends very little time in vehicles to begin with and likely stands to gain from these changes as infantry.

    I quit PS2 two months ago because I could see the writing on the wall for vehicles. I told all my friends after the last patch with the thermal and hornet nerfs to "wait and see, tanks and libs will be next". I hate being right sometimes :(

    Looks like I uninstalled at the perfect time. Just sad that such a revolutionary game was ruined by a cadre of incompetent devs who make balance decisions on the personal bias and prejudices of such a small group who frankly don't even seem to play and know incredibly little about their own game.

    The whole "infantryside" cliche was amusing to a lot of us, but that's exactly what it is really, it's not an exaggeration. These pathetic attempts at whitewashing constant nerfs by by calling them things like an "iterative process" and "combined arms initiative" just make me lose what shred of respect I had left for DB.

    Anyways, RIP. Good luck to those of you who are willing to stick around and take the abuse.

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  8. OldMaster80

    I agree on this.
    In general I like where this Combined Arms Stuff wants to go, even if there is a high risk of breaking the game core mechanics.

    But we have to be reasonable: a tank shell is a f*****g tank shell and no infantry should survive besides Max Units.
    If the problem is infantry is dying too much to tank shells then devs should not look at the weapons damage, but at the number of tanks on the field.
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