What Irritites you about this game ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Andy04, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. gigastar

    You know, when you spend your first year and a bit having to play at sub-20fps at the absolute minimum graphics required for the game to be playable, dropping to 40 on occasion doesnt seem so bad.
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  2. Stopper

    - No HUD for deployables like mines
    - No indication of radius of my own scout radar and motion sensor on my minimap
    - No customization of dots and reticles of scopes
    - No better nightvision system (implant or suit rather than just IR/NV scope)
    - Nights too darks and longs on some continents
    - ESF destroyed by a single chock with a tree or antenna when tanks are harder
    - Non deploy zones for Sunderers
    - Bases too closes from the continent's fringe / edge (especially Jagged lance mine, Kestral watch and the Ziggurat) when you have so much space on the interior of each continent
    - Eventually tank spam and too much AA but it's what other players like, so...
  3. Utrooperx

    Shooting one guy with the AMC and he dies as expected...while the next guy waves as you dump a full clip into him...then knifes you...

    Yeah, that's irritating...
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  4. Yaesu

    Yesterday & Today the hit detection was TERRIBLE! Just earlier, like 15 minutes ago. I'm shooting at someone some 10 feet away. All shots into head/shoulder area. At least 4 shots into the head. I had the drop on them! They were able to raise the shotgun and take me out with 2 shots??!! IT'S TOTAL BULLCRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    $5.00 off SOE SC cards at Gamestart??? Still NOT wasting my money!
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  5. HadesR

    Nothing that makes me log off but a few grumpy old man moments are caused by:

    Hit detection.
    Vehicle zergs spamming spawn rooms.
    Rocket shotgunning.
    Spawn room placement.
    Secondary spawn room placement so close to the main room.
    Hit detection ( so goods it deserves two places ).
    Force multiplier's ease of spammability turning them into a default play style.

    and many more

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  6. Flapatax

    It's a serious issue in yell chat.

    I'm sorry my contribution didn't measure up to the lofty standards of today's rehashing of well known gripes for SOE to sigh exasperatedly at.
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  7. Pikachu

    :) Opinions color coded.
  8. Rift23

    Scope lag.
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  9. Hibiki54

    Only thing that grinds my gears is that I never have enough ammo, even with extended magazines, in my Jackhammer.
  10. ThePropain

    • Flashes still flip as easily even before the physics update.
    • Revive tool occasionally just doesn't want to lock on to a dead player sometimes.
    • Sunderers, despite being 6 wheelers, just not wanting to climb up small hills for some reason.
    • Sunderers getting completely stuck in some places.
    • People not going for the control point, when it's not hard at all. Even when there are only 2 enemies on it, etc.
    • My terrible aim. lol :p
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  11. Pikachu

    ■ Phoenix bugs. Missile launcher not entering camera mode until 1 second later, which means it has the same drop as when cancelling the camera, often resulting in the missile falling down into a hill.
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  12. Unsp0kn

    The constant nerfing and buffing of certain faction's weapons/vehicles. Why can't SOE just homogenize all faction weapons and give everyone the same options with the same damage/shields/options and change the names and looks of each one to suit each faction's style? I would love if they would just equalize everything and focus more on releasing new content, continents, features, missions, etc.. rather than constantly pleasing the whiners on ForumSide and Reddit. I feel like the nerf/buff crap is dumb and only pleases a small population while providing nothing new for the game as a whole and most likely driving people away from sticking around.
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  13. Hypersot

    Worst things in this game for me, to the point I don't play that much anymore (if at all):

    #1. PS team being absent from PS forum and forcing us to use social media just to learn current game's news

    #2. PS team seem to be absent also from the actual game. I'm judging out of all those outstanding issues that haven't even been acknowledged and also from some weird decisions that they make from time to time that only show total ignorance in what is happening in the game.

    #3. PS team absent where they should keep some kind of order in the game (referring to the intentional team killings etc.)

    Imo, if PS team cared and loved this game, most of the issues in this thread would have been fixed long ago.
    Even those that wouldn't be easily fixable, at least they could have been acknowledged just to show, you know, some nice manners between business and customer.
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  14. Tuco

    The only tactic being zerging
    The only strategy being zerging
    The mindlessness of zerging
    Not having the PS1 AMS/CE to deal with zerging.

    Saying H1Z1 early access is just around the corner, 2 months ago.
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  15. Yuki10

    The game
  16. Tuco

    We zerg the base up here
    Enemy zergs base down there
    We go down and zerg base down there
    Enemy zergs base up here

    Round and round we go cause we have ZERO defensive tools to deal with underpopped situations LIKE the PS1 AMS, PS1 mines, PS1 spitfires, PS1 motion detectors.
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  17. Morchai

    Continent locking.
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  18. Boildown

    The ADAD shot avoidance dance. Not even Barry Sanders could pull that **** off. If you change directions too often you should end up just standing mostly still instead of actually being evasive. Its one of the most gamey things in the game. I don't blame people for using it, given that its in the game... it just shouldn't be in the game.
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  19. RaiMarie

    I have two things that make me pull out hair or growl a girly one.

    1) C4.... A tiny brick of mass destruction. Nothing else needs to be said.
    2) Phoenix missile being shot down from a pistol...
  20. andy_m

    game is perfect for me

    I feel sorry for those that think differently... must be such a disappointment