What is an ASP?

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  1. HippoCryties

    Hi guys,

    I’m too busy to watch the dev livestream so can someone tell me what an ASP is cos people are talking about them?
  2. Prudentia

    Prestige Gameperks that mostly allow cross class weapon and grenade usage.
    you can get 5 points TOTAL for currently 20+ perks, so you have to choose.
  3. HippoCryties

    Ok thanks man. When will it release
  4. Prudentia

  5. Halkesh

    ASP is the dev's new idea to replace BR120

    • Once you reach BR100 you'll be able to unlock ASP for 10 000 cert (free for members).
    • It restart your BR to 1 and give you 1 ASP point at lvl1, 25, 50, 75 and 100. For a total of 5
    • You can't restart your BR again you get more ASP points
    • No ASP for MAX (I don't know if Wrel said "no MAX one, YEP" or "no MAX one YET" at 41:55)
    • It's unknow if you can respec your ASP points
    • It's unknow if you can use the same weapon twice (like 2 Battlegoose / 2 jackhammer)

    Universal ASP options (each cost 1 point) :
    • Ant and sunderer got 20% nanite reduction cost
    • Harasser got 20% nanite reduction cost and flash got 50% nanite reduction cost
    • Lightning and MBT got 20% nanite reduction cost
    • ESF and valkyries got 20% nanite reduction cost
    • Liberator and Galaxy got 20% nanite reduction cost
    • Decoy grenade is available to all infantry class
    • Smoke grenade is available to all infantry class
    • Pistol can be equiped as primary weapon

    Infiltrator ASP options (each cost 1 point)
    • Carbine access
    • Sticky grenade access
    • Flash grenade access

    LA ASP options (each cost 1 point)
    • SMG as secondary
    • Concussion grenade access

    Medic ASP options (each cost 1 point)
    • Carbine access
    • BR as secondary
    • Concussion grenade access

    engineer ASP options (each cost 1 point)
    • Shotgun as secondary
    • AR access
    • LMG access
    • ESP grenade access
    • AV grenade access

    HA ASP options (each cost 1 point)
    • LMG as secondary
    • Heavy weapon (jackhammer, chaingun, lasher) as secondary
    • Flash grenade access
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  6. SpeedFreakPS0NE

    Looks like crap
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  7. HippoCryties

    Lol I’m hoping this is balanced well!!
  8. ridicOne

    Ditto... sound about as good as the construction concept. Let's make things even less newbie friendly...
  9. Halkesh

    I hope it's april fool joke because it have the potential to f*ck up the balance beyond limits.
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  10. CaptCran

    April fool for sure or I suggest the employee that thought this up gets let go from DBG without his/her gold watch parting gift....
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  11. FLHuk

    If it is an April fools joke perhaps it's on the royalty of PS2.

    As the ASP was a sign of royalty and this change would be for PS2 royalty what if.......

    They make the changes, the royalty gets their toys, DB grabs the cash, let it run for April, DB grabs more cash, then BOOM, close the servers and laughs at the greatness of their joke....

    Now that would have me laughing ;)
  12. DQCraze

    Did they learn nothing from WoW PVP. Common devs your going to run the population into the ground just when we started noticing an increase again. We need new blood, rewarding vets is nice but this isnt the way to do it. Conq nades and C4 wow...
  13. MonnyMoony

    Seems massively OP - especially being able to equip primaries as secondaries.

    Sticky nade infils will cause all sorts of havok.

    Make veteran players even more powerful - yeh that's what this game needs right now.
  14. CplRDaWiggy


    If this is for real then I would say they've wasted resources. Bringing new players in and retaining them should be the priority. Instead of this, they could have installed a meaningful tutorial, one that actually explains all facets of the game, instead of the "press this button to whatever then deploy into a battle armed with the game knowledge equivalent of a toothbrush" system currently in use.
  15. Doc Jim

    I generally dislike rigid classes in shooter games, so I actually welcome more flexibility. But the proposed unlocks that I see here sound quite silly to me. And the proposed cost of 10k per unlock sounds even more silly. Stuff like this makes me regret every buck I have spent in this game.
    This game is already absolutely horrible in its incessant catering to high level grinders. Looks like it'll get a whole lot worse for new players if this sh**... I mean "ASP" hits the fan.
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    The worst thing for me as a archiver player type is that you cannot unlock all, that's so stupid...

    Further more it rewards pros as they won't buy asp for vehicles as they have always enough nanits.
    That stinks and I wonder how many devs are allowed to play during work time on a live server. To learn what should be improved or Nerfed (freaking striker)
  17. MrowCat


    I think it is actually a pretty neat idea. I like the way that they are thinking outside of the box. Do I have disagreements with some of these? Yeah I do however I think this is what we need. Planetside 2 is old by MMO standards and to keep interest (and to gain more) somethings need some shaking up. This program sets before older players something to shoot for (should they want to) and for newer players to look forward to.

    Now some may say that new players will have to spend a massive amount to time "grinding" to get these unlocks. To that I say, there is no such thing as "grinding" in Planetside 2. You receive points for playing the game. If you have a goal before you in a game that you already enjoy it should not be the mentality of "I need to get to X" it should be "I enjoy this game, and now there is more to look forward to." Otherwise you are setting yourself up to get burnt out on the game. It is easy enough to enjoy this game and get Certs, Levels, and Directives without focusing all your time spent doing so.

    I respect your comments that differ from mine, this was not an attempt to offend anyone or start an argument.
  18. Halkesh

    It look like DBG lordmaster squeeze devs brains to get more money quickly, completely forgetting they won't money anymore if thegame stop because of playerbase shortage.

    Striker got a undirect nerf against all airplanes except ESF due to their increased resistance to flak damage.
  19. Diilicious

    so you can spend basically infinite certs, and then have the devs change things down the line and not refund you.

    This is an absolute cataclysm waiting to happen. supposed to reward vets, UNTIL IT DOESNT.
  20. Prudentia

    what would there to be refunded?